Shaun the Sheep Glow Trail at Moors Valley

If you are looking for some outdoor fun this half term then you cannot go wrong with a visit to Moors Valley to do their new adventure trail.

Their brand new children’s activity trail is based on the new Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmegeddon and sees you venturing into forest to complete a variety of fun challenges to rescue Lu-La, an impish and adorable alien with magic powers who has crash landed.

Before you go, you will need to download the free Glow Trail app, available to download on App Store and Google Play to help you complete all the challenges to help Lu-La charge her communicator so she can get a message back home before a sinister organisation can capture her. The app also has a pedometer feature so you know how many steps you have done completing the challenge.

Glow Trail

Unlike previous trails at Moors Valley, you will need to purchase a Shaun the Sheep Farmegeddon Glow Trail kit from the Visitor Centre for £3.50 as you need a UV pen-torch to be able to see the UV puzzles along the Glow Trail. The kit also includes a Shaun the Sheep ears, a clue sheet, an activity booklet, a sticker sheet and a pencil to note your answers.

Eliza and Sebby Glow Trail

The idea of the app is to create a picture of the UV image on the screen by moving the shapes to match, with some being easier to do than others.

Shaun The Sheep Isaac

There are also mini challenges to solve along the way like how many trees you can touch in 25 seconds or how many steps you can run on the spot in 20 seconds to help Lu-La charge up the communicator.

Charge up communicator

Once you have completed the challenges, you get a well done message and are told to keep watching the app.

Well done

The app then shows you Lu-La, Shaun and the spaceship floating above your heads. If you get in front of the camera, you can pose for a picture with them too.

Glow Trail

The Glow Trail is just over 2 kilometres long and covers a buggy friendly route with one short steep section up to the Lookout. Beware, it is very muddy in places thanks to all the rain we have had recently, so you will need your wellies.


The Glow Trail took us just over an hour to complete and brings you back out by the start of the Play Trail, so we headed off to explore that too.

Enchanted Woods

There is a new Enchanted Woods area by the Ants Nest play structure, filled with hand carved and crafted wooden play pieces based on characters from forest themed stories including Goldilocks and Hansel and Gretel.

Enchanted Woods

The Enchanted Woods has 12 play structures for children to explore and enjoy. You can step through a large door to visit the Three Bears House area, complete with three bowls, see Grandma’s House and hide under the bed and even ride the broomstick to escape the witch living in the house made of sweets.

Red Riding Hood

Have you visited Moors Valley recently?

21 thoughts on “Shaun the Sheep Glow Trail at Moors Valley”

  1. This looks like great fun. Monkey is a big fan of shaun the sheep so I am sure he would really enjoy this and the smart phone additions really brings it up to date. Will keep an eye out for this.

  2. What a fab trail! I know it’s an extra expense but I do really like how the puzzles are hidden and need the UV torch to reveal them. It looks like one for the whole family and isn’t that playground great. A brilliant one for adventurers

  3. Oh wow this looks like such a fun place to visit and explore, the trail sounds like loads of fun too! My kids would absolutely love this and I love that there are little challenges to keep them busy as you walk around too!

  4. That’s really good – it’s a step up from the stamp treasure hunts at some zoos and Bewilderwood. It encourages kids outside .. but what I want to know is if they ‘win’ anything when they complete it? My two are all about their badges, lanyards etc!!

  5. This is such a cool idea. It definitely is very interactive which I am guessing keeps the kids occupied rather than distracted. Also anything with gadgets makes kids happy right?

  6. Nice place for the kids to visit. I wish we had something like this near where I live. I would love to take my grandchildren there!


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