Schleich Horse Club Mobile Vet with Hanoverian Foal

We are huge fans of Schleich figures in our house and have drawers full of farm animals and dinosaurs which get played with regularly.

Schleich have now added vehicles to their model range and last week we were sent the Tractor and Trailer set to review.

This week we have added to our collection again with the Schleich Horse Club Mobile Vet with Hanoverian Foal from the Schleich Horse Club Range.

The set comes with the van which needs some assembly by adding wheels and stickers to it and then is ready to go.

Schleich Vet

The Vet is driving as fast as she can to the scene of an urgent emergency: a Hanoverian foal has been injured! she examines the animal with the mobile x-ray machine that she transported in the car’s spacious boot.

Schleich Vet

To make sure the foal gets better again quickly, she gives it an injection with medicine from her medical bag and then records her diagnosis on her laptop which has an x-ray picture on it. You can even write the diagnosis down on a post-it type pad.

Schleich Vet

Because the van is compatible with other Schleich models the trailer from the tractor can be connected to the van using the trailer coupling for added role play options!

All the Schleich figures are lovingly hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow kids to learn while they play.

Disclaimer: We received the Schleich Tractor and Trailer Set for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

8 thoughts on “Schleich Horse Club Mobile Vet with Hanoverian Foal

  1. Thena says:

    This is so cute, my children would LOVE this and play for it for forever. I love it too!

  2. Mel says:

    This looks like such a fab toy – so unique! Love Schleich, can always rely on them to be good quality

  3. Renna says:

    Aaah my daughter would have loved this. I much prefer toys that have a hidden educational benefit to them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sarah Burns says:

    this looks very cool – the sort of thing I am sure my older two would enjoy playing with

  5. Anosa says:

    Oh wow my nephew would absolutely love this van, I am not familair with schleich but I am sure my brother and his wife are.

  6. Kirsty says:

    I love the fact it’s hand painted it makes for a more unique and personalised style. The tractor and trailer make for a great time playing

  7. This looks fab! My niece is obsessed with animals so would love this for her birthday next month

  8. I look at something like this and with I was a kid again… So much fun

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