Schleich Dinovember

Dinovember has begun – a time when your children’s dinosaur toys come to life?

A bit like the naughty elf that visits on the run up to Christmas, Dinovember sees toy dinosaurs all across the country get up to no good.

Schleich is joining in with the celebrations this November with a Schleich’s Dinovember takeover over at UKMumsTV.

We were sent the Schleich Dinosaur Cave and some dinosaur figures to review and see what they got up to.


We are big fans of Schleich toys and as always the figures are all high quality and well made, with a focus on attention to detail.

The Schleich Dinosaur Cave contains three dinosaurs; Herrerasaurus, Psittacosaurus, Microraptor, the cave, column, stone and slab.

The clever cave is not somewhere for the dinosaurs to hide. The front part of the cave can be transformed into a catapult, however when the stone column is moved, the stone slab buries everything under it, perfect for trapping any unwanted visitors.

There is even a cool fossil print inside the cave.

The Dinosaur Cave is the perfect addition to our family of dinosaurs and I am looking forward to seeing what they get up to this month.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Schleich Dino Cave to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

6 thoughts on “Schleich Dinovember

  1. My stepson loves dinosaurs, he can name them all! These would be great for him xxx

  2. Emma Raphael says:

    Love Schleich toys, they last for years! My four-year-old is dinosaur mad right now, and luckily he has inherited one or two of his much older brothers!!

  3. Schleich toys are always such good quality! These dinos look great, I might get some for Jack for Christmas.

  4. We love Schleich toys, they are so detailed and well made. Will have to get some of these dinosaurs to add to our collection as my boys love dinos.

  5. Animal figurines are played with at least twice a day in our house. I love the Schleich dinosaurs, my favourite one is probably the triceratops released back in 2011. This set looks amazing 🙂

  6. Sarupa Shah says:

    They look great for dino-lovers and so refreshing that it isn’t the usual tech fuelled toys!

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