Saturday is Caption Day – 28th November 2015

Hello and welcome to this weeks #satcap

If you have not taken part before please come and join in. Simply find a funny / cheeky / captionable photo and upload it to your blog with a sentence or three about it. Then link it up with me below and visit the other people who link up and have a giggle as you come up with some humourous captions!

Last weekend Abbey went up to London with her friends and found a toy for Sebastian that she has been wanting to buy him since his birth – Sebastian from the Little Mermaid. She couldn’t wait until Christmas to give it to him and met him from pre-school. It was love at first sight!!

Can you caption this?


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2 thoughts on “Saturday is Caption Day – 28th November 2015”

  1. Sebastian wasn’t sure if being taken on a typical British school run, was any better than being sung at by a bunch of mermaids but he thought he’d go along for the ride, anyway…


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