Safety Starts At Home – Lindam Safety Gate Review

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Lindam is celebrating its 25th anniversary – that’s 25 years of award-winning products to ensure safe homes for exploring babies and toddlers. It remains the UK’s No1 brand in safety*.

Children should be safe at home; but we all know these little explorers get up to all kinds of mischief and the best will in the world won’t keep them from harm’s way.  Lindam gives us some top tips for safe-proofing your home.


Lindam boasts a comprehensive range of award winning child safety gates and guards from pressure fit, wall fix and portable solutions. With a new LifeTime guarantee on all gates, parents can be reassured that a gate really is for life!

Pressure Fit Safety Gates & Barrier – all Pressure Fit gates are easy to install with no need for drilling and feature new pressure fit indicators for extra reassurance when installing. The range of gates offers a choice of opening and closing mechanisms as well as multi-locking opportunities to protect little ones from potential danger. The prices range from £23.99-£39.99 and include a variety of gates from the Sure Shut Axis and Easy Fit Plus Deluxe (RRP: £23.99) both with an easy open handle, to the Sure Shut Porte (RRP: £25.99) which works with an easy push-to-shut closing mechanism. The range also includes the Sure Shut Orto (RRP: £27.99) which has a clever auto closing hinge to ensure the gate always remained closed. A FlexiGuard Portable Safety Barrier (RRP: £27.99) is also available, which is the ideal solution for both home and travel as it’s easy to install and take down.  All Lindam Pressure Fit Safety Gates can be extended with a range of extensions (starting at £8.99) to accommodate different size openings and meet the needs of any home.

We were sent two Lindam Easy Fit Deluxe Pressure Gates to review and the difference they have made has been enormous.  We have had stairgates in the house for the last 6 years following the birth of Isaac and years of being slammed shut, swung on, climbed over and generally abused by both my family and the children I look after have really taken there toll.  None of my stairgates were in perfect working order – one wouldn’t open, the spring had gone in another and a couple of the pressure fittings were missing meaning they got dislodged easily.

We have fitted the new Lindam Pressure Gates to the top and bottom of the stairs as Sebby is eager to climb them given half a chance.  They were super simple to fit, although we did have to buy an extension for the upstairs gate as the opening is slightly wider.


These have been up a month so far and the kids haven’t been able to dislodge them.  They have an easy one-handed open for adults.  Isaac (6) can manage to open them but thankfully Eliza (4) can’t.  I like the fact they aren’t self closing – it is a feature we have on one gate we have that I thought was excellent initially but it gets annoying when trying ferrying washing up and down the stairs.  I am confident that these will see us through until Sebastian no longer needs them.

If you want something a more secure, you they also do Wall Fix Safety Gates – are primarily recommended for use at the top of stairs and feature the ‘tilt and lift’ opening mechanism for one-handed opening.  Extendable and removable, these gates are perfect for wider areas.  Within the range there is a Single Metal Panel (RRP: £17.49), Extending Metal (RRP

£19.99), Extending Wooden – made from Natural Beech, comes in natural or white colour-scheme (RRP: £30.49), and for the style-conscious parent, there’s the top-of-the-range NUMI Aluminium Extending Safety Gate (RRP: £79.99).

For staying safe at home, the Lindam Home Safety Kit (RRP: £9.99) has everything you need to get you started. Including a door stopper, multi-purpose latch, corner cushions, plug socket covers (both UK and European), appliance latch and safety catches, it’s the ideal solution in a box.


The Xtra Guard range from Lindam provides a revolutionary range of safety products.  This premium range takes safety one step further with tamper resistant features and double locking protection, proving hard work for the most inquisitive of meddling hands!

Xtra Guard Dual Guard socket covers (RRP £3.49) provide additional peace of mind when it comes to covering power sockets. A unique ‘anti grip’ feature makes it difficult for the cover to be removed by children, so little hands are kept well and truly out of harm’s way. When the power sockets are needed for use, parents can twist and remove the covers with a coin. Each packet contains four Dual Guard socket covers.

Xtra Guard Energy Absorbing Corner Cushions (RRP £3.99) help to protect against scrapes and bumps from the corners of tables. They protect the full corner area and provide triple protection from the common danger zones of side, top and head on collisions with furniture. A ‘crumple zone’ feature creates an energy absorbing bubble, which squashes on impact and protects the child from danger and strong adhesive pads make the cushions easy to fit. Each pack contains four corner cushions.

The Xtra Guard Energy Absorbing Door Stopper (RRP £3.49)  goes above and beyond your average door stopper as it not only provides a barrier to closed doors and trapped fingers, but absorbs a great deal of impact to prevent door bounce-backs and extra injuries.  This discreetly designed door stopper can also be used as a tough door wedge for gaps less than 1.1cm high. Each pack contains one door stopper.

The Xtra Guard Dual Locking Angle Latch (RRP £3.49) provides enhanced protection to end of cabinet doors and draws and most appliances. A unique, versatile lock allows for double operation unlocking for tamper proof protection when children are around but a lock free latch when they are safely out of the house or in bed. Strong adhesive pads make the latch easy to fit. Each pack contains one latch.

The Xtra Guard Dual Locking Multi-Purpose Latch (RRP £3.49) provides the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to keeping cupboards, end of cabinet drawers and most appliances shut. It has a one handed lock that clicks into place for total piece of mind – a unique, versatile lock offers tamper proof protection when children are around but a lock free latch when they are safely out of the house or in bed. Flexible straps allow the latch to be fitted round corners and strong adhesive pads make the latch easy to fit. Each pack contains one latch.

The Dual Locking Drawer Latch (RRP £3.99) provides three lock features to keep drawers closed from exploring hands! Make life more convenient by choosing from the double lock, single lock or lock off features for enhanced safety or easy access when you need it.  Lindam’s innovative release system allows for true one handed opening. Each pack contains four latches.

The Dual Locking Appliance Latch (RRP £3.49) is a unique and versatile lock with three positions to offer ultimate safety through double or single operation locking and full access for when little mitts aren’t around!

Multi-Function Safety Solutions include an award winning Metal Play Pen and Fabric Play Pen (RRP:  £94.49) to provide children with a safe environment to play.  They can also be transformed into a multi panel safety gate or room divider.

The Safety Toddler Bed Rail (RRP £24.99) is designed to keep little ones safe when they make the move into a ‘big bed’.  Attaching securely to the side of any slatted, divan or ensemble type beds, the bedrail only requires a quick and easy five minute assembly and requires no tools to install.  Available in two colour options, the bed rail can conveniently be put into a folded down position so it doesn’t impede lifting your child or changing the bed.  Suitable for beds with mattress widths of 76cm – 140cm and lengths from 160cm – 210cm.

For further information, and to see the wider Lindam range, please visit

12 thoughts on “Safety Starts At Home – Lindam Safety Gate Review

  1. We will need a new baby gate soon but with Bunk in the house we need something extra strong 🙂
    agatapokutycka recently posted…Babypotz – Weaning Made EasyMy Profile

  2. Jaime Oliver says:

    I adore lindam products, we have 2 of their gates and have been fitted 2 years and have never dislodged 🙂 i wouldn’t have any other brand now
    Jaime Oliver recently posted…Top Tips For DIY Home Improvements On A BudgetMy Profile

  3. Lori says:

    Great review, we thankfullu didn’t need gates as we live in a flat but I can so see how it’s handy to have them, I would be so nervous around stairs. x
    Lori recently posted…LET’S CELEBRATE WOMEN WITH #ARWOMANMy Profile

  4. Great review! I remember my best friend used something like this to stop her daughter from going to the kitchen 🙂
    Sylvia @ Happiness is homemade recently posted…Polish food: Leek & eggs mayo salad (Sałatka z porem i jajkiem).My Profile

  5. We are huge fans of Lindam gates and of course their harness bag.
    Thanks for sharing hun – Great review.
    Charlotte x
    Charlotte Braithwaite recently posted…Caribbean Sticky Chicken and Macaroni Pie RecipeMy Profile

  6. I used to be the Buyer for these at Mothercare so I know they’re a great brand 🙂
    Stephs Two Girls recently posted…This is our PDA story (week 5)My Profile

  7. They do so many wonderful safety products. We have a few of their gates x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…My Weekly Weigh InMy Profile

  8. Michelle says:

    We have one very similar to this, I couldn’t manage without it! xxx

  9. They are such a necessity when you have kids, Lyndam is such a trusted brand too 🙂
    My Family Ties recently posted…Simple Craft Ideas For Mother’s DayMy Profile

  10. Polly says:

    we’ll be needing htese again soon!
    Polly recently posted…Dreaming of my ideal houseMy Profile

  11. Mummy of Two says:

    We have always used Lindam gates since ours were small and wouldn’t change to any others now. They are really good aren’t they!
    Mummy of Two recently posted…Pregnancy Week 33 – Crash and BurnMy Profile

  12. We don’t have stairs in our home but sometimes I wish I had one of these to keep my girls out of coming into the bathroom when I am using it! LOL
    PS: Lovely review1
    otilia stocks recently posted…Better Me Challenge #2My Profile

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