Romeo’s Lab Playset Review

Romeo's Lab Playset

PJ Masks is a big deal with Sebby and his friends at the moment and is all about normal children transforming into a brave band of heroes out to save the world, as alter-ego’s Catboy, Gekko and Owlette.

Sebby’s favourite ‘bad guy’ is Romeo, a marvel of mechanical mischief and now Sebby can recreate his favourite episodes with Romeo’s Lab playset.

There is some minor assembly required as you get the lair out of the box and you will need a small screwdriver to attached the crane, but it was ready to be played with in a couple of minutes.

Romeo Play set

The playset features a light and sound control panel (which comes with batteries),  a working crane, laser launcher, and rolling lab charger!

Romeo Computer

Romeo can use the control panel to plot his mad-scientist schemes and then shoot his laser launcher when the PJ Masks come to stop him!

PJ Masks Romeo's Lab

The playset also comes with one Romeo figure, one Romeo’s Robot figure and three bonus tools!

Romeo's Lab PJ Masks

The playset is made from a sturdy plastic and is easy to transform from the vehicle to the mobile lab by simply lifting the roof and opening the side door, plus there is a handy storage pod for the accessories.

Romeo's Lab

Both figures have holes in their feet, so they can easily be stood in the cab, or on the rolling lab charger and the character in the drivers seat can be turned from side to side for additional play fun.

The Romeo’s Lab playset can be mixed and matched with other PJ Masks toys for extended play and is available from Argos with an RRP of £49.99.

The lovely people over at PJ Masks are giving one of you lucky readers a chance to win one five pack of PJ Masks Collectible Figures.

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95 thoughts on “Romeo’s Lab Playset Review

  1. Tammy Tudor says:

    uses the crane claw.

  2. janine atkin says:

    the crane claw 🙂

  3. Debbie smith says:

    the crane claw fantastic giveaway they look so much fun xx

  4. lynn neal says:

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  10. claire griffiths says:

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  11. Dean T says:

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  12. Charlotte G says:

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    Many thanks,,,,

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  18. Denise says:

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  52. Beverley Evans says:

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  53. Bryanna skye says:

    It’s amazing how many toys showing the positive aspects of learning and science there are 🙂

  54. Hayley F says:

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  55. Rebecca Cusick says:

    The crane claw! This looks amazing x

  56. Sarah Hughes says:

    Romeo used the crane claw to catch cat boy

  57. Chelsey Hollings says:

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  58. James McLaughlin says:

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  59. Susan Smith says:

    He uses the Crane Claw

  60. My little one would love this 🙂 would lie to win this for her. Fingers crossed tight xxx

  61. pallavi prasad says:

    My little one would love it! Would like to win this for her 🙂 Fingers crossed tight xxx

  62. Dale Dow says:

    He uses the crane claw

  63. Carla mooney says:

    The crane claw. This looks amazing my son birthday today and wanted to get him this but not seen it anywhere yet

  64. This looks awesome! I like the way it has a storage compartment for accessories.

  65. Elzbieta Znyk says:

    The crane.

  66. EMMA WALTERS says:

    the claw crane

  67. john prendergast says:

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  68. Tanya Tucker says:

    My younger 2 girls love pjmasks, this set looks great

  69. Angie McDonald says:

    The crane – claw!

  70. Pickle absolutely adores PJ Masks, he would love this set. Kaz

  71. Eva Katona says:

    My eldest is not yet into this – but I can see him being a fan soon!

  72. abigail edkins says:

    the crane

  73. Sean Eccles says:

    The crane claw! X

  74. Laura Kevlin says:

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    This looks very good. I would have loved this when i was a kid

  85. jacqui rushton says:

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  86. Solange says:

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  87. This looks a great toy and I keep hearing my friends say that the PJ Masks are great. Mich x

  88. Tee Simpson says:

    He uses the crane claw

  89. this looks really cool, my two are big fans of PJ Masks. Thanks for the competition x

  90. What an awesome looking playset! Liv is older now so PJ Masks isn’t something we have watched, but know friends with younger children who are great fans! Sim x

  91. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    Romeo uses the crane claw to catch cat boy xxx

  92. Rachael says:

    The crane!

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