Review: Sunny Bunnies Giggle and Hop Soft Toy


From the YouTube and Milkshake TV sensation, the Sunny Bunnies spreads fun and laughter wherever they go!

Kids are capable of coming up with the most unreal and fantastic creatures in their minds. Shadows are seen as bleak and gloomy, while sunbeams are associated with light and happiness, and can create funny images. What if these fantasies came alive? What if they could jump out of the sunlight?

The Sunny Bunnies are five beaming balls of light that can appear anywhere there is a light source. Whether it is sunlight or moonlight, they bring fun and happiness everywhere they go. However, each time they appear their actions turn into a mischievous game. Sometimes too mischievous……….

Now children can create their own mischievous adventures with these brand new Sunny Bunny Toys from Posh Paws.

We were sent fluffy, hopping and giggling Hopper, along with two of his smaller friends; Shiny and Turbo to review.

Sunny Bunnies

The large Giggle and Hop, Hopper comes complete with his characteristic bright green fur. He is super soft and cuddly, but press the button on his mouth and hear his infectious giggle and see him hop!


The Sunny Bunnies bring joy and good mood wherever they go because all situations are pretexts for fun.

There are five characters to collect: Turbo, Hopper, Shiny, Iris and Big Boo. Each measure approximately 29cm. Suitable for children aged 12M+ with an RRP of £16.99.

Sunny Bunnies Plush

Also in the range are the medium sized Giggle & Wiggle Feature Soft Toy Sunny Bunnies with an RRP of £9.99. Press the Sunny Bunnies hand to hear their fun and infectious laughter as they wiggle around on the floor and finally the small Sound Slammer feature Soft Toys RRP: £4.99. You throw, catch and slam them to hear their fun and infectious laughter.

Thanks to the team at Posh Paws, I have a large Giggle and Hop Sunny Bunnies Plush Toy* to giveaway to one lucky reader.

*Character sent at random.

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156 thoughts on “Review: Sunny Bunnies Giggle and Hop Soft Toy

  1. Darren Bourne says:

    We love Turbo.

  2. Natalie Gillham says:


  3. Lia Burns says:

    My daughters favourite sunny bunny is turbo!

  4. Sarah Roberts says:

    My grandaughter Amber loves Big Boo!

  5. Tammy Neal says:


  6. Amy Stevens says:

    Turbo is our favourite

  7. Theresa Thomas says:

    My lil one loves Iris

  8. Gill Mitchell says:

    My daughter loves Hopper

  9. claire little says:


  10. sharon martin says:

    mine likes Iris

  11. Laura Claridge says:

    My Daughter likes the green one as it is the biggest and therefore the most cuddly

  12. Sophie Marie Cartwright says:

    Hopper 🙂

  13. Ross Leech says:


  14. Megan says:

    Big Boo

  15. Stephanie says:

    Big boo

  16. Emma Fox says:

    It has to be Hopper 🙂

  17. toni pearson says:

    my niece loves Hopper

  18. Natalie Crossan says:

    My daughter loves Turbo!

  19. Denise Walton says:

    Big boo

  20. Adrian Bold says:

    Hooper is our favourite.

  21. Tracy Barber says:

    Iris is our favourite

  22. Kelly Wheelhouse says:

    My little boy loves Big boo

  23. My grandson likes big boo

  24. Jeanette Leighton says:

    My son likes big boo

  25. Angela Kelly says:

    We love Hopper.

  26. Steph fraser says:

    Wow these are so cute my little boy would love to win one of these

  27. soozybee says:

    My daughters favourite is Shiny!

  28. antonia Richardson says:

    My grandson finley loves Hopper

  29. Lorraine Williams says:

    My nephew loves Hopper

  30. Laura Green says:


  31. Maria Messruther says:

    Shiny is our favourite.

  32. fiona johnstone says:

    My granddaughter’s favourite is Iris because she is beautiful and very smart.

  33. Kelly Knowles says:

    I’m told hooper because he’s mischievous

  34. janine atkin says:

    mine likes shiney

  35. Emma Davison says:

    Big boo

  36. Katrina Adams says:

    Shiney because of her colour and loveliness.

  37. Jayne K says:

    Iris for my granddaughter

  38. christine westlake says:

    Big Boo

  39. Janine Hann says:

    Shiny for my granddaughter

  40. Brenda Davies says:

    Big Boo

  41. A.E. ADKINS says:

    Hopper because he’s naughty apparently

  42. Sheri Darby says:

    My daughter says Shiny

  43. Kyomi Johnson says:

    Shiny is my little nieces favourite because it’s her favourite colour blue

  44. Alison Johnson says:

    Big Boo is my granddaughters favourite.

  45. Alice lightning says:

    Big boo. ❤️

  46. Rebecca Whatmore says:

    We love Hopper!

  47. Maria P says:

    She loves Turbo 🙂

  48. JAMES HOLYLAND says:

    Turbo is indeed the favourite

  49. Marie Rungapadiachy says:

    Shiny is my daughter’s favourite. She loves the blue colour.

  50. Jess McGuire says:

    Big boo

  51. donna l jones says:

    Big Boo

  52. Troy Easton says:

    It would have to be Turbo.

  53. Susan Hoggett says:

    Turbo, so cute and great prize!

  54. Leanne Redpath says:

    My sons favourite is big boo

  55. Catherine Stewart says:

    I think Iris is cool!

  56. Margaret Mccaffery says:

    Hopper is my favourite.

  57. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    My little girl loves Iris with her big bow x

  58. Mark Mccaffery says:

    Big Boo is their favourite.

  59. Sarah Fielding says:

    Big Boo!

  60. Stacey Gahan says:

    Hopper is my girls fav

  61. Rebecca Walker says:

    big boo

  62. Pam Smith says:

    Big Boo

  63. john jackson says:

    my sons love Big Boo

  64. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Big Boo

  65. Lucy says:

    Turbo is the favourite 🙂 Lovely idea for a gift as well

  66. Caroline Signey says:

    My daughter says the blue one

  67. christine reid says:

    My grand daughter Alice says Hooper is her fav so Hooper it is.

  68. I am not sure of all their names, but my son says he likes the green one
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  69. Gemma Hendry says:

    My daughter loves turbo

  70. Angela Sharp says:


  71. claire woods says:


  72. Jodie Green says:


  73. Maria b says:

    We love Big Boo

  74. Kas Grant says:

    Turbo is my children’s favourite

  75. Chelsey Hollings says:


  76. Sally Collingwood says:


  77. Ruth Harwood says:

    We like Turbo best, but it’s a close win!

  78. Nicola Watson says:

    Big boo!

  79. Janine Phillips says:

    Big Boo x

  80. emil walker says:

    Big boo

  81. michelle o'neill says:

    my granddaughter loves Big Boo

  82. Rebecca Cusick says:

    Big boo is our favourite I think!

  83. Kirsty Charleston says:

    Shiny, he loves the colour and the hair he said (hes 3)

  84. Dale Dow says:

    Turno is a firm favourite here x

  85. Michelle Smith says:

    Big Boo is my granddaughters favourite

  86. Christine Lockley says:

    Big Boo

  87. Tammy Tudor says:

    big boo! 🙂

  88. My son Ryan really loves Big Boo x
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  89. Laura Pritchard says:

    We love Big Boo!

  90. Mark R says:

    Big Boo is the favourite here

  91. fiona waterworth says:

    Big Boo is our favourite

  92. Susan B says:

    It is difficult to resist the very cute Hopper.

  93. Clara says:

    My daughter loves Hopper

  94. Alica says:

    My granddaughter loves Big Boo!

  95. Tracy Nixon says:

    Big boo x

  96. Charlotte isobelle says:


  97. Helen Arlow says:

    Big boo x

  98. Bryan Murphy says:


  99. Ollie says:

    My son’s favourite is Iris

  100. kim white says:

    My grandaughter likes Big Boo

  101. Peter Watson says:

    Big Boo

  102. Joo Dee says:

    niece’s little one loves Turbo

  103. Amy bondoc says:


  104. Angela Muir says:


  105. jacqui rushton says:


  106. Jennifer Toal says:


  107. Carly Belsey says:

    Big Boo sounds like a fun name that my daughter would like.

  108. Pauline Burroughs says:

    Big Boo is the favourite in this household

  109. Pippa Ainsworth says:

    Turbo is my little boy’s favourite Sunny Bunny!

  110. Elizabeth Yeates says:


  111. Keith Hunt says:

    Its hopper

  112. Richard M Johnson says:

    Big Boo

  113. lynn neal says:

    Giggle is our favourite!

  114. Ursula Hunt says:

    My granddaughter loves Big Boo because her favourite colour is pink

  115. Julia Kerr says:

    Wiggle and giggle, even the name makes them laugh

  116. Claire V says:

    Turbo is our favourite

  117. Julie Ward says:

    Our favourite is Iris, they are all cute though

  118. natalie burgess says:

    Turbo xx

  119. kay sherman says:

    my daughter loves hopper x

  120. Vicky says:

    My son likes Turbo the best.

  121. ashleigh allan says:

    Turbo is!

  122. Iain maciver says:

    Big boo

  123. zoe brown says:

    big boo

  124. Angie McDonald says:

    We love BIG BOO

  125. Jade Hewlett says:

    Big boo

  126. Lou anderson says:

    My daughter loves them all! Her fave show!

  127. Susan Trubey says:


  128. Sally says:

    Big boo fab giveaway x

  129. Nageena Ahmed says:

    Hopper is my daughters favourite.

  130. melanie stirling says:

    Iris is my favourite.

  131. Lucy says:

    Hello, I don’t actually have children and if I was lucky enough to win I would give this prize to a local charity. I had a look at their website and my favourite is Big Boo. Thank you for the chance to win.

  132. Vikki Bowker says:

    Turbo is the cutest!

  133. Wendy Smith says:

    Iris, so cute and a lovely colour too

  134. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Big Boo is my niece’s favourite

  135. karen hutchinson says:

    Hopper – we love green

  136. Tracey Ryder says:

    our niece loves turbo

  137. Jo m welsh says:

    Big boo is my daughters favourite

  138. Suan Watts says:

    Big Boo

  139. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Big boo – our girls will be thrilled thanks

  140. kim neville says:

    we like Big Boo 🙂

  141. Jodie Tomlinson says:

    My sons favourite is hopper

  142. Yasmin0147 says:

    Big boo is his favourite at the moment but he loves them all

  143. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity

  144. Danielle Pooley says:

    My sons favourite is Turbo

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