Review: So Slime Glam DIY and Sweet Shop

Eliza and Slime

Slime is still a big deal in our house, although I have to admit that we have yet to attempt to make our own.

Now you can take your love of slime to another level with the super cute Slimelicious mini shops. Create your own mini soda shop complete with fabulous scented slime. Design it, mix it and then make it your own, add a mini charm for the final touches to your new slime collection!

We were sent two packs to review, the Slimelicious Sweet Shop and So Slime Glam DIY Pack.

So Slime Glam DIY 3 Pack

There are two Glam packs to choose from; the Beauty or Parfum collection.

So Slime

We received the Parfum collection which contains 3 perfume bottle style shakers, each containing a different coloured scented slime powder and glitter decorations.

So Slime Perfume

The slime is really easy to make, simply add water, give the mixture a stir and then pop the lid on the pot and shake for 30 seconds.

Eliza Slime

We found that the slime was a bit too sticky on our first attempt, but the instructions advise you to add more water if you prefer it looser, which seemed to do the trick on our second attempt.

So Slime DIY – Slimelicious Sweet Shop

The Slimelicious Sweet Shop contains 1 x Sweet Shop, 2 x mini shakers 6 x scented slimes, 3 x decoration bags and 2 x charms.


With this set, you can add your personal touch to every scented slime with delightful decorations and cute charms.


If I am honest, although Eliza liked the charms in the Sweet Shop set, she preferred the parfum set as she could make more slime and it had three individual pots to store them in. With the sweet shop having only two small pots, you couldn’t make and store all the slime.

Pink Slime

So Slime Glam DIY 3 Pack has an RRP of £9.99 and Slimelicious Sweet Shop is £7.99 and are available from all good toy shop.

9 thoughts on “Review: So Slime Glam DIY and Sweet Shop

  1. Brook and Indie love slime too. This kit looks really fun. Sounds like Eliza loved it
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Manchester Airport Parking: APH Off Site Parking ReviewMy Profile

  2. clare minall says:

    My kids are always on youtube searching about slimes I gues it is really a trend to them

  3. Jenni says:

    My boys love slime. We’ve tried two different sets from So Slime DIY and they are honestly the best and least messy out of all the slime kits we have had in the past.

  4. Wendy says:

    My boys love slime! We’ve made our own before and it’s fun but so messy! I like the look of this one though, I like that there’s glitter too!xx

  5. Slime is banned in our house! I like the pretty colours, and the glitter, but I won’t change my mind. It’s still banned!

  6. Erin is just getting into these kinds of sets. Looks really fun.

  7. Sarah Howe says:

    haha we have a slime ban in our house after my daughter got it everywhere last time!!! This does look good fun though and perhaps more contained xx

  8. Claire says:

    Oh this is my girls idea of heaven! st a shame that we can’t have it in the house….

    They ruined a carpet when left for the time it took to go to the bathroom.

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  9. caitylis says:

    These look good fun actually! Shame about the use of a lot of plastic in all the packaging though! Caitylis x x

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