Review: Crystalina Light Up Fairy Dolls

Crystalina fairy dolls are the light-up fairy dolls that combine the empowering energy of crystals with LED lights, bringing together the fun of role play with collectable dolls.

There are four characters to collect and each embodies a crystal element and aura, which passes back and forth between the doll and included amulet in the form of LED light patterns.

To activate the lights, simply give the doll a little shake.

Each cute doll comes with a wearable crystal-shaped amulet that passes colourful “crystal powers” in the form of LED light to the doll and back to the amulet. They also come with a moon shaped stand, which has a special clip to attach the amulet to it, making it glow alongside the doll.

The four collectable characters are:

  • Turquoise – The Sprite of Healing
  • Rose Quartz – The Sprite of Love
  • Amethyst – The Sprite of Wisdom
  • Aventurine – The Sprite of Luck

The Crystalina dolls also have brushable hair and come with a hair clip of their colour.

The only problem you have is which one to choose first!

Crystalina dolls are available at Tesco and have an RRP of £13.

Disclaimer: We were invited to review Crystalina, all thoughts and opinions are our own

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