Review: CoOperate! Board Game

Now the kids are getting older, they love more challenging board games and things that make them think.

CoOperate is a family fun game suitable for players aged 12+, although both Eliza (10) and Sebby (8) joined in with no issues.

The game is easy to play, although you do need a minimum of 4 people to play.

Kids CoOperate

In the box:

  • A fold-out playing board
  • 240 cards
  • 1 x 30 second timer
  • 2 x playing pieces
  • 1 x bonus dice

To Play:

Divide yourselves into teams and begin. You need to work with your whole team and collaborate to predict, in only 30 seconds, how many words you will shout out that meet the CoOperate card challenge.

As soon as you have predicted your score turn the timer again and you’re off for another 30 seconds to actually shout out the predicted number of words – but if you don’t reach that number you score nothing!

There are four kinds of challenge depending which colour you land on, on the board:

  • List play (Red) – Your team calls out ‘things’ that meet the challenge on the card like capital cities or girls’ names.
  • Describe play (Yellow) – Team members describe ‘things’ from the category on the card like fruits or sports.
  • Word play (Blue) – Team members come up with words that meet the card Challenge for example “words beginning with pr”
  • Link play (Green) – Team members call out words that are linked to the last Player’s word, for example “an object that is taller than the previous Player’s object .

The real challenge is thinking quickly enough and relying on your team meet to come up with some answers that aren’t yours.

There is also a unique bonus dice that can land on its faces OR its corners which you throw when you land on a “move on” space, which adds spice to every throw.

We have only played it as a family so far, but I can imagine that this would be brilliant at a party or family gathering, as the kids got really excited just trying to beat us.

CoOperate is available from all good toy shops with an RRP of £25.

Disclaimer: We were sent CoOperate to review. All thoughts and opinions our own own

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