How to Report an Imposter Account and Stolen Photo on Facebook


If you read my last post you will know that someone set up a facebook account in my name with a photograph of my 5 year old daughter as the profile picture.

I found the whole reporting process a complete nightmare if I am honest, as it is almost impossible to deal with human being, rather than a computer generated checkbox and automatic reply.

However, I have discovered two ways of getting the case reviewed by an actual person and it worked:

1. Go to How to Report an Account Pretending to be Me? and click on the link ‘Filling Out this Form’:


It will then take you to this page, where you need to choose the option most relevant to you.


In my case I clicked ‘Someone has created an account pretending to be me or a friend’ which brings up a further choice.


If you click ‘Yes’ it will take you back to the generic “Report this user” instructions that is all automated that has got me nowhere, however, if you click ‘No’ it will give you the option to fill out a form that will be read by an actual human being.


Do not check the ‘No, this account is impersonating my friend’ as it will not allow you to report anything, however, checking one of the other boxes will bring up a form for you to fill in.


Fill in the form with as much information as possible and ‘send’. I attached a copy of my driving license as proof of my identity. I would advise that you be concise but to the point in the additional info as it was clear they didn’t read mine, as replied with “our records indicate that the user you reported simply has the same name as you“. They obviously did not read that they were using a picture of my child too.

2.  If you want to Report a Photo or Video that Violates the Privacy of your Child clicking the link will take you to this page:


Click the link ‘fill out this form’ which will then open up the page below. As you click your checkboxes more of the form opens up giving you further options to choose.


Once you click where you live you then get sent to a new form which asks whose rights are being violated.


Find the URL of the photograph you want to report and enter it in the box provided along with your name and surname and submit.

To find the URL, go to the profile where the picture is displayed and click on the photograph. The URL will appear in your URL bar at the top of the screen. It will look something like this.


When the form is submitted you will get this message so you know it has been sent.


I will advise it is not a quick process and I have yet to hear back from facebook about removing this fraudulent account and I will update this post with the timescale as soon as it is resolved.

UPDATE: The account was removed within 48 hours of my first report being sent.

As the world’s #1 for social media, their customer service needs serious improvement!



22 thoughts on “How to Report an Imposter Account and Stolen Photo on Facebook

  1. Oh no what a nightmare 🙁 I can imagine how stressful this was for you too. A friend of mine was saying how someone has set one up of her the other day. I will hae to share this post with her ..
    clairejustine recently posted…Creative Mondays Blog Hop…My Profile

  2. I followed this on your social media account. I can’t believe how long the process takes and how long they take to get back to you. It’s so frustrating. I’m so glad they’ve now taking it down. What an odd thing for someone to do. x
    Chloe Ciliberto recently posted…5 LEGAL TIPS FOR FREELANCERSMy Profile

  3. Fi Ni Neachtain says:

    I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Why on earth do people do this? I agree with you, FB customer service and complaints service is an absolute joke.

  4. So sorry to hear about this. Don’t understand why any sane person would want to impersonate someone on social media but it happens every day. Glad you got it sorted.

  5. Grant R says:

    There’s some weird and cruel people out there. I’m glad you were able to sort this out. I’m sharing this post because I think it’s really important, well-written and easy to follow. Thanks!
    Grant R recently posted…How I Used The Same Razor For 8 MonthsMy Profile

  6. Marie Barber says:

    I had a notification saying this had been taken down as i reported it too, i just dont get why people do such stupid things a friend of our Facebook account got hacked and they changed her name to an indian mans name and although she saw the funny side its an eyeopener that nothing is safe on the Internet.
    Marie Barber recently posted…Meet the Wizard – Wired Wizard Web Review My Profile

  7. I’m glad that the account was removed within 48 hours Kara – it is awful how imposters can set up online as anyone – with no checks to their identity and what makes it worse is them using your daughter’s photo. Shameful.
    JuggleMum, Nadine Hill recently posted…Snow White with Scotty T: A modern panto in Leeds this ChristmasMy Profile

  8. Evelina says:

    This is so awful! Your post is so useful, thanks for sharing.
    Evelina recently posted…How To Choose The Perfect Trench CoatMy Profile

  9. This is awful! I had several accounts created in my name and the names of my family (all by the same demented individual) but had they done it in my childs name I would have lost the plot!! Do you have any clue who did it? I’m so glad that Facebook removed the account, and rightly so!!
    five little doves recently posted…#minichefs Num Noms challenge – Review and Rocky Road recipe!My Profile

  10. It was a terrible thing for you to have to go through. I reported it as soon as I found out.
    Some people are lower than a rattlesnakes belly!
    Glad you eventually got it sorted x
    Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs recently posted…Our Autumn Leaf Collage – Kicking LeavesMy Profile

  11. Anosa says:

    Glad it’s all sorted now but the process to get it done seems a little tedious. Thanks for step by step

  12. I did see your Facebook post about this and reported it too! So glad it’s all sorted now 🙂
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…A Country Kid’s Post: Bike Lights CarnageMy Profile

  13. Cathy Glynn says:

    Some really clear and good advice Kara. I am so glad the situation was finally sorted x
    Cathy Glynn recently posted…Warner Bros – Harry Potter Studio ReviewMy Profile

  14. Emma says:

    Great to know, I’ve read about this a lot lately.
    Emma recently posted…Top toys for Christmas – HatchimalsMy Profile

  15. It really shouldn’t be this difficult to report something so serious but I’m so pleased to hear you got it sorted in the end.
    Cass@frugalfamily recently posted…Free Halloween Printables (and some other Halloween Inspiration)….My Profile

  16. Fozia S says:

    So sorry this happened to you….and such a shame that it is so difficult to report something like this. They need to simplify the process and take it seriously
    Fozia S recently posted…My Queensgate Winter Wishlist – #qblogger challengeMy Profile

  17. Rachel says:

    I am sorry this happened to you and you are right about their customer service, it is totally shocking. I have had to prove who I am many times and they forever to come back to you x
    Rachel recently posted…Samaya Ayurvedic skincareMy Profile

  18. Ness says:

    When I read your post the other day I tried to report the other account but I couldn’t get any further as I’m not a friend of yours on Facebook. What a terrible process. It’s also shocking that at age 13 they seem to think children are adults!
    Ness recently posted…Sunday Snap – The AA BoxMy Profile

  19. Louise says:

    This is so helpful as this is one of my worst nightmares. My personal account has high privacy which is where I keep the pictures of my children. I rarely post their faces publicly as there are too many strange people out there. Despite this I am sure those in the know can access whatever they want. Social media needs to get better at having a human face to deal with these things. I have found Instagram helpful when I have reported pornographic followers. Which again makes me feel uneasy about being online. Better to clamp down as soon as possible. I’ll be saving this.
    Louise recently posted…Race 10: Broken bones and tummy troublesMy Profile

  20. Kerry Norris says:

    So sorry this happened to you. I’ve saved this post as this is so helpful for those that need it. Facebook reporting seems pointless half the time so this is a great help x
    Kerry Norris recently posted…Jord Watches – ReviewMy Profile

  21. Emma Raphael says:

    So sorry you had to go through all this rigmarole, what a blinking nightmare! There are so many flaws with FB, I find myself using it less and less…
    Emma Raphael recently posted…Pastures New – Almabtrieb – PredazzoMy Profile

  22. Nikki Thomas says:

    I read about the imposter account and having also read reports of bloggers finding themselves being impersonated so that other people get to review things in their name, I think we do have to be increasingly vigilant. I’m glad that the account has been taken down but that is a ludicrously long way round, especially when someone was using a photo of your child. Facebook seriously need to review this system as I can imagine it must be a common problem
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…Beautiful Bakes Made Easy with BakedinMy Profile

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