Relieving Foot Pain this Summer with the Footner Coolactive Massager

Footner Coolactive Massager

I suffer with psoriatic arthritis and it is my hands and feet that seem to suffer the post and I consistently have pain and swelling in both my hands and feet.

I try not to let the pain stop me from doing activities with the kids and tend to power through any discomfort when we are out and about but it often leaves me with burning, heavy feet.

I have started using a new painkiller called Combogesic which really helps when I am out. The sciencey bit tells me it delivers over 30% more pain relief than the maximum over-the-counter doses of standard paracetamol and ibuprofen alone, with two tablets delivering 1000mg of paracetamol and 300mg of ibruprofen, but I just know that it really eases the discomfort I feel when walking.


When I get home it is then the turn of my trusty foot spa to help relieve my feet, but when we travel it is just not possible to take it with me.

Now, the Footner Coolactive Massager has come to my rescue to help provide some relief when I have been on my feet all day. It is an innovative metal rollerball foot massager which dispenses a cold soothing foam, which provides immediate relief for burning, tired, heavy feet.

Footner Coolactive Massager

The Footner Coolactive Massager foam instantly cools hot feet, and contains active ingredients to soothe and moisturise, cypress seed extract to help reduce swelling, and fragrance and deodorant to refresh.

Footner Coolactive Massager

Although there are various separate creams and massagers for tired feet available the Footner Coolactive Massager is the only product on the footcare market to combine both foam and rollerball massager in one handy device with the metal rollerball actually increasing the soothing, cooling effect of the foam.

To use, simply push the metal rollerball down for 2 seconds to release the cooling foam and then apply to the whole foot, massaging the foam into the foot in small circles.

Footner Coolactive

Footner Coolactive Massager is only 50ml, so it’s hand-luggage friendly and the perfect thing to pop in your bag to relieve swollen post-flight feet, instant cooling relief on the go, for use after a day’s sightseeing, or simply when you’ve been on your feet for too long and your feet feel like they’re on fire.  RRP £24.99, available exclusively from Boots stores and

20 thoughts on “Relieving Foot Pain this Summer with the Footner Coolactive Massager

  1. John Gatesby says:

    This foot massager is looking very interesting to me. Nice tool to help unwind after a day of lots of movement and physical effort, though extremely rare but happens sometimes.
    John Gatesby recently posted…Do I Have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)?My Profile

  2. Thank you for sharing this, will see if I can find this product and if my doctor agrees to its use. My foot pain turned out to be a major problem and I am on medicine to relief the symptoms. Been getting my treatment from and they were able to improve my condition significantly. A good doctor is a must who is able to understand your symptoms and switch up medicine or treatment procedure when they don’t yield any results especially with problems like these.
    Venessa Riley recently posted…Osteonecrose da Cabeça do FêmurMy Profile

  3. emilylucas says:

    I try to buy one of them. Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. Glory says:

    We are appreciating your post, all information are useful for those who are willing to know about, thanks for the information.
    we can also try zircon’s electric foot massager at home for salon style foot spa.

  5. Mahe Jabeen says:

    I didn’t know a product like this exists. Great to see such a handy product. Would definitely try one.

    I also own a site which is about massagers. I review different massagers with pros & cons. I hope you can visit here and I believe you will find useful content.

  6. Karen Nance says:

    This looks cool. I constantly have pain in my foot. Hope this will work.
    Karen Nance recently posted…Best Foot Massager of 2019 Reviews with ComparisonsMy Profile

  7. Orthofeet says:

    Great suggestion. The right shoes can also help, of course. has a wide variety of outstanding quality shoes for foot problems.

  8. I wiil try to massage like this ,thank for sharing this.

  9. Ooh this is a great present idea for my mother in law – she suffers with her feet and this would do the job so nicely. I’m so glad it helps you stay out and about with the kids longer!

  10. Oh I could really do with this, especially to slip into my handbag on a night out! Heels destroy my feet!

  11. I never realised you suffered with this problem Kara, you are such a tropper. My feet are always sore and hot and bothered. I will have to try this, I think the price is really good for what you are getting

  12. Stephanie says:

    Oh I suffer with a type of arthritis (thing wonder if it’s the same as you) and I get horrible pains in my feet. This sounds really handy to have

  13. I would love to try this massager. It sounds like just what I need.

  14. My partner has Morton’s neuroma and is is pretty much constant pain in his foot so I’ll pass this on to him to see if he thinks it might help

  15. This sounds great after a day of being on your feet! Love that it is handbag size too 🙂 x

  16. Cathy glynn says:

    This sounds perfect for when you’ve been on your feet all day and so handy to carry around with you x

  17. Niki Marie Wardle says:

    I like the sound of this, pretty pricey though. I ve been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis too, I’m now suffering in my knees feet hands and hips, at the grand old age of 29 (since 20).Hope you get some relief!

  18. oh i love the sound of that – after being on my feet all day i bet this feels amazing!

  19. That looks good after a long day of walking!

  20. Jon says:

    We’re off to Florida next month and this looks like the ideal thing to take as our feet ache like anything at the end of each day!

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