Rekindle the joy of cycling, one trike at a time

Learning to ride a bike is a right of passage for most children and many start this journey on a tricycle, before upgrading to two wheels as they get more proficient.

Cycling is my go to choice of exercise and I find cycling through the countryside with the wind in my hair, a really invigorating experience. In fact cycling can be enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Whether you’re cycling to work, to school, to the shops or just for fun, the humble bicycle is an easy way to get more active and is a safe and effective form of exercise, what’s more is that there are many bikes available for people with disabilities.

Cycling can provide symmetrical exercise and is ideal and for pre/post surgery rehabilitation and physical development and if two wheels are not an option, go for a more stable tricycle.

Adult Tricycles from Jorvik Tricycles provide reliable, aesthetically pleasing, quality tricycles at prices people can afford.


Tricycles are the ideal choice if you have mobility or balance issues, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride for both novice and experienced cyclists and they even provide an electric option to give you an extra helping hand.

Electric bikes (E-Bikes) are not cheating, despite what some people say – I love mine!!

E-Bikes have what they call battery-powered “pedal assist.” Technically, this is a machine integrated within the bike to give your pedalling a boost. This can reduce stress and impact on your knees and thighs and whilst the boosting technology still makes you pedal and exercise, it also assists you to conquer hills and inclines, so you don’t have to worry about any challenging terrain. I mainly boost mine when I have Sebby on the back in his bike seat.

My older boys have a new found love of Mountain Biking and it surprised me just how many mountain bikers now use electric bikes these days, but I guess it helps with uneven terrain and inclement weather conditions.

Investing in a trike is a great way of re-igniting the love of cycling, getting some much needed exercise and all the freedom that it offers and getting social with like-minded enthusiasts.

Do you enjoy cycling?

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