The Reima’s #millionhoursofjoy Challenge


As the kids get older, getting them outdoors gets more of a challenge.

If your kids are anything like mine, they moan about leaving the house; “just one more level” on their computer game or “do we have to come, it’s boring“.

Yet the moment we reach our destination, they are out the car like a shot, running, laughing and using their imaginations to create their very own adventures.

Pumpkin Patch

Sometimes it is all to easy to stay indoors, but I find the kids not only behave better if they are having fun outside, but it also makes them sleep better – a double win for me.

Avon Heath

Once outside their toy of choice is always the good old stick. Perfect for doing battle, turning into a stickman, playing pooh sticks or even building a den for the Gruffalo, it is the most versatile toy around!!

Pooh Sticks

Getting mucky is all part of the fun. Just pop the dirty washing in the machine when you get home, make the kids a hot chocolate and put them in a lovely hot, bubbly bath to help warm them up.

Moors Valley

If the thought of heading out in the rain fills you with dread, there are plenty of indoor activities that will get the kids hearts pumping. How about a spot of climbing?

Rockreef UK

Climbing is not only great for their gross motor skills, but it helps with their balance, co-ordination and confidence. Isaac has even started going around the high ropes course blindfolded!!

Rockreef UK

Let me introduce you to the Reima’s #millionhoursofjoy challenge!

Reima, a Finnish childrenswear brand, wants to encourage children around the world to participate in 1 million hours of activity before the end of 2017 in an effort to tackle obesity in children.


Reima Kidventure is measuring the activity levels of children across the globe, with an interactive map, which can be found on the Kidventure landing page. At the top, it shows the total amount of hours we have accumulated around the world as a whole and, if you scroll over the pins on each country, it tells you the activity levels for every country. The UK has only just started our event so is significantly lower than other countries, but we want to change that. Simply calculate the total number of hours of activity of each child and enter them each week.

Every time this is done, it equals an entry into the Reima and Visit Finland competition, which includes: Reima merchandise, Reima clothing and, most importantly, a trip to Finnish Lapland for one family from every country. The more times activity is entered, the more entries that person will receive.

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Reima make stylish, practical clothes for children, which are perfect for the great outdoors. Their range comes in lovely bold and bright designs which will make the kids really stand out from the crowd and being a Finnish company, the real attention to detail is the technical specifications of the clothes. The coats are waterproof and windproof whilst avoiding chemical nasties like flurocarbons to get that rainproof finish.

Reima also have a ReimaGO sensor, which is the world’s first wearable activity sensor for children. Simply pop on the sensor, download the app and activity levels will be entered automatically. My kids are always fascinated by how many steps we have done when we are out, so being able to track their own is a real winner.


Reima have also adopted a reindeer called Reima [which can get very confusing!] who has a ReimaGO activity sensor attached to her collar. Children are encouraged to try to beat her levels of activity which you can find here.

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I think this is a great challenge and we have already entered our first weeks activity hours – will you be taking part?



21 thoughts on “The Reima’s #millionhoursofjoy Challenge

  1. Taslyn says:

    This looks like such a fun challenge. They kids looked like they had a great time.

  2. Sabina Green says:

    What a great idea, I love this! We love to get our children outside in the fresh air as much as possible, sadly this weekend we have had so many jobs to do around the house we haven’t been out AT ALL and it’s telling in the children’s behaviour and eating habits. Will look this up, that’s for the head’s up!

  3. Laura says:

    I totally agree it’s so much better when they are out and about and yes they usually sleep better so major win. I have also found it harder since my eldest has turned 7 but we are preserving none the less

    Laura x

  4. What a great campaign, I had never heard of Reimas brand before. My little two love being outdoors, exploring and being active; getting my teen outdoors is more difficult though x

  5. Thena says:

    Being outdoors is so great. My girls love to play in dirt, in their dresses. 🙂 This place looks like so much fun to visit as well!

  6. kirsty says:

    Getting mucky is always the best part of being outdoors! I used to love playing in our local fields with my friends, either playing football or rugby. I was bit of a tomboy!

  7. Kira says:

    This little oka brilliant . My girls would like e tthis d the climbing- although I think Alessia would Chicken out ha! X

  8. Rebecca says:

    This is such a good idea. My children are so little (1 and 2) and I have to get them out and about every day to work off some energy or we all go a bit crazy! One the getting out of the house hurdle is done though it’s always so much fun.

  9. If only the weather was better out our way – we’d totally get out more! Gorgeous photos!

  10. The climbing looks like a lot of fun. My son would love that.

  11. Kacie Morgan says:

    I love the concept behind this brand and I wish I was encouraged to be more active when I was a child.

  12. What a fab campaign, it’s so important to get kids out of the house and enjoying themselves x

  13. Katy Stevens says:

    This sounds like a fantastic campaign and I love anything that will get my daughter more active!

  14. I love the sound of this challenge – going to have a look now! x

  15. Hannah says:

    This looks like great fun! Glad the kids enjoyed it, too x

  16. Mel says:

    This really does sound like a brilliant challenge – looks like they have been having lots of fun

  17. Vicky says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have a very active 2 year old. Always running around, it’s hard to keep up sometime! I love taking her walking or exploring the gruffly trail as a family in our local forest. It makes them sleep so much better doesn’t it 🙂

  18. This looks perfect to get them out and about. I thought staying in was a punishment when I was younger. Too many gadgets to occupy them these days.

  19. Tori says:

    This sounds like a great challenge to get the kids up and about! How brilliant that the sensors come with tough, hardwearing clothes as well!

  20. This looks like so much fun! T is the opposite though, she’ll do the happy dance as soon as we tell her that we’re going out 🙂 Kids are funny eh? 🙂

  21. Helen says:

    What an inspiring initiative and fantastic prize – Lapland would just be the most special place to visit!

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