A really wild time at Studland

Last year we were introduced Dan thanks to a Fathers Day trip aboard Poole Sea Safari and being intrigued by people jumping off cliffs into the sea.  After a few tweets asking what they were doing we discovered Coasteering and Studland Sea School.

We had a summer of fun with Dan and his team on the Studland beaches.  All the boys got to go Kayaking whilst I got to explore the beach with the youngest two, so when he contacted me with a new type of adventure he is launching, Fore Adventure, we couldn’t wait to try it out.

We set off for Studland at 9am on Saturday morning and got the opportunity to witness a tanker entering Poole harbour whilst sat at the front of the Sandbanks Chain Ferry.

Chain Ferry

By the time we arrived at Middle Beach car park the kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement.  We kitted them out with their wellies and coats whilst waiting for the charliemoos gang, setting off for our adventure once they had arrived.

Studland Sea School

Kian and hubby got excited about the dragons teeth tank traps we spotted whilst heading down towards the wood. These were used in World War 2 in exercise Smash which was a rehearsal using real ammunition for D-Day as Studland beaches were similar to those of Normandy.

The first challenge of the day was to build a shelter and the kids were tasked with finding sticks and branches on the way down to the wood.

Studland Sea School

Dan was engaging, informative and most of all fun.  All the kids had a job to do and were soon propping up sticks, tying a wonderful array of knots, unfolding tarpaulin and having a fabulous time.

Studland Sea School

Isaac found a den that was already there that was furnished with logs for seats and fir for a carpet.  He decided it needed a bit more work and claimed it for his own whilst Eliza and Megan decided they would build their very own shelter for a ladybird they had found.

Studland Sea School

The older children and adults made the finishing touches to the shelters, ensuring they were secure.  Dan taught Kian and Charlie how to hold and pass a knife correctly and how to split wood.

Studland Sea School

Once the den building has finished, the kids started to explore the environment around them and were full of questions about what they had found.  Dan showed us what we could and couldn’t eat and even ate some nettles, although we stopped the little ones picking them as didn’t want any stinging fingers.

Studland Sea School

It was then time to tear Isaac away from his beloved den and head down to the beach to take part in a treasure hunt.

Studland Sea

I don’t think we could have picked a better day.  It was warm and sunny so the kids started peeling off their layers and enjoying the freedom of a quiet beach.  They split up into teams and had to find items on laminated cards they were given such as shells, seaweed, sticks, something round etc.

Studland Sea School

By this time Abbey had turned up with her boyfriend Paul to help out join in.

Studland Sea School

Whilst the kids explored, we got to see just what damage the recent storms had done to the beach and were shocked by how much beach the powerful sea surges had washed away.

Storm Damage

We then headed up the beach to the Barbecue area where Dan had set up another treat for the kids – wild cooking! We all washed our hands and watched him show us how to make the bread.  It wasn’t just plain bread as he had foraged seaweed, rosemary, herbs and even brought some bacon to add to it!

Wild Cooking

Kian helped Dan get the fire going and then it was cooking time.

Wild Cooking

With all the herbs the kids had added I did wonder if they would eat the bread they had made, but I was pleasantly surprised when they all tucked in to their creations.  It was clear they were tasty as none of them wanted to share, although I did manage to get a small bite.

Eating our cooking

It was then time to break out the marshmallows which the kids demolished in no time.  I was a little miffed I didn’t get one!


Kian and hubby went off to have a look at Fort Henry and learn more about operation Smash…….

Fort Henry

Whilst we stayed behind with the kids and watched them play with the ladybirds whilst we had a chat.


It was a fabulous day out and we cannot wait to do it all again.

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39 thoughts on “A really wild time at Studland

  1. Emily says:

    What an amazing looking day and family time together, what a beautiful looking beach too! xx

  2. Charlotte says:

    Wow that looks like such an amazing day. You’re lucky you live so close to such a beautiful beach too! wow x

  3. Alison says:

    Looks like a great day out and fabulous fun

  4. I love good treasure hunt on the beach… so many beautiful stones just waiting to be picked up

  5. That looks like a brilliant day x x

  6. What an absolutely brilliant day out – everyone must have slept well after all that activity!

  7. How absolutely lovely – what a great idea 🙂 I love Studland and Sandbanks too. Beautiful places 🙂 Thank you for linking to Magic Moments x

  8. I love that outdoor cooking was involved.
    We are big fans of camping and outdoor play so this sounds like a fab experience.

    Lovely pics – ladybirds are adored by Minxy x

  9. Looks like you all had an amazing time. The photos are beautiful!

  10. Emmys Mummy says:

    Wow what a wonderful adventure.
    I love the idea of building a shelter for the ladybird, so very cute

  11. madmumof7 says:

    Wow what a busy day – looks like lots of fun

  12. Bek says:

    How amazing! It looks like many wonderful experiences were had by all. We love making dens and baking bread. Great stuff!

  13. This looks like such a fun thing to do! That bread looks and sounds amazing. Nothing beats a good bit of foraging, and cooking in the great outdoors.

  14. What a brilliant day! Looks so much fun #whatsthestory

  15. Keri-Anne says:

    Sounds like the perfect day! I love all of your photographs xxx

  16. What a fun packed day for all ages and such an adventure for the children to experience all those fab activities. As you say you couldn’t have picked a better day, thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely photos with Country Kids.

  17. Mammasaurus says:

    What a lot you packed into a day – a sign of a quality day out! I love coming across a den already built and then adding to it – and cooking outdoors too? I am impressed!

  18. That really does sound like a fantastic day! So many different activities 🙂 Lovely photos, it looked like you had a beautiful day for it. #WhatstheStory

  19. Charly Dove says:

    Oh wow Kara what a great post. It looks like the most awesome day, our kind of trip! The den building much have been such fun and cooked marshmallows are just divine. As for the exploring, it sound like there was lots of it. Great photos too, especially love that one of you and Eliza at the top. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

  20. Notmyyearoff says:

    Looks like you had a brilliant time and I love the bread. They must have been very nice if you only got a tiny taste 🙂

  21. anna says:

    This looks like a great place to go, so much fun. I love the idea of cooking by the sea!

  22. Wow this looks and sounds like a fantastic day, my eldest would love doing something like this! Your pictures are great too x

  23. Sonya Cisco says:

    That looks like brilliant fun! And you had good weather of it too x

  24. Wow it looks like you all had an amazing time

  25. looks like such a fun and engaging day.. and what good weather for it!

  26. Mama Owl says:

    Fantastic, looks like lots of fun!

  27. Honest Mum says:

    Looks wonderful, magical childhood experiences for all the family #whatsthestory

  28. LauraCYMFT says:

    Looks like you had a brilliant day out. Lots of things for the kids to do aswell. Bet they all slept well that night.

  29. Louisa says:

    What a wonderful, activity packed day out. Will has recently joined cubs and is hoping to learn similar skills. (I can’t believe that you didn’t get a marshmallow!)

  30. Brilliant – the twins’ school does “Bushcraft” instead of Forest Schools. Love the idea, we would have LOVED it as children.

  31. Merlinda says:

    Wow what a day!!!!

    BUsy and yet everyone looks like they are having fun! Thanks for sharing such nice day with us =)


  32. oana79 says:

    Beautiful, I am sure everybody had a really good sleep afterwards 🙂

  33. Vikki Holness says:

    Oh wow, what an amazing place for some action packed adventures. Looks like you all had an amazing time! xxx

  34. Wow action packed! Wonderful pictures x

  35. Michelle says:

    What an absolutely amazing day you had! So much discovered and learned – just fabulous.

  36. ninjacat says:

    What beautiful pictures, I think building dens are great

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