Pull My Finger Game – Review

If you have kids, then chances are that they love a bit of toilet humour.

Add this toilet humour to a game and you are onto a sure fire winner!!

Introducing Pull My Finger from Jakks.

In the box you will find Mr Buster, the monkey, two “butts”, a base, a tail, a spinner and the instructions.

Pull My Finger Game

It takes less than a minute to put together – simply attached Mr Buster to the base, clip on his bottom and his tail and you are ready to play!

Mr Buster Pull My Finger

The youngest player starts by spinning the banana spinner – whichever number you land on, you pull the Monkey’s finger that many times, and watch his butt inflate with each pull!

Mr Buster

You keep taking it in turns until Mr Buster lets rip!!!

Eliza Pull My Finger

The aim of the game is to avoid the farts to win!

It is such an easy game to play, that the whole family can play and when Mr Buster does trump, the kids all collapse into a fits of the giggles.

Pull My Finger is available at all good toy shops and has an RRP of £14.99

20 thoughts on “Pull My Finger Game – Review”

  1. Haha my kids would absolutely love this game. I don’t know if we could make it through the whole thing because they would be laughing so hard!


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