Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty Eight

This week started well at home, with a barbecue to celebrate our new patio. We finished off making S’Mores – the perfect after dinner treat.

This was the kids penultimate week at school before the summer holidays and it is starting to tell as they are getting ratty and tired. Kian also started his job this week and has volunteered to work everyday!

We have spent most of the week at home, taking care of bits and bobs around the house, although we did build a sandpit for the kids next to the new patio.

Saturday was a very busy day with the school fayre, where the kids got to show off the iron age roundhouse they have been building, a 40th birthday party in the afternoon and my nieces birthday party in the evening. Lets just say we were all exhausted by the end of the day!

Here is my week in pictures:

Week 28

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  1. We are desperate for the school holiday break here – we have to keep going to Friday. Really annoys me when government ministers talk about reducing school holidays – I think we need to increase them really. Hope Kian’s new job goes well.


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