Project 366 2016 – Week Thirty Six

Well this week has certainly been much quieter with the kids back at school, but it was a big week for Sebby.

This week it was Sebby’s turn to start Nursery and he was very excited to be heading into Eliza and Isaac’s school, if only for an hour settling session.

Each day I came to pick him up he asked to stay, so he must be enjoying it and on Thursday he did his first 9-12 session.

It was also a return to swimming lessons for Sebby, only this time without Mummy in the water with him. I was waiting for him to create merry hell but he went in the pool with a massive smile on his face and a determination to splash as hard as he could to get me wet anyway.

In a third big event for him, we also waved goodbye to his cot bed and have bought him bunk beds which he shares with Eliza. He came with me to Asda to choose his duvet, although they didn’t have Lightening McQueen that he had requested so he opted for Paw Patrol instead.

Here is my week in pictures:


247.  Watching the boxing at Poole Thai Festival

248.  Sebby’s first day at Nursery

249.  Isaac brought home the class crocodile

250.  First swimming lesson without Mummy

251.  New Bed

252.  The best way to come home from school, on Kian’s shoulders

253.  New Imaginext Batman Toy!

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