Project 366 2016 – Week Thirty Seven

This week felt like a really busy week as not only were the kids at school, but after school clubs started again.

We started the weekend in Cambridgeshire at Duxford airshow to meet the fighters. It was different from any air show I have been to before as you got to see the planes on the ground before they took to the air.

It has been an interesting week weather wise with some fabulous thunderstorms one minute and and bright sunshine next and the kids have been making the most of the last of the warm weather in the garden.

On Wednesday we took part in a photoshoot on Bournemouth Pier and had lots of fun trying to get the perfect sunset shot.

Thursday was Hubby’s day off so we took full advantage of a child free morning and went out for breakfast.

Saturday was a fun day as we headed to Moors Valley for the 30th anniversary of the Moors Valley railway. Not only did we get to travel on the trains but we took part in Go Ape too.

Here is my week in pictures:


254. The red arrows pay a visit to Duxford Airshow

255. Being carried home from school on Kian’s shoulders

256. Garden fun

257. Sunset from Bournemouth Pier

258. Breakfast of champions

259. Buzzy Bee

260. All aboard

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