Project 366 2016 – Week Thirteen


I am not sure what I can say about this week. It started well enough despite some rough weather over the weekend and the predicted storms all disappeared by early Monday morning, giving us the chance to get out to Farmer Palmers where we had fun bottle feeding lambs, grooming ponies and hand feeding red deer.

On Tuesday we were invited to London Zoo to cover the opening of the new Land of the Lions exhibit. It is truly spectacular and I got some great pictures of the lionesses and a squeeze from Dr Ranj of CBeebies fame.

Wednesday was where my week went wrong, spectacularly wrong. We were off to the Olde House in Cornwall for a short stay, but my car had other ideas and literally went bang just 45 minutes from our destination. Cue a few tears, frantic phone calls after realising my roadside cover wasn’t good enough and three trucks to get us back home again.

Thursday saw my car get taken into the garage where we bought it to see what went wrong, but they couldn’t look at it until Friday. I asked for a courtesy car but sadly they couldn’t help so we were stuck at home for the day.

On Friday we got the diagnosis – my 6 year old car, still covered by warranty, with 50K miles on the clock was a write-off as it needs a whole new engine. I cannot go into the conversation with the dealership at the moment but it is safe to say I am concerned and will hopefully find out if the warranty company will fix it on Monday.

On Saturday I took my frustration out by clearing the old rotten garden shed, taking old toys to the tip, re-homing a family of mice that had decided to eat all our garden furniture and then taking Isaac to an archery party. I even got to have a go myself and think I have found my sport – apparently I have “good grouping”

So, plans for next week have had to be changed and I am now a grumpy, car less, days out blogger!

Here are this weeks pictures:

Week 13

86.  Easter Egg hunting at Nanny’s House

87.  Feeding the Red Deer at Farmer Palmers

88.  A Lioness at London Zoo

89.  Heading home after breaking down

90.  Car off for its verdict

91.  Painting Gnorris the Gnome

92.  Giving archery a try at Charlie’s party

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10 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 – Week Thirteen

  1. Emma White says:

    a total nightmare about the car that’s what puts me off learning to drive these days
    Emma White recently posted…I Destroy Homes, Tear Families Apart – Take Your ChildrenMy Profile

  2. Evelina says:

    Sorry to hear about your car. I hope you can have it fixed soon.

  3. I’ve been following the events of your car Kara, and what a nightmare. It’s impossible that a car of that age and miles could be a write off. I hope something gets sorted for you. A gesture of good will would go along way at this point
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Who’s Going To Wychwood Festival?My Profile

  4. Kerry Norris says:

    A busy week for you. London zoo trip sounds amazing and I love the picture of the lioness. Sorry to hear about your car. What a crap end to the week x

  5. Marie says:

    I hope they sort out your car for you soon! X
    Marie recently posted…Wentworth Miller’s Responce to a Meme and How it Relates to my LifeMy Profile

  6. Oh my god so sorry to hear about your car! I hope you are all ok now ?
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…F***king UpMy Profile

  7. Rachel says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing the new Lions Enclose, it does look absolutely amazing from what I have seen x
    Rachel recently posted…Purrfect Box for Cats – March EditionMy Profile

  8. Grant Robson says:

    You’re so disciplined to maintain the 366 project. I failed miserably after 6 or 7 weeks. That sucks about the car. Fingers crossed the warranty covers it all.
    Grant Robson recently posted…Rose Cottage, CrailMy Profile

  9. That’s really stressful about the car, did read about that post. Just glad everyone was okay when it happened. Too bad they couldn’t give you a courtesy car. Do hope it will be sorted out soon. x

  10. Margaret gallagher says:

    Busy busy week looks like lots of fun
    Love the feeding the red deer at farmer palmers

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