Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Two

The half term holiday’s are upon us and the weather has finally started to pick up.

In bad news for us, there has been a rise of cases again in the UK thanks to the newly named Delta variant. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, but the rumour mill seems to think that the easing of restrictions will be delayed until 5th July (my husband’s birthday) instead of the planned date of my birthday.

In other lovely news, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have welcomed a baby girl, Lilibet Diana. Such a lovely tribute.

Here is our week:

Monday 31st May

Bank holiday Monday and the weather is finally glorious!!

We braved Bournemouth, but the beach was rammed so choose to walk / scoot through the lower gardens which is much, much quieter and found a park that I never realised existed.

We didn’t walk as far up as I would have liked, as Lilah wanted some lunch, but we also found some stunning artwork underneath the flyover.

In the evening we headed to Hollywood Bowl for a game of bowling and a meal.


It was safe to say we were all out of practice and none of our games were particularly high scoring. Eliza managed the most strikes though!


Dinner was basic but delicious and it felt so good to be out, out after such a long time.


Tuesday 1st June

We stayed close to home and enjoyed a nerf gun fight in the morning, as I needed some pictures to launch a giveaway for some nerf battle cubes.


In the afternoon we headed to the local SANG for a walk. We took Sebby’s stunt planes and had fun launching them and seeing where the wind would take them.

Wednesday 2nd June

I visited my Dad in his new flat last week and when we went for a walk I thought it was a great location for kite flying. Typically, we took the kites with us for another visit and it was windless – it did give the kids some exercise as they ran up and down the green.

Once they had had enough, we headed down to the beach. Every time I visit my Dad and step-mum, I always forget to get a picture, so made sure we got one this time.

Thursday 3rd June

At the beginning of the week, Sebby asked for a picnic, so we headed to Poole Park to try out their new play area with a picnic.

It is a brilliant park, filled with lovely play equipment for older kids, but it was so busy that even the kids didn’t want to stay long.

We found a spot on the grass to eat our picnic and then went and enjoyed a game of crazy golf.

Friday 4th June

The weather locally wasn’t great so we headed down to Weymouth and visited the Sea Life Centre as the kids wanted to play in the splash park.

The splash area was busy, so the kids got timed slots in the pool, but the rest of the Sea Life Centre was really quiet, which was nice and they got to spend lots of time exploring the rock pool.

We met up with my husband for a walk when he finished work, but didn’t stay too long as wanted to miss the traffic on the way home.

Saturday 5th June

My husband finally had a day off, so we headed off for another walk along the Jurassic Coast, this time to Chapman’s Pool.

It is a bit of a challenging walk, with lots of steps and a few areas where you need to scramble, but well worth it.

It is a brilliant spot for fossil hunting and we found hundred’s of ammonites.

Eliza and Isaac braved a swim in the sea, although it was a bit too chilly for me!

Sunday 6th June

Abbey’s 28th birthday (how do I have a child that old) but we didn’t see her as she is away at Centre Parcs. Instead, we went on a guided Heath walk, where we got to learn all about our heathland and the creatures that call it home.

Owain, our guide, was fantastic with the kids, asking them leading questions and helping them with any questions. The highlight of our day was finding Britain’s rarest reptile – the smooth snake!

Photographs taken by Kara Guppy ©6-6-21 – Smooth Snake photographs taken under licence

We also saw a grass snake and some sand lizard nests.

How was your week?

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Two”

  1. You were brave taking that picture of the snake. I don’t think I could have got close to it. It looks like you had some lovely time out and about. It’s funny that the kids found places a bit busy. We always try to stay away from busy places even before covid ;0)

  2. What a busy week! Sounds like lots of fun. The bay looks so beautiful the colour of the sea! Must add this to our list. I have not heard of a smooth snake before but my eldest would have been totally made up to find a snake of any sorts. What a great idea for a guided walk.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely half-term. It’s always nice to discover a new park on a day out. How frustrating to take the kites out and then find there’s no wind! Love the photo of Eliza enjoying the splash park. I’m very impressed that she and Isaac braved a swim in the sea. The guided Heath walk sounds really interesting and how amazing to find a smooth snake. #project365

  4. That’s amazing seeing a smooth snake Chapmans pool looks stunning – looks like it should be the Med, not the UK. We’ve not played crazy golf for a couple of year now. I might have to try and findone locally that’s not too busy.


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