Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Four

Anyone that knows me, knows that I hate being stuck in the house, so I have found isolating this week really hard, especially as I have had both vaccinations.

I have been doing lateral flow tests everyday, just for my own peace of mind and am pleased to say I am all clear.

Sadly my week has not been very interesting at all.

Monday 14th June

The one benefit of staying at home is that I have managed to catch up with some blog work and outstanding reviews.


Today’s one was Sebby’s new Xplora watch, which he loves. He can text us with it and my first message from him was “Love you” – bless him.

Tuesday 15th June

With the weather in the last lockdown being so miserable, I have put on a bit of weight and am determined to try and lose some.

I bought myself a weighted hula hoop, but have really struggled to master it – of course the kids wanted to try it too and mastered it straight away!!


Wednesday 16th June

Eliza and Sebby’s sports day today and they had to wear their house colours.

Sports Day

I was slightly worried that they were going to send Sebby home as the only red t-shirt he owns is a Dorset Knob Throwing Festival one (it is a small, round biscuit). Thankfully his teachers saw the funny side.

Knob Throwing

Thursday 17th June

Another day, another review to catch up on – this time a new pair of sandals from Teva.


I don’t tend to wear colourful clothes, but I adore these and they are so comfortable.

Friday 18th June

My husband was day off, so I sent him to M&S to pick up a Percy Pig birthday cake for Sebby. He also came home with their best ever eclairs.


Healthy eating flew out the window, but they were very good, if a bit sickly.


We let the kids stay up to watch England vs Scotland – sadly not the result we hoped for, but fingers crossed we will get through to the next round.

Saturday 19th June

Sebby has a bit of an obsession with Percy Pigs from M&S and as it is his birthday weekend, Daddy bought him some Percy Pig pancakes, which were a big hit.


The kids have been invited to a “Pop Star” birthday party in July, so I have been busy looking for things for them to wear. Sebby wants to be Darude, so that is easy – a pair of headphones and dark glasses, Isaac wants to be Marshmallow, so I have found him a head and Eliza wants to be Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish Hoodie

Although I could buy her a costume, I wanted something she could wear again, so found a hoodie and some tie dye tracksuit bottoms. Suddenly she looks so grown up!

Billie Eilish Hoodie

Sunday 20th June

Happy 8th Birthday Sebby!!

Dark Sabre

Sadly we had to postpone his quad biking party as my isolation doesn’t finish until midnight, but he has decided that he is like the Queen and is going to have two birthday’s!

Dark Sabre

His favourite present was definitely his new Dark Sabre, with Fortnite monopoly as close second.


Of course, it is Father’s Day too (or Farter’s Day as Sebby wrote in Daddy’s card), so Daddy got presents too.

Fathers Day

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Four”

  1. Is so frustrating when isolating means you have to cancel plans. I’m sure we have all had this issue in one form or another and I’m sure its how our winter will continue. I wanted to get Little E a Percy Pig birthday cake but she finds all the themed food quite sweet. I like the idea of a watch that can text. I’m sure we will someone will be asking for their own mobile soon and I want to avoid it for as long as possible #365

  2. So frustrating having to self isolate when fully vaccinated, no symptoms and daily tests saying negative! Love the knob throwing t shirt, glad the teachers allowed it 🙂 #project365

  3. Glad that your tests have stayed clear all week – having to be stuck in the house is hard. I love that Sebby’s first message on his new watch was to say “love you” to you. Love those colourful sandals and the eclairs look very yummy. Glad Sebby had a nice birthday. #project365

  4. ha ha I love that mug I think I may buy it for my dad! Great that you are all clear and hope you have managed to get out since you last wrote this. We have also had birthdays. Happy Birthday, Sebby love his first text message.

  5. Ugh! The isolating sounds tough but it’s good to hear you are in the clear.
    Ahh! I have seen those weighted hula hoops.They look like a lot of fun.
    hehehe! That t-shirt did make me chuckle.
    The pop start party sounds like fun.
    Happy Birthday to Sebby. x


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