Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Five

I am finally out of isolation #whoop #whoop

It is also the main birthday week of the month, with Sebby’s on Sunday, mine Monday and Callan’s on Thursday.

It has been an eventful week in the news, with COVID cases rising again, the Health Secretary resigning for breaking COVID rules and the Euro 2020 knockout stages beginning.

Here is our week:

Monday 21st June

Finally released from isolation, just in time for my birthday. Sadly plans of a walk along the Purbeck Hills was postponed thanks to the inclement weather, but we enjoyed lunch in the pretty village of Corfe.


I don’t think I have ever seen it so quiet, although The Greyhound Inn itself was busy.


I am not surprised as their food is amazing!

Once the kids were home from school I opened my presents – finally a bottle of Mermaid gin which I have been itching to try for some time.

Tuesday 22nd June

The weather was a bit better, so we headed back to get the photo I had wanted to get on Monday.

Sadly we couldn’t do the long walk, as we had Lilah, so we took her to Putlake Farm for the day.

We arrived just in time to bottle feed the calves, which was a real experience as they are very strong. Lilah wasn’t sure about them at first as they were very vocal, but soon helped out.

The farm was small, but it was lovely and quiet and the perfect size to explore with Lilah.

Wednesday 23rd June

Back to work for me and it was lovely to see my colleagues again after what felt like a month. Once the kids had finished school, we headed to Smyths Toys to spend some of Sebby’s birthday money.

He was mostly unimpressed with the toys on offer, but did come home with Uno, Kids Against Maturity and a couple of Fortnite nerf guns.

Thursday 24th June

Callan’s birthday (yes, June is birthday season in our house), but we didn’t seem him as he lives in West Sussex.

Eliza has been patiently waiting since January to spend her birthday money on a bike, but the one she wanted is still out of stock. One of my colleagues at work, does up second hand bikes and had a couple he thought Eliza might like. We tried a 26″ but it was too big, so got a 24″ one, the same make as the one she originally wanted, although a different colour.

We also had our first dentist appointment in almost 2 years, thanks to COVID19.

Isaac and Eliza came away with orthodontist referalls, Sebby needs a filling and my husband and I both need a hygienist visit – still it could have been worse.

Friday 25th June

This weekend is a big charity weekend at work, as it is Armed Forces Day and we are raising money for Help for Heroes, so I spent the day putting up posters and bunting etc.

Saturday 26th June

Today was spent selling charity wristbands and collecting money. It always surprises me just how generous people are!

I borrowed a puppet from my friend Tracie, who makes them, and he was a huge hit with the customers, young and old alike!

Sunday 27th June

Another work day for me and the kids went to play at Abbey’s. Sadly I didn’t manage to get any photo’s.

How was your week?

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Five”

  1. Glad to hear you are finally out of isolation. Happy belated birthday, June is birthday month in our house too with both Charlie’s and my birthday in the same week. Love the picture of Corfe Castle it is really pretty. Eliza’s new bike looks great no wonder she looks so pleased with it.

  2. Yay for the end of isolation, sounds like it was good timing. Happy birthday to everyone with birthdays this month. Corfe is so lovely – we loved it when we went for a visit. That’s great about the bike – loving the handy basket on the front. Very useful.

  3. Oh wow thats a lot of birthdays in one week! Happy birthday to all!

    Oh how lovely to be able to feed the calves, thats adorable.

    That is a stunning picture from the hills!

  4. Hooray for being out of isolation and all of the birthdays. Happy birthday to you! I hope you are enjoying your gin.
    It looks like you had a great day at the farm.
    Eliza’s bike looks fab. x

  5. Glad you were released from isolation in time for your birthday and looks like you had a nice one. That photo of Corfe is stunning. How lovely to feed the calves. Lilah looks like she enjoyed herself. Eliza’s new bike looks fab. Love the puppet. #project365


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