Project 365 2021 – Week Thirty Six & Thirty Seven

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?

I missed a week as have been covering a colleague full time and there are just enough hours in the day at the moment.

We have had a bit of drama in the house this week, with Eliza injuring her foot and questions over whether she would be able to attend the school residential.

Here are our weeks:

Monday 6th September

Back to school for Eliza and Sebby.

Thanks to isolation before the summer break, they have had 8 weeks off and weren’t really feeling the early start.

Eliza toe poked a football on Saturday and hurt her big toe. She managed to walk on it on Sunday, although on the way home from the beach I had to drag her back in our trolley as it hurt so much. Cue much phoning around trying to find her some crutches before school.


After school she still couldn’t put her weight on it, so after trying to get her an appointment at the local walk in centre, I gave up and headed to casualty.

They decided it wasn’t a break, so she was given a smaller pair of crutches and some exercises to try at home.

Tuesday 7th September

First stop of the day was to take Isaac to school for his COVID test and then we picked Lilah up.

We didn’t venture far, but made the most of the nice weather by using the garden.

When I took her home, this gorgeous fox was sat in the middle of her garden and didn’t bat an eyelid as I got as close as I could to take its picture.

Wednesday 8th September

I was at work when I received a call from the consultant at the hospital. They had re-examined the X-Ray and now though Eliza’s toe was broken, so it was back to the hospital after school to have a boot fitted.

Thursday 9th September

After school we headed to Smyths Toys to finish a back to school project with Blog On, before dropping Eliza and Sebby off at cubs, where they got to make bread on the campfire.

Friday 10th September

Finally, after 9 weeks off, it was Isaac’s first day back at school.

I did buy him a new blazer over the holiday’s, but it was too big, so he is still wearing his one from year 7.

We got another phone call from the hospital about Eliza’s foot, where they have now decided what they thought was a break, was actually a shadow. She has her school residential on Wednesday and if she still needs her boot, she won’t be able to attend, so it is mission exercise over the weekend.

Saturday 11th September

Eliza has been walking around the house today without her boot, so I am happy that her foot is healing, but as it was still feeling sore, we popped it back on for a trip out to the launch of a local Code Ninja’s Dojo.

The kids loved coding their own minecraft blocks and then using them in the game and cannot wait to go back for a longer experience.

Once the session was over, we headed out to explore Boscombe and Eliza was over the moon to find a Tardis.

Sunday 12th September

After a week of drama, it was nice to be able to spend some time together and we headed off for a day on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.

We were booked in to meet the Wild Brownsea Project Officer, who showed us around the parts of the island managed by Dorset Wildlife Trust.

It was a brilliant day out and the kids loved getting stuck into all the activities. Their favourite was the pond dipping and Sebby was extremely proud of his catch – the biggest Great Diving Beetle any of the volunteers had ever seen.

Eliza also managed the whole day without her boot!

Monday 13th September

After seeing Eliza walking normally, albeit in trainers, the school were happy that she could attend her residential – we are so relieved!

Eliza insisted she was going to teach Lilah how to ride Sebby’s scooter on the way home from school.

Life is starting to get back to normal now, with Isaac returning to Scouts too this week.

Tuesday 14th September

Another day with Lilah, where we introduced her to some new Disney films and then it was packing and repacking Eliza’s bag for her residential.

Wednesday 15th September


Eliza was up bright and early and could not wait to head into school.

As I was working at the pre-school, I also got to wave her and her friends off as they left on the coach. There were a few nervous smiles, but I knew they would be having lots of fun in no time.

It was also back to swimming lessons for Sebby.

Thursday 16th September

School checked in to let us know that the kids were having fun and had all been asleep by 11.30pm.

My only photo today was of a donation I made with work to a local charity for their hotdogs and games night.

Friday 17th September

Another work day for me and my husband has moved stores again, so he had farther to travel and has more exotic animals to look after.

Eliza came back from her residential, full of stories and new songs she has learned. Safe to say, she had lots of fun and has brought home a mountain of washing.

Saturday 18th September

Work again for me and the kids spent the day with Abbey.

Can you believe the Christmas stock has started to come in already!

Again, no photo’s today.

How was your week?

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9 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 – Week Thirty Six & Thirty Seven”

  1. What a drama over Eliza’s toe! I loved examining the x ray trying to spot a break. Glad she was able to go on her residential trip and I bet you were sooooo relieved! #project365

  2. Ahhh poor Eliza good to know it wasn’t actually broken and that she managed to get to her residential. I am starting to spot the Christmas goodies too and planning on starting early this year to make sure I’m organised for a change! As it’s not my strong point …

  3. Poor Eliza and her toe! She’s a real trooper to go to residential. Sounds like it went really well, and she enjoyed it. Isaac looks very smart in his school uniform. I haven’t spotted anything Christmasy yet, but then I have hardly been to shops in the last week.
    Lilah looks so happy, bless her! And how surprising that the fox was there during the day.

  4. Poor Eliza, glad that her toe was better in time for her residential and that she had a lovely time. Love the photo of her in front of the Tardis. Hope Isaac is settling in well back at school. Looks like you had a lovely day out on Brownsea Island. That great diving beetle looks huge! #project365

  5. I spotted christmas goodies in M&S today. Exciting although I’ve only just bought the first present. Need to get the one ordered for N I think I’ll get otherwise I don’t want it to be out of stock. Glad Eliza got to go on the residential and enjoyed it.

  6. It sounds like things have been busy with you!
    Poor Eliza, I hope her toe is all better now. I’m glad she got to go on the residential.
    The kids look very smart in the uniforms, I hope the return to school has gone well.
    I was doing my food shop last week and noticed the Christmas stuff on the Tesco website. I am very excited. hehehe x


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