Project 365 2021: Week Thirteen

How is it April already?

The second wave of restrictions starting to ease happened this week, with two households being allowed to meet outside from Monday.

We are still being advised to stay local, but many people haven’t as we have had lots of visitors to Dorset from all over the country again and despite indoor restrictions staying the same, lots of people have been shopping as families / couples again, which is very frustrating at work.

Thankfully, we know the quiet spots to explore!

Here is our week:

Sunday 28th March

A work day for both my husband and I, so Kian looked after the kids. We are really going to miss him when he goes back to university, not that he has a date yet.

The kids requested chilli for dinner and Eliza is starting to show an interest in cooking, so helped me in the kitchen.


Monday 29th March

The kids are on countdown to the Easter holiday’s, despite only being back at school for 3 weeks.

Normally I have Lilah on a Monday, but Abbey and Paul are on holiday from work, so made the most of spending time as a family, so we decided to head out on a child-free walk a little farther afield now we don’t have to stay as local.

dinosaur fooprints

Eliza is desperate to see the dinosaur footprints locally, so we decided to go and find them first. Good job we did as we made a couple of wrong turns before we finally found them.

dinosaur footprints

From there we walked down to the southwest coast path and Seacombe cliff where we stopped for a rest.


It was then up and over the cliff tops for our final destination – Dancing Ledge, a flat area of rock at the base of a small cliff with a pool blasted into the rock.

dancing ledge

It has been a few years since we last visited and I had forgotten how steep the hill was back up to the carpark. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath, but it was worth it and we treated ourselves to an ice cream reward in nearby Swanage on the way home.

ice cream

Tuesday 30th March

As I didn’t have Lilah again, I had booked some overtime at work, which I regretted as my legs were killing me from the walk we had done the day before.


Again lucky that we had Kian home as Sebby didn’t go into school as he had a headache and a temperature. All the kids have had some kind of cold or bug since going back!

Wednesday 31st March

Sebby still isn’t right so had another day off school, much to the disgust of Eliza and Isaac as they still had to go in.


After ordering back in December and one failed delivery slot, our new sofa arrived.


Kian and I put the first one together with no problem, but there was an issue with the second one – they sent two right-hand halves!


Thankfully, Oak Furnitureland managed to track down our missing half and it is being redelivered next Thursday – not ideal, but at least we have a sofa.

Thursday 1st April

Work again for me, but did manage to get the Easter Tree decorated whilst the kids were at school.

egg tree

Friday 2nd AprilGood Friday

Easter feels really early this year, but at least the weather is good, so we met up with Abbey, Paul, Lilah and his Mum for a local walk.


Eliza took her skipping rope and spent most of the walk attempting to do some tricks.


It has only been a week since our last visit, where it still looked very bare but the buds and blossom are finally making an appearance.


Saturday 3rd April

Another work day for me and I lost count of the amount of people who asked if we had any Easter Eggs – we sold out yesterday!!

My husband has officially been signed off in his new job and was sent down to Weymouth for the day – not a bad view at all.


How has your week been?

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16 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Thirteen

  1. Chickenruby says:

    It must be so frustrating living so close to the sea and it being full of visitors all the time, especially when lockdown is on. It gets busy where I stay in the UK on weekends with people driving 40-50 miles for a walk.

  2. Maria Hughes says:

    It must be frustrating when people don’t listen to the rules and descend on your hometown.

    I really want to go to the Jurassic coast but it is quite a journey from us, so waiting for the kids to get older and a little better on car journeys (that happens right??!!).

    Eliza looks confident with a skipping rope, my 7 year old hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet.

  3. I can’t believe it’s April either! Very jealous of your trip to the dino footprints. I want to go to the beach! #project365

  4. I really want to take the boys to the dinosaur foot prints over the Summer but I am guessing it will be busy so may have to rethink till later in the year. Love the Easter tree. Our local one also ran out of Easter Eggs think there must be a shortage this year!

  5. The new sofa is gorgeous! Shame about the mix up with the other one though.

  6. Do they not unpack and put the sofa’s together for you? Darren has to in his job. Look at all those ships just sitting there. I could cry lol. Dinosaur footprints! How did I not know about these #365

  7. Fozia S says:

    Some amazing pictures this week. Love the blossom picture.

    You have some beautiful places around you to go for walks!

  8. What a paint with your sofas – the complete one looks lovely though so hope you’ve got the other part now too. Why do people leave things to the last second, it’s not as if they don’t know when Easter is! The dinosaur footprint walk sounds interesting #365

  9. Kira Hutt says:

    Thank god the sofa arrived! It’s lush, really do love it . We are in desperate need of a new sofa , slightly jealous! 🙂

  10. Anosa says:

    Glad your sofa arrived and hope the other has arrived by now as well.

  11. Sarah-Marie says:

    I love your outdoor Easter Tree. It is something that I have wanted to do with my neighbours for many years but haven’t quite got around to organising! We have settled for a small indoor one again this year.

  12. Issy Joslin says:

    How lovely to live so close to the coast, that walk looked beautiful. Love the Easter tree too, I’ve got two little ones in my kitchen, but so cool to have one outside x

  13. I can imagine that the lovely weather and easing of restrictions has upped the visitor numbers. We’re still staying local until they lift a bit more though. Lovely to see the dinosaur footprints and looks like a beautiful spot for your walk. Oops with the sofa delivery coming with two right halves. The blossom looks so beautiful. Amazed that so many people leave buying Easter eggs to the last minute – we had a few people locally trying to find some and all the shops near us had sold out too. Hope you had a nice Easter weekend. #project365

  14. Galina says:

    Fab shot of Eliza mid-jump! Love all the seaside pictures. As always, wishing we could see the sea more often. Our supermarkets had empty Easter shelves too, a few days before Easter, very strange, don’t remember this happening before.
    Glad to hear Eliza is cooking. I wish Eddie showed more enthusiasm for cooking, then he might be more inclined to try new things.
    The sofa looks comfy.

  15. Kim Carberry says:

    It is fun when the kids start to take an interest in helping out in the kitchen. The chilli looks good.
    It looks like you had a great walk out on Monday. What a great place to explore.
    Hooray for the new sofa, it looks fab but a shame they sent the wrong bit. x

  16. Emma T says:

    All the supermarkets round here sold out of easter eggs early too – was pleased I’d ordered mine in previous food deliveries. Looks like you’ve had some nice walks out with and without rest of the family

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