Project 365 2021: Week Seventeen

This week there has been two test raves in Liverpool, with 3,000 people getting to visit with no social distancing and no masks as an experiement.

All had to have a negative test before hand and all will be tested 5 days after the event. Fingers crossed it will be good news for events happening in the summer.

Closer to home, bank holiday weekend is here and it has felt really busy in the shop, with families all shopping together again and people trying to come in without masks.

Here is our week:

Sunday 25th April

The last day of our Tesco Turns Pink weekend in aid of Cancer Research UK and it was safe to say I looked the part. We raised just shy of £500 over the weekend, which wasn’t bad, seeing as most people don’t carry cash these days.

When I got home, we made the most of the nice weather and had our first barbecue of the year.

Monday 26th April

My day with Lilah and she was adamant she wanted to go in the garden from the moment she arrived.


She loves the trampoline and is trying her best to jump, but hasn’t quite mastered it yet.

Stickle Bricks

Isaac was on inset day and we managed to coax her back inside by getting out the stickle bricks.

Tuesday 27th April

Another day with Lilah and we headed to the part with the kids after school to practice their football.


Not sure that Lilah got the gist of the game, but was happy to have Kian on hand to launch her into the air instead.


Wednesday 28th April

Work for me today and I totally failed to take any photo’s. My husband is currently working in Weymouth and stopped to take picture of the cruise ships on his way into work – one of them is the Disney one……one day we will get on board and not just admire from afar.

Thursday 29th April

My husband is working alongside Radipole Lake Nature Reserve and got to work early, so headed out for a walk to see what birds he could see.

I am in planning stage for the next couple of months of activities at work and most of my photo’s are ones I took for work. I did take this one of Isaac cuddling Kian, who is heading back to Bristol on Friday.

Friday 30th April

Work again for me, but my husband took the kids to school and then drove Kian back to university in Bristol. It is going to be weird not having him home, as he has been back since before Christmas.


Saturday 1st May

Isaac and Eliza’s birthday money was burning a hole in his pocket, so we headed to the shops so he could have a look around.

Smyths Catalogue

Unfortunately, nothing really caught they eye and we came out with a couple of trinkets. Eliza needs a new bike, so we tried Decathlon, but the queue to get was horrendous, so we gave up and came back home again. Working in retail, I really should know better about visiting shops!

How was your week?

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9 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Seventeen”

  1. Love the pink wig! Hope the other activities you are planning are as successful as the Cancer Research Campaign. I have a thing for street art and really like the one you found in Bristol. Hope Kian is settling back into uni, the photo of him throwing Lilah is brilliant.

  2. It’s quite exciting with the rave in Liverpool. The one trialled in Spain was a success, so I’m hoping the one here will be too. I’ve avoided going to the city centre because of this event during the weekend, as I imagined it would be too crowded.
    Well done for raising so much money for charity.


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