Project 365 2021: Week One

Throop Mill

Welcome to the first week of Project 365 2020.

I used to do Project 365 for the first few years I started blogging and then life got in the way. I re-started in March 2020 to keep a diary of lockdown and have vowed to carry on as it is such a good way of keeping a weekly diary about everything that is happening.

2021 has not started in the way we had hoped, with an ever escalating rise in COVID19 cases and London declaring a state of emergency due to their hospitals struggling to cope.

Friday 1st January 2021

We started the year and lockdown 3.0 with a walk to our local SANG, which was covered in icy puddles that the kids couldn’t wait to crunch though.

Canford Sang

One of my missions for 2020 was to spot and photograph a Kingfisher on one of our walks, but despite knowing some good spots they had been sighted, we hadn’t been lucky. Today was my lucky day, not only did we spot some Otters feeding their cubs on the river bank, but we spotted a Kingfisher twice.

Kingfisher sang

Sadly, the light was going, but I am so glad I managed to get a couple of pictures.

Saturday 2nd January

The problem with working in a supermarket is that you don’t get much time off, so it was back to work for me. Restrictions on some items are back in place, but for the most part, most people are not panic buying this time around.

Sunday 3rd January

Another walk today in the hope of spotting another Kingfisher.

River Stour

It was a very muddy walk and the River Stour had burst its bank in places which resulted in a few impromptu paddles, especially from our resident Mermaid.

Throop Mill

We walked a different direction from our normal walk and it was nice to have a change of scenery. We think we found a football that we lost back in the Autumn that Eliza kicked into the river. It was stuck in a weir.


No Kingfisher sightings for us, although we did spot a heron and an egret.

Monday 4th January

My husband’s first day in his new job and also Abbey’s first day back to work today after her maternity leave, so Lilah came to spend the day with us.


The kids all dote on her and she loves the attention. We took her for a walk to see the horses and the kids all had to take it turns to push the buggy, with Sebby getting some help from his big brother.


School were in touch to say that they were closing their doors and the kids would be learning remotely and then asked to book them in if we were key workers.


I booked the kids in to return the next day, but by the evening we had another email to say that as we were in full lockdown, they would only have them in school on days we were working, not a full week as they had done previously. I think this was because they have relaxed the key worker list and were oversubscribed.

Tuesday 5th January

Our second day with Lilah and this time with the challenge of home learning.

Sebby homework

Home learning is definitely easier this time as Sebby and Eliza are on set lessons on Zoom with the teacher and their friends. The only issue we had was trying to keep Zoom running and doing their assigned work on different apps as the same time.

Eliza computer

I am sure with a bit of practice it will get easier, but there were frequent calls of “Mum” to come and help. Lilah on the other hand was content to play with her toys and the odd story from one of us.


Wednesday 6th January

Eliza and Sebby were back in school today as both my husband and I were working, whilst Kian and Isaac studied at home.

My husband is enjoying his new job and he sent some pictures of live insects for Isaac, teasing him that they were for his tea……..Isaac didn’t look too impressed. (He loves I’m a Celebrity).


Thursday 7th January

Just when you think the news could not get any worse, news was coming in about rioters supporting Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election by storming the Capitol Building. The world really has gone mad!

Thankfully a day at work kept me busy.

Friday 8th January

The supermarket are really worried about the prevalence of COVID19 locally and we have been asked to wear shields as well as masks in certain areas of the store.


I have to admit that I am frustrated with some customers refusing to wear masks, or bringing their entire families in shopping. In fact, one that I challenged told me they had just travelled from London and only needed to use the toilet. I really do despair.

Saturday 9th January

It had to happen – my phone pinged today to say I had been in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID19.

Self Isolate

I feel well in myself, just frustrated that I was supposed to be covering some absence in the store and now cannot help. Not the best start to 2021 is it?

How has your week been?

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week One

  1. How lovely that you got so many beautiful walks in to start the year! Perfect relaxation before the start of the craziness that was about to begin! I too get lots of ‘Mummmmmm’ shouts… actual shouts! I am going to be very grey by the end of this! Sim x
    Sim @ Sim’s Life recently posted…Project 365 2021 Week 3 – It Has Been Another WeekMy Profile

  2. The government have changed it from key to critical worker so many people are now included when they weren’t previously. Fingers crossed no covid signs and the self isolation is now over. #project365

  3. chickenruby says:

    Blast to the isolating, hope all is ok, hearing stories about people not mask wearing and their stupid excuses drive me up the wall. Glad to hear this week supermarkets are not saying no mask, no entry. What lovely wildlife you have around the area in which you live, seeing otters and a kingfisher sounds right up my street

  4. Oh goodness, I am sorry you are having to self isolate. I hope you didn’t come down with any symptoms. Glad hat your husband is enjoying his new job. Yes, our school is also over-subscribed with key workers this time round. Must be difficult going from home school to in school I would get so disorganised.
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…12 Ways to get your 1000 hours outside in the winter monthsMy Profile

  5. Fozia S says:

    Oh no re the isolating!

    Some lovely outdoorsy pictures this time! Love the capture of the Kingfisher!

    Our homeschooling is more structured this time too…so much better as I barely have to do anything this time as all online with the teachers.
    Fozia S recently posted…The Start Of a New Year – Week 1 of 2021 – Project 365My Profile

  6. Happy New Year! We have a Kingfisher at our river and I have never been able to get a photo of it. Sorry, you have to self isolate but I’m glad the app works. I hope you are feeling OK? I make sure my husband has his switched on as he is a delivery driver. You have some lovely places to walk near you #365
    Jane – Our Little Escapades recently posted…Word Of The Week – ChangeMy Profile

  7. Shahira says:

    That pciture of the kingfisher- so lovely!! You walk trail pictures are so soothing to the eye. I wish we had nature of that sort here-we live in the desert.
    Hope homeschooling gets easier and also that isolation is not too hard

  8. Lots of lovely walks outdoors. You have much nicer scenery where you are than we do! How lovely to spot a kingfisher on your walk. Glad that home learning is a little easier this time around so far. I can imagine it must be incredibly frustrating with customers not wearing masks or shopping with their families. Sorry to hear you’ve had to self-isolate – hope that you’ve managed to stay well. #project365

  9. Emma T says:

    Bummer having to self isolate. I guess working out of home increases that risk. Hope you don’t catch it. Sounds like home school is working well so far. I’d love to see a kingfisher in real life. But haven’t ever seen one.

  10. What a nightmare to have to isolate – I hope you all stay well, probably the idiot driving down from London!
    So envious of you seeing a kingfisher, a bird I have never seen in real life. Best wishes for the new year Kara #365

  11. Galina V says:

    Sorry to hear about self-isolating. It sucks. Hope you are feeling OK, and don’t have any symptoms. Our homeschooling is more structured as well this term, with two Zoom sessions every day. I think it helps children’s well-being to see their class mates and be able to wave to them, and of course, ask teachers any questions and get feedback. The schedule is quite tight, so many tasks to do, there’s hardly any time to do anything else.
    Love your kingfisher photo, a lucky shot indeed! Our elder son cannot wear a mask, but then he doesn’t go anywhere near shops. When I see someone in the supermarket not wearing a mask, my first thought is that they might have special needs/condition which prevents them from wearing it, but of course, some people just claim they are exempt, which doesn’t help the genuine cases. Big hugs!

  12. Kim Carberry says:

    I am glad you have decided to carry on with Project 365. I do like reading about your weeks.
    It sounds like a great walk out on new years day. There’s nothing better than crunching through icy puddles. Well done with the Kingfisher photo.
    It sounds like your kids really do love Lilah and the home learning is going well.
    Ugh! It is frustrating seeing people not wearing masks when they can and taking their whole family shopping.
    Oh no! Having to self isolate. I hope you are feeling OK with no symptoms x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Week 1 of #Project365. 1st – 8th January. A photo every day for a year!My Profile

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