Project 365 2021: Week Five

Frustratingly my blog has been down, so I am a bit late posting my Project 365 this week.

I got to see my Mum and Step-Dad who had to travel to Poole for their COVID vaccines, so they stopped by for a brief doorstep visit.

Other than that, the week is no different to the last, with homeschooling, walks and work.

Here is our week:

Sunday 31st January

After four days of work it was nice to have a day off, but sadly the weather wasn’t going to let us get out for a walk.

Eliza made a start on her birthday LEGO – the Harry Potter Astronomy Tower and we enjoyed a day catching up on a few films we wanted to watch.


Monday 1st February

Back to home school and Isaac has finally started having live lessons like Eliza and Sebby, although he only seems to have only one or two per day.

School Work

Monday is also our day for looking after Lilah and when out for a walk we introduced her to the delights of puddle jumping, although she has yet to master the actually jump part.

Puddle Jumping

You are never too old to enjoy a puddle splash and Isaac insisted on riding through the giant puddle numerous times – he did end up with a soggy bottom!!!

Bike Puddle

Tuesday 2nd February

Looking after Lilah means that CBeebies is now a firm feature in our house again, after a 3 year break. It is funny that many of the kids favourites are either still on TV or have been revamped.


Lilah’s particular favourites are Bing Bunny and Teletubbies, as she squeals with excitement when they come on the TV.


On our daily walk, we spotted our first snowdrops of the spring.

Wednesday 3rd February

After home schooling, Eliza finally finished her birthday LEGO.

Astronomy Tower

Thursday 4th February

I have to admit that it is a relief that the kids get to go into school when I am at work.


Eliza and Isaac get on with live lessons with no problem, but trying to keep Sebby engaged is virtually impossible. Now that Eliza has her own laptop, we moved him onto a PC in the hall, but he is worse out there. This week he drew on the door as he was bored!!

At Tesco I am working on putting together some information about how we support our local community, through food donations, fundraising etc. It always amazes me how generous people are to those less fortunate.


Friday 5th February

I changed my shift last minute to help cover some absence at work and worked a late shift, which made a nice change. I also got to help Isaac build his own microscope, which he was struggling with.


It was strangely busy for an evening shift and we had a few issues, but I like a challenge. Some of the team now have body cams to wear which felt a bit weird, but it was nice to have a bit of added visible protection.

Saturday 6th February

Another work day for me. After last week’s busy Saturday, we were not expecting another, but I did not stop from beginning to end.

We spent a chilled evening watching Masked Singer, trying to figure out who is left. We guessed Morten Harket and Gabrielle correct, but didn’t have a clue about the others. I think Sausage is Sheridan Smith, but having watched the Musicals program, I am not so sure now.

How was your week?

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Five”

  1. Must’ve been lovely to see your parents for a door step visit. Lovely sunny day when the kids went off to school, it’s good they are able to go while you work. No idea why supermarkets are so busy, guess people still think it’s a day out and something to do, hope you’re not getting any abuse from difficult customers.

  2. So lovely to see Lilah enjoying the puddles haha.. the lego looks lovely..the microscope does look like a lot of work…cbeebies and the kid’s tv routine – in my house the second round of baby tv is going on

  3. Oh yes, the delights of jumping in the puddles! Lilah looks so pleased to be in the puddle.
    Fab Lego set! Teletubbies, that’s a blast from the past. My older one used to watch them, but Eddie for some reason was never interested in them, I think he liked Baby Jake which also got on my nerves with his songs. πŸ™‚
    Lovely that you were able to see your parents, even if across the doorstep.

  4. My blog was also down – so frustrating… especially when it was something to do with the host. We don’t have live lessons here at all so I feel your pain but then I don’t think they work when they are little. Poor Sebby and sorry about the door! Wow that’s an amazing amount of meals. But worrying that you need to wear bodycams at work! The lego is amazing

  5. I am tempted to have a go at some of my Lego this half term πŸ™‚ I miss CBeebies as Zach watches things with the older two rather than things for his age range. We’ve had no live lessons at all as it isn’t a requirement, do you think it improves motivation? #project365

  6. Your family really do love water! I love the lego, I wish I had a bigger house so I can get so to display. At 10 my son is still very much into CBeebies. He is desperate to get to CBeebies Land and stay in an In The Night Garden Room. Body cams at work! I hope there have been no serious issues #365

  7. How lovely you got to see your mum & step dad.
    Jumping in puddles is so much fun, for any age!
    I think my days are done with cbeebies but I am tempted to go and have a look what’s shown on their now.
    That Lego set is fantastic. I love it! x

  8. That lego is seriously cool! Puddle jumping/riding looks like messy fun as well, she will soon have the hang of it.

    My 13 year old and I were talking kids TV the other day and the ‘classics’ as he called them!! 13!!!!


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