Project 365 2021: Week Eighteen


Not much to report this week.

We thought Bank Holiday would be busy, but the weather wasn’t playing ball so most people stayed at home.

Infection rates continue to fall in England, Wales and Scotland and remained level in Northern Ireland. The government have decided not to give the Oxford vaccine to under 40’s now because of the risk of blood clots. I have my second one next week, but apparently the risk is less with a second dose.

Here is our week:

Sunday 2nd May

I did an overtime shift at Tesco and my husband stayed home with the kids as the weather was awful.

Sebby is costing the tooth fairy at fortune at the moment and lost his last remaining front tooth whilst eating an apple – he has a proper gappy smile now!!

Monday 3rd May

Bank Holiday Monday so the kids were off school and I didn’t have Lilah as Abbey was off visiting her Dad for his birthday. My husband was working a half day, so we had plans to go out when he got home, but the Bank Holiday traffic was so bad it was too late by the time he was home.

Sebby had his swimming lesson in the evening and I actually got to watch him swim – it’s great to see his progress, although he is nowhere near where Isaac and Eliza were at his age because he has lost almost a year of swimming.

We are practising front crawl arms at home now.

Tuesday 4th May

I moved my Tesco hours this week to help cover absence, so it was a work day for me and the kids were booked into after-school club, which they really enjoyed.

My husband is still working in Weymouth and he stopped to take this gorgeous picture when he left work.

Wednesday 5th May

Another work day for me with pre-school in the morning and then straight to Tesco.

I made it just into the store when the heavens opened, with giant hail stones.

Thursday 6th May

As I was day off I made the most of being child free and headed out to see a friend. Her cat, Theo, is obviously not used to visitors anymore and stood guard – I think she was secretly waiting for cake.

Friday 7th May

Haircut day!!!

It has been 6 months since my hair was last cut and it needed it. Unfortunately, they couldn’t fit me in for highlights, but having new hair feels wonderful.

The plan was to walk and find a new Bluebell wood in the afternoon, but my husband changed plans and we ended up a Poole Harbour – lets just say my new hair was blown all over the place.

As it was low tide, we walked out as far as we could for a different perspective.

Saturday 8th May

Back to work for me and I had a busy day. My only photo was of the food bank, it always amazes me how generous our customers are.

The baskets get emptied twice a week by the foodbank and I always have to empty them again over the weekend.

How was your week?

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Eighteen

  1. Love the hair. The tooth fairy hasn’t stopped visiting us in lockdown. It was getting quite interesting finding payments. It is great to know people are willing to donate to the food bank #365
    Jane – Our Little Escapades recently posted…Project 365 2021 Week 19 Day’s 128-134My Profile

  2. Love the new haircut it looks really good on you. Hope it survived the trip to Poole Harbour. I am so fed up with the bad weather, I need to man up and stop being a fair-weather gardener. Very generous food bank and good to see in these difficult times.
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…Review – Beside the Sea Holiday CottagesMy Profile

  3. Issy joslin says:

    We had a pretty quiet week too. Can’t wait for the weather to finally warm up so we can make some plans. Love that beach shot, so pretty.
    Issy joslin recently posted…Summer Clothes Haul 2021 From a Middle Aged Mum That Cannot Do BaggyMy Profile

  4. Lovely to watch Sebby swim. It’s been hard for them losing almost a year of lessons – Sophie’s been affected by that too. Glad you managed to get into work just before the giant hailstones. Lovely to get your haircut – it looks good. #project365


    It’s great to hear the food donations are coming in thick and fast. There are so many needing extra help at the moment.

  6. Kim Carberry says:

    hehehe! Sebby looks very happy with his gappy smile and it sounds sounds like his swimming lessons are going well.
    It sounds like a busy week.
    Your new hair looks fab. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Hearty Vegetable Crumble – Recipe! #NationalVegetarianWeekMy Profile

  7. Sabina Green says:

    It really was typical bank holiday weather. Your hair is looking great, it is such a treat to finally be able to have our hair done.

  8. I have to self isolate this week so couldn’t go to my hair cut appointment after waiting sooooo long! 🙁 The weather so far in May has been a bit weird, I need some sun! #project365
    loopyloulaura recently posted…#ParentPower blog linky 19My Profile

  9. It’s been wonderful to be able to get our hair done again hasn’t it. Sorry that you got a bit windswept after yours – the weather has been hideous at times hasn’t it #365

  10. I love your hair! I know it will be a long time before life is normal, but I am glad you are taking time to cherish the little things

  11. Chickenruby says:

    Love your new hair style, shame it got blown out of place so soon. That weather is just mad, the hail stones are huge, I can see them in the photo. Glad the kids are enjoying their after school activities

  12. Emma T says:

    I can’t wait to have my hair appointment. I’ve still got another month to wait. I don’t know how people with long hair live near the coast. My hair would permanently look a wreck and be a birds nest of tangles.

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