Project 365 2020 Week 52 – COVID Lockdown Week 41

It is the final week of the year and in typical 2020 style we end it in Tier 4 lockdown where we live due to escalating cases.

The relaxation of Christmas rules has been reduced from five days to one day, which is a shame, but with a new highly contagious variant in the country, I understand the reasons why.

Sunday 20th December

The countdown to Christmas is officially on and the fun at work continues, meanwhile, the kids are at the point where they are ready to burst with excitement, which ends up with them bickering for most of the day.


Sebby’s obsession with Baby Yoda, now called Grogu, continues and he was delighted when Daddy found an app that could magic him into the room, virtually of course.

Monday 21st December

I am not quite sure I managed it, but this week I am on the 4pm – midnight shift at work as the queue buster, but this gave me the daytime to catch up with housework, present wrapping and deliveries. The morning involved me heading to my Mum’s house and due to a road closure, I took a detour. I knew a place called Shitterton existed in Dorset, but had never seen it, so had to stop and take a picture.


Quite an apt name for the year we have had, don’t you think?

Work was busy during the late afternoon and early evening, but was quiet by 10pm.

Tuesday 22nd December

Jupiter and Saturn aligned for the Great Conjunction in the sky overnight, so we woke to find the elves doing some star gazing and Santa tracking as he completed his test flights ready for the big day.


During the day, I caught up with my review of a series of games from Exploding Kittens which we found lots of fun.

Burrito game

Sebby is a bit of a demon with them! During the evening at work, Santa took some time off from his time trials to pay us a visit, much to the delight of the staff and families shopping.


Wednesday 23rd December

The weather was miserable today and I have to admit that I was feeling sad that it was not going to be a traditional Christmas for us, but when I glanced out the window I caught sight of a beautiful rainbow which reminded me that there are better things to come.


More reviews caught up with during the morning and back to work by the afternoon.

Baby born bath

Traditionally the 23rd December is always the busiest in the supermarket and we had run out of turkey’s by lunchtime, but most people have been spreading out their shopping this year, so although we had a few queues during the day it wasn’t rammed. I did chuckle whenI saw our first delivery of Easter Eggs in the warehouse and whilst we were quiet in the evening, we had some final fun with the elves before they headed home.


Thursday 24th December

The kids woke very excited to find the Elves had left them Christmas Eve boxes with a few presents inside and at 11.30am a strange message appeared on our TV.

Elf & Owl

The TV take over lasted for about 5 minutes and they all sat transfixed as they listened to the story of the elf and the owl, which finished with them learning how to do a special knock on the door, which would result in an elf from Mad4Animals appearing.


They performed the special knock on the front door and the elf and owl appeared ………..


The elf and the owl spent ages chatting to the kids about Christmas and what they had asked for, plus they all got to stroke the Owl.

Elf and Owl

It was a lovely treat for them, as all local events have been cancelled.

Tok Mad4Animals

They posed for a few more pictures before he left and then decided to dress up themselves, before I headed into work.

Isaac and Eliza

I was home by 7.30pm, so we all snuggled on the sofa to watch Polar Express in their new onesies before settling down to sleep.


Friday 25th December

A very respectable 7.15am wake up call here, so cannot grumble and all the kids were very happy with their haul from Santa, despite trying to change their order at the last minute.

Baby Yoda

Although we couldn’t see extended family like we normally do, all the kids were home for Christmas and we had a lovely day, unwrapping presents and playing silly games.


In fact, the clingfilm ball game will be becoming a new family tradition!!


Saturday 26th December

On Boxing Day we headed to the beach for a blustery walk before Storm Bella hit. Of course, Baby Yoda had to come along too.

Baby Yoda Beach

My husband treated us to a special hot chocolate in Bournemouth Gardens – the kids had Salted Caramel and we had Reece’s Pieces – YUM!!

Hot chocolate

We normally see family on Boxing Day, so I organised a family Zoom quiz which was great fun, despite me losing! Well done Abbey, Paul and Sue who were the winners of the night.


Sunday 27th December

After two days off it was back to work for me, but the kids stayed home with Daddy and chilled out, playing games. Sebby still hasn’t let his new teddy leave his side!!


Monday 28th December

Another day of work for me. The kids made a start on their Christmas LEGO, with Isaac finishing his first.


Tuesday 29th December

I had a strong feeling we were heading back into a full lockdown and with the kids Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets, we decided to head into Bournemouth.


Thankfully it was not busy and they all got everything they wanted. Isaac, at 12, is starting to get interested in what he wears and spent his money on a pair of trainers, which he proudly set up and took photo’s of when he got home. I ended up buying a second pair as we discovered he had gone up a whole shoe size!


Wednesday 30th December

Isaac was itching to try out his new trainers, so we headed out to do a Pokemon Go walk around the neighbourhood.

Sebby Jumper

I have to admit that it was lovely to have a couple of days off together to really relax, after the busyness of the run up to Christmas.


By 5pm, Boris was back on the TV confirming that most of the country would be back under Tier 3 and Tier 4 restrictions from midnight. We are Tier 4, which means everything is locked down…….again.

Thursday 31st December

Working in a supermarket, we are open as normal. The day started quietly, but by 11am our shop was full and we didn’t stop until we closed. It was actually busier than Christmas, probably because everyone’s New Year plans had been cancelled.


Our plan had been to order a Chinese takeaway as a treat, but as all the restaurants were closed now, everyone else had the same idea. Thankfully, although it took two hours to arrive, we managed to find one and then celebrated the New Year with sparklers in the garden and glow stick dances in the lounge.


Wishing my readers a very Happy and Healthy New Year. We know it isn’t going to start well, but things can only improve.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 52 – COVID Lockdown Week 41”

  1. Sounds like a lovely relaxing build up to Christmas and love the Elf and the Owl visit, looks like the kids enjoyed the dressing up afterwards as well. The glow sticks are fab. Happy New Year to you all.

  2. Love the photo of Seb with baby Yoda. That app sounds like fun. Amazing to have a visit from the elf and the owl – what a lovely treat. Glad you had a nice Christmas in spite of the restrictions. We had a 7.15am wake-up too – that’s pretty much a lie-in on Christmas Day! Love the photo of the glow stick dance, what a fun idea. Happy new year to you all. #project365

  3. Lol, those glowsticks are great. Love the idea of the owl visit, it’s great that alternative options have set up when they would otherwise have lost jobs at the moment. Happy new year

  4. It looks like you have a fantastic Christmas.
    I think I need to find that Baby Yoda app for my youngest. She is obsessed too!
    What a cool looking Santa on his motorbike.
    Oh wow! The elf & the owl! What an exciting surprise for the kids.
    I am glad you got a Chinese takeaway for New Years Eve. We had one too. Wishing you all the best for 2021 x

  5. Happy Christmas and New Year. Sounds like a very busy run up with all the work. Glad you all had a lovely day and baby yoda is very cute! We are also in tier 4 and wondering what will happen with schools. Love the glow stick photo!


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