Project 365 2020 Week 51 – COVID Lockdown Week 40


The kids are winding down to breaking up for Christmas this week and its safe to say that excitement levels are building, so we are trying to keep things as normal for them as possible,

Apparently there is a new COVID19 variant of the virus which has a better ability to lock onto it’s target. The areas of London, the South East and the East which are heavily affected by the new strain will move to Tier 4 (the same as the lockdown in November).

I think a new national lockdown is coming after Christmas and although I expected it to happen, just not quite so soon.

Here is our week:

Sunday 13th December

Work is taking over my life at the moment, but I am responsible for Christmas fun activities, so at least its enjoyable going to work.

Our elves are getting naughtier by the day and the kids always look forward to discovering what they have been up to overnight. Today they were photocopying each other!


Monday 14th December

We are busy making Christmas bags with the kids at pre-school and like my own children, they love it when the preschool elf gets up to mischief. We always have breakfast at school, so I made Elfis Haribo on toast – the kids thought it was brilliant!!

My only picture today was again our own elf pics and tonight they decided to take selfies on the kids phones whilst they were asleep.


Tuesday 15th December

After work at preschool today, we headed to the supermarket to finish off the Christmas shopping before the mad rush next week. Kian came to help and we met Abbey and Lilah there, as they are all coming to me for Christmas this year.

Lilah Trolley

I don’t think my shopping has ever come to so much, but thanks to my staff discount, Clubcard deals, money-off coupons and my Clubcard vouchers I almost halved the total. I have always saved them for Christmas and it makes such a difference.

Wednesday 16th December

I am looking forward to a break from doing the school run, but today we were treated to the most magnificent sky as we left the house.


After work, I headed to Smyths in a last ditch attempt to find Isaac the XBox Series X, with no luck. They told me that they are not expecting stock until February now, so I bought him something else and then headed to cheer myself up with a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte before picking Isaac up from school.


Thursday 17th December

It’s Boris’ Christmas announcement day and we were pleasantly surprised. We are allowed to mix with three other bubbles, so it means that it is OK for Callan and Abbey to both come home for Christmas.


Isaac had Christmas jumper day at school and finished at 1pm, so my husband picked him up as I was at work. In the evening, Kian introduced us to the game “Exploding Kittens”, which is a bit like UNO and lots of fun.

Exploding Kittens

Another day and its yet another elf antics picture.

Dad Farted

Friday 18th December

In the morning we had breakfast and Secret Santa Day with my colleagues at the preschool. I was given a woolly hat, gloves and a lovely pair of silver earrings.

Sadly, I had to dash from there to work at Tesco, but it was a good day as I proudly handed over 300 toys that we have been collecting for underprivileged local children.

I have been moving elves around at the shop too, for kids to spot – I think this one is planning something messy!!

Elf Tesco

Eliza and Sebby had their Christmas jumper days, their class party and even watched a pantomime in their classrooms.

Of course my other photo of the day is another elf picture, they really are cheeky this year!!

Elves toilet roll

Saturday 19th December

A day that we all want to forget in a hurry. It started well, with the kids squealing that the elves were sledging down the stairs on candycanes.

Elf sleigh

It was another day of work, but I was looking forward to it as it’s fancy dress day. I wore my Christmas tree outfit, but found it too tricky to work in, so finished the day as an elf.

Christmas Tree

A knot of dread hit when my watched pinged to say that Boris was holding a press conference later in the day. Apparently a new strain of the virus has been discovered and it is more “catchy”.

Because of this, across all of England, Scotland and Wales the Christmas relaxation has been reduced to Christmas Day only and a new stricter Tier 4 has been created, which is basically like national lockdown. Thankfully we are still in tier 2, so it doesn’t affect our Christmas plans to much, I am just hoping that Callan is allowed to travel, but it shouldn’t be a problem as they are Tier 2 aswell.

How has your week been?

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13 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 51 – COVID Lockdown Week 40

  1. Love the elf antics this week especially the ‘elfies’. We live right on the Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire border could stand on one side of the river but not travel over it into tier 4 for a few days (of course we are all now tier 4…) #project366

  2. Clare Minall says:

    Ha ha I love the Christmas Tree outfit! Our elves have also been up to mischief I am not sure that the boys are ready for them to leave! Glad you can still have your celebrations on Christmas day and hope you had a lovely time. We were tier 2 and have gone straight into their 4 on Boxing Day.
    Clare Minall recently posted…National Online Safety App ReviewMy Profile

  3. chickenruby says:

    Loving the elves antics, great you’re continuing the theme at work, what did the kids think of their elfies? Well done saving all the coupons for christmas, it does make a huge difference to the cost. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas

  4. Our week has been awful – we have moved into tier 4 now. I am hoping that despite everything going on, we will still manage to have a good Christmas.

  5. Emma tustan says:

    Great tree costume! Love Eliza’s elf hat. Good going on the toys redistribution at work. Hope you all have a good Christmas

  6. Anosa says:

    Your elves have been absolutely busy it seems, at least some good in the current national lockdown.
    Anosa recently posted…3 Big Money Lessons I Learned the Hard WayMy Profile

  7. Rachel says:

    The elves photocopying themselves made me cackle, I’m loving seeing what all the mischief they’ve got up to is about on my social media x

  8. I love the elves photocopying each other; that made me chuckle as did the selfie pics. What a stunning sunrise. Sorry to hear that you didn’t manage to find an XBox Series X for Isaac. I’m glad that your Christmas plans haven’t been affected by the announcement. We went from Tier 2 to Tier 4 in three days which means we can’t go to Coombe Mill now for Christmas and will have to spend our first Christmas at home without Jessica, which is going to be hard. Hope you all have a good Christmas though #project366

  9. Jenni says:

    Gosh your elves have been busy haha. We haven’t done much, apart from the school run, we have been staying in. Hoping next year is a bit more normal

  10. Rhian Westbury says:

    My week has been pretty mixed as I’m now in a tier 4 area so it’s massively changed our Christmas plans, but I can’t do anything about it and have to look at the positives. It looks like your elves have been very busy this week x

  11. Claire says:

    It’s so rubbish isn’t it? It looks like you’ve had a good week though.

    I hope you have a magical Christmas x. X

  12. Kim Carberry says:

    I thought there’d be a national lockdown in January but I can see it happening before the new year. Eek!
    hehehe! The antics your elves have been getting up to did make me chuckle.
    Even though I didn’t shop with Tesco this year as much as I usually do my clubcard points did add up and I saved them all for the Christmas shop. I ended getting neary £40 off my shop.
    Oh no! That is a shame you never managed to get the new xbox. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Decorating their gingerbread houses & a little hair dye. #MySundayPhotoMy Profile

  13. Di says:

    Crazy to think 10 months later we’re still in this mess. Things are similar here in the US. Looks like the elves have been up to trouble. Love the idea for phone selfies!!!

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