Project 365 2020 Week 47 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 36

The second week of a full lockdown and apart from some changes to my husband’s work, it still doesn’t feel any different.

Cases of coronavirus seem to be levelling off, but the papers of full of stories that hospitals are struggling with the volume of patients infected.

It has been a busy week for us with appointments to attend, but I like having my evenings back and we have watched the entire season 4 of The Crown and are loving I’m A Celebrity now it is back. We are rooting for Jordan to win.

Here is our week:

Sunday 15th November

I am on my second week without a day off work now, so my photo stream is almost empty and my blog work is stacking up. Thankfully Sunday is a short day, so I caught up with a review of some Playmobil Advent Calendars that the kids were sent to review.

Christmas jumper

I found it really tough as I didn’t want to spoil all the surprises, but thankfully the kids seem ok, as long as they get a chocolate one too.

Monday 16th November

My husband had an upset stomach over the weekend and this morning Eliza woke up and complained of tummy ache. She went to school, happy that it was “Odd Socks Day” for anti-bullying day, but they phoned me at work at lunchtime to say she was feeling worse, so I picked her up.

Odd Socks

I had an eye test booked for the afternoon and Eliza seemed to have perked up, so we arranged to meet Abbey who would watch her whilst my eyes were checked.


Sadly, my years are catching up on me now and I need glasses for close up work but my eyes are healthy. We picked up some Christmas presents whilst we were there and then went for a coffee to kill time before we picked Isaac up from school.


Eliza was well enough for a hot chocolate, of course and we enjoyed our take-away coffee in the carpark, chatting through the car windows.


Once I had collected Isaac and Sebby from school, I had another appointment at the hospital for a medication check from my arthritis.

Christchurch Hospital

I have never seen it so quiet and was seen almost immediately. Sadly, it seems my current medication isn’t doing what it should be, so they are changing it up. I also had a steroid injection (ouch) to take away some of the joint swelling.

Tuesday 17th November

After Eliza’s rapid recovery the day before, she tried to feign illness again, but I sent her off to school, where she stayed for the whole day, whilst I went to work.

Costa Coffee

Isaac was miffed that he didn’t get a hot chocolate the day before, so I surprised him with one when I picked him up from school. I had wanted a Terry’s Chocolate Orange one yesterday, but they had run out. Thankfully, today they were back in, but I was disappointed, it doesn’t taste of chocolate orange.

Wednesday 18th November

My husband’s work are really messing him around at the moment. First they were open, then it was appointment only and now customers can only purchase over the phone / online. All of his staff are now on furlough and he is expected to work 5.5 days and stay in the shop on his own. It is really hard seeing him so frustrated by it all, but at least it is a wage coming in I suppose.


My only photo’s today are of a couple of giveaways I have launched this week.

Thursday 19th November

After the beginning of the week at pre-school, it was back to Tesco for me, where we launched a weekend of food bank collection for The Trussell Trust and Fareshare, so I had to get the POS together and put it all up.


I also had a meeting with my manager about my Christmas hours – it still feels so far away, but in reality it is only 5 weeks to go!

Friday 20th November

Another Tesco day for me and we had our traffic light system installed, so I was managing queues for a couple of hours, which was challenging. The jury is still out as to whether customers like it, but it does make it easier to keep track of the number of people in store.

Silly String

In the evening I caught up with another review and ended up with silly string EVERYWHERE!!!!

Saturday 21st November

It has been three weeks since my last day off, but I am looking forward to one tomorrow. Abbey looked after the kids for me and they enjoyed making a Merry Christmas sign for me to put up at work, as well as a spot of dressing up for an instagram post for Abbey’s account.


Abbey has followed in my footsteps and become an “influencer”, although rather than blog, she has her instagram page:

How has your week been?

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16 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 47 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 36”

  1. The rate of cases coming here is increasing a lot. Everyone’s watching The Crown these days. Aww I hope their tummies got better. Odd Socks day sounds cool. Lilah is so cute!! A cup of hot chocolate and coffee does wonders. Hawww, you caught Eliza at her game. Must be a hassle dealing with the same number of customers but for longer due to orders being made online. Silly string looks so cool! Aww congrats Abbey, good luck in your endeavors

  2. I am struggling to find photos as I’m at work for 7 hours a day, then collapse when I get home! Plus we are not out and about much at the weekend due to lockdown and not doing much shopping. Good luck to Abbey on IG! #project366

  3. I am not sure if I could do three weeks without a day off, so well done you. The traffic light system is in ours too and it seems to work so much better. Sorry to hear the chocolate orange was disappointing, I do love chocolate orange so would have opted for that too. Sorry to hear your husbands work is being difficult, hope it resolves itself soon.

  4. What a busy week for you. I normally love Christmas and look forward to it for ages, but, this year I’m well out of sorts (thanks COVID) but I reckon it’ll all be fine once I get my head around everything.

  5. We’ve got a couple of Playmobil advent calendars this year – one was a review one but was for Thomas so I’ve packed it away again in the hope that he’ll have forgotten and be fine with reopening it (he does have a chocolate one too!) Glad Eliza was feeling better and hope that the change in medication helps with your arthritis. The traffic light system sounds a good idea for managing people in the stores. Love the photo of the kids dressed up. #project366

  6. Hard going when you don’t get a day off and have other things to do and a family as well.
    Love the wee ones red dress, stunning, and the older two look great in their outfit as well, the helmet beats a mask,
    Great that your daughter is finding her own niche for sharing things

  7. What a busy week, I hope everyone is feeling well now. Work is difficult now for us too, my husband was working days and now nights which is a big change for us.

  8. Glad your hospital appointment went well and it was quiet for you meaning you were in and out quickly, love the coffee car park meet up. I’m not a fan of flavoured coffees, never tastes as I expect or hope for

  9. I keep reading the stories about hospitals being full of Coronavirus patients and it is such a worry.
    It sounds like you are busy with work and lots of appointments. I’m glad they all went well.
    Lovely photos. x

  10. Looks like a full on week for you! Wearing glasses is something not comfortable but I am sure you will get used to it. I wear one too but only at night or when reading. Glad you managed to review the Playmobil Advent Calendars, looks like a great advent calendar for kids

  11. Hope the new meds for your arthritis will work better. Sorry to hear that your DH is frustrated with his job. Lilah in the red dress looks very regal.
    We had one of Playmobil advent calendars a couple of years ago, it was fun, but this year Eddie wanted Lego Star Wars. There should be a very cute Darth Vader in a Christmas jumper.
    I haven’t tried any of the new festive hot chocolate flavours in Costa, though typically I find them way too sweet. I have to ask them to half the amount of syrup.


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