Project 365 2020 Week 45 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 34

Isaac Sparkler

On Saturday 31st October, Boris Johnson announced that we were going back into a national lockdown from Thursday 5th November, as COVID-19 case numbers are rising rapidly across the whole of the UK and in other countries.

The difference between this lockdown and the previous one is that the kids will still be able to attend school / university but the rest of the community will reduce our day-to-day contact with other people, reducing the spread of the infection.

Here is our week:

Sunday 1st November

After a week off for half term it was back to work for me. Eliza was excited about staying at Nanny’s house overnight and sent us pictures of her favourite meal – roast dinner!!

Roast Dinner

Eliza also made cakes and brought some home for us all to enjoy.


Monday 2nd November

Isaac was less than impressed that he was back to school today after 2 weeks off, whilst Eliza and Sebastian had an inset day.

I made the most of a sunny day and got the washing out on the line, whilst reviewing some ACE Ultra for Whites and in the evening, we headed out for Sebby and Eliza’s swimming lessons, hoping they wouldn’t be the last for the month.


Tuesday 3rd November

Back to school for Eliza, Sebastian and I today. The kids enjoyed playing in the leaves on the way home.

Reima Coat

Wednesday 4th November

Believe it or not, I have not looked after Lilah at all since she arrived last December, due to lockdown. Today, in preparation for Abbey going back to work I had her for a couple of hours whilst Abbey and Paul went to lunch. She was brilliant and didn’t bat an eyelid that Mum and Dad had left her!


It was confirmed today that swimming lessons would not be able to operate once we are back in lockdown tomorrow. I managed to get an extra lesson for Sebby and he learned dolphin kick for the first time and did really well.

Swimming lesson

It was also Eliza’s last swimming lesson for 4 weeks and they celebrated with a fun swim.

Thursday 5th November

We are now officially back in lockdown, although it doesn’t feel like it as the roads are as busy as ever and the kids are still at school. It was also my first day in my new role at Tesco, I am now the Community Champion, looking after fundraising in store and my first job was to sort all the donated food bank goodies.

Isaac Sparkler

We cannot do fireworks in our garden because we have overhanging trees, but we light a small bonfire and enjoy some sparklers.

Eliza Sparkler

Friday 6th November

Today we got an email from the primary school to say that now we are back in lockdown they will be closing at lunchtimes on Friday until 2nd December for deep cleaning – typical as my new role is basically school hours, so I am none too impressed. Why can’t the clean be done at the weekend??

Community Champion

My only picture for today was of me to introduce myself to the team.

Saturday 7th November

Another work day for me, so the kids headed to Abbey’s for the day, where they baked cakes (Kinder chocolate brownies) and headed to the park.

Park Life

As we are now back in lockdown, I was on the door again and most people are not impressed that we are back to restrictions in store.

When I got home I tried to do my 365 post, but couldn’t upload any images to my blog, so all online work was scuppered for the weekend.

How was your week?

14 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 45 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 34

  1. Lucky Eliza, that roast dinner looks scrumptious! I wish someone cooked dinner for me. The Community Champion position sounds very important.
    Love Eliza’s photo with the falling leaves, it’s simply wonderful.

  2. Ooh that roast dinner looks very yummy as do Eliza’s cakes. Love that photo of Eliza playing with the leaves. How lovely that you got to look after Lilah for a while and glad that she wasn’t bothered about being left. #project366
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…Friday Focus 20/11/20 – GentleMy Profile

  3. Emma tustan says:

    How weird about school. Why can’t the cleaners just clean on the Friday evening like normal? Surely it’s not going to be that deep a deep clean. Our school have 1 old lady who does all the cleaning! Plus the office manager does during the day cleaning on major surfaces. Hope the new job role goes well.

  4. That’s madness that the deep clean isn’t being done outside of normal school hours! You look very smart in your Tesco uniform and I c an imagine you being great at that role Kara #366

  5. chickenruby says:

    Congrats on the new job role. I’d hate to be on door duty, I keep forgetting that the staff can’t see me smile, so now I remind myself to say thank you more often rather than eye contact and a smile behind the mask. Guessing school has to have the deep cleaning on a Friday as there were probably no cleaners available on the weekend with all the demand at the moment. The roast dinner looks really yummy
    chickenruby recently posted…Flying during Lockdown and CovidMy Profile

  6. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh! I do love a roast dinner too. That looks such a good one.
    How lovely that you got to spend some time with Lilah. She really is a cutie.
    It looks like you had fun with the sparklers. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Dipping into the Christmas treats. #MySundayPhotoMy Profile

  7. The meal looks delicious, as well as the cupcakes. Great click of him with all the leaves in the air. Lilah is so grown up and so sweet that she didn’t cry when her parents went away. The sparklers look awesome. You’re looking very smart, Kara. OoOoO brownies.
    Andale Seaworne recently posted…BUBBLE 64 – NAMES IN THE HOLY QURAN (HIGHLIGHTS)My Profile

  8. Jess Howliston says:

    Well done on your new role, it sounds like you have settled in fab and I am sure you will be amazing at it! My two little ones were absolutely gutted about swimming being stopped AGAIN! Especially my son who swims 4+ times a week with a club and had only been back for two weeks since he broke his arm 1 session after they went back from the first lockdown!

    I just hope restrictions can be lifted for Christmas so we can all try and find some kind of normal! xx

  9. That roast dinner looks so nice!!

    To be honest, it doesn’t even feel like we are in another lockdown. the schools are open and most of the shops in my town are still open, and it is really busy around town still.
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Stocking Filler Ideas for Christmas 2020My Profile

  10. Rhian westbury says:

    I think that it’s good kids get some form of normality by still being able to stay at school during lockdown x

  11. Fab pic of you in your uniform and of Eliza playing with the leaves! Good news that you got to look after Lilah too! 🙂
    It’s rubbish that they have to clean the school on a Friday afternoon so have to close early… even worse that they need a staff day (inset day) after a 2 week half term!!! Hope everything is going smoothly this week! Sim x

  12. My week was okay! That doesn’t make sense about the closing at lunchtime for a deep clean – surely they’d do what other schools are doing and stay later on the Friday or get them in at the weekend?

  13. Sarah Bailey says:

    How good does that roast look and those cupcakes – definitely a delicious meal all together. It sounds like you managed to have a nice bonfire night too.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Affordable Methods Of Decorating In The Run Up To ChristmasMy Profile

  14. The role of Community Champion sounds like such an important one. More people than ever need food banks right now.

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