Project 365 2020 Week 42 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 31

Lilah and Sebby

With coronavirus cases still continuing to rise this week, the government has announced that it is introducing Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 systems.

Thankfully, here in Dorset, we are in Tier 1 so nothing is really changing for us, although Isaac’s school has now closed as they have cases of coronavirus in the staff.

We are now on countdown for half term and fingers crossed we can still go away as planned.

Here is our week:

Sunday 11th October

It is lovely to have the weekend off, although today I felt a bit like Mum’s Taxi. Eliza and Isaac were both invited to a birthday party at Laser Quest in the morning and then Isaac went to another at Splashdown in the afternoon.  The weather was too nice to stay in, so I headed out pumpkin picking to our local PYO farm in Sopley, with the Eliza, Sebby, Abbey and Lilah.


It seems like lots of people had the same idea and although the fields were fairly empty when we arrived, there was a huge queue of people waiting to pay for their pumpkins at the farm shop.

Sebby Pumpkins

With the amount of people heading to the fields to get photographs these days, the farm have added a photography area, which I thought was a brilliant idea as it saves the pumpkins getting ruined and allows those that want to pick them, the chance to without being disturbed.

Lilah and Sebby

Despite a dry and sunny forecast, we did get caught out by a heavy shower.  Luckily it passed fairly quickly and we did get a picture of Lilah in her pumpkin outfit before we left.

Lilah Pumpkin

Monday 12th October

It is a busy week work wise for me as I am working in the pre-school in the morning and then Tesco in the afternoon. Luckily, I finished in time to take the kids swimming and I actually got to go inside and watch Sebby’s lesson.

Sebby Swimming

Sebby isn’t as strong a swimmer as Isaac and Eliza, but having only been back at his lessons for 4 weeks after having 5 months off, I was amazed at his progress. We have come away with some exercises to help strengthen his core, but he is doing recognisable swimming strokes now.

Tuesday 13th October

Another day of working at pre-school and Tesco, luckily Abbey has been available to pick the kids up from school for me. I love this picture of Lilah waiting for Nana to come home.

Lilah window

It is lovely seeing the bond developing between the kids and their niece. They all clearly adore each other and Sebby and Eliza will play and read with her for ages.

Lilah Swing

Wednesday 14th October

Another day and the same shifts for me again. My husband took Eliza swimming, so I got to catch up on some blog work in the evening.

I have been using the COVID app to check in to places I visit and have noticed that it is sending different messages now, which are not as ambiguous as they were last week.

Covid app

Thursday 15th October

My husbands day off and late night for me, so we headed out for a breakfast treat, before doing some shopping.


The electrics on my car have been playing up and the lights are not working correctly, so we headed to my MIL house to pick up Kian’s car for me to use whilst mine is being fixed. It started fine, but I could not get it in any gear other than first, so we gave up. The car is 20 years old, so we made the decision to scrap it as Kian never uses it anyway.

Friday 16th October

A full day at Tesco today for me and it was manic!! I think people think we are locking down again. It was another day off for my husband and he caught up with some jobs in the house, including putting up some new fairy lights in Eliza’s den, the theme – Harry Potter of course!!

Eliza Den

I got an email from Isaac’s school in the evening to confirm that two teachers have coronavirus and therefore many of the staff now have to isolate themselves. Because of this, the school will be closed next week, so Isaac is happy that he now has a two-week half term. Safe to say that Eliza and Sebby are none too impressed though.

Saturday 17th October

We had the roof replaced and my mission to get all the things that need fixing in the house continues. This time with our front gate.

New Gate

We headed out this afternoon to Winchester Science Centre to see their new new immersive sound and hearing exhibition – the kids are most excited about the 10m long playable guitar!


How has your week been?

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10 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 42 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 31

  1. The pumpkin farm looks awesome, I’d love to go there! Very good to make a separate photography spot so the pumpkins don’t get destroyed. Lilah looks adorable! Aww I miss swimming. That picture of the kids with the swings is so cute!! The app seems helpful. That guitar looks so cool!!
    Andale Seaworne recently posted…Project 366 2020 – WEEK 45My Profile

  2. I’d love to visit a pumpkin patch as we’ve never been before. Lilah looks so cute in her outfit to match! I think that people are waiting for a lockdown announcement every day so are getting anxious and buying extra just in case. #project366
    loopyloulaura recently posted…Ruthless Girl, by Emma TallonMy Profile

  3. chickenruby says:

    No change here either with covid restrictions, I visited a pumpkin patch last week, very quiet. I didn’t stay long as the dog was more interested in the wildlife. Love the giant guitar

  4. Good idea having a photography area for the pumpkin picking. We’ve never been to pick pumpkins but it looks like fun. Lilah looks so cute in her pumpkin outfit. Love the photo of her with the kids at the park. That exhibition in the Winchester Science Centre looks like a lot of fun – love the giant guitar! #project366

  5. Erica Hughes says:

    Great pumpkin pictures! Sounds like you are being kept busy with working two jobs and getting stuff done to the house.
    Erica Hughes recently posted…Week 42 of 2020My Profile

  6. Sounds like a busy week workwise. Sorry to hear about the covid cases at school hopefully the two weeks off will sort it out. We are also Harry Potter mad here as well love the idea of a snug. Hope you get away for half term and have a wonderful break x
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…24 Harry Potter Advent Activities for KidsMy Profile

  7. Nightmare about Isaac’s school, I’m dreading that happening here. Love the pumpkin patch shots – something we’ve never done #366

  8. Fozia S says:

    We are in tier 1 too so not much has changed. Probably be in tier 2 soon.

    Loving the pumpkin pictures! So cute!
    Fozia S recently posted…Baking with Children with a Nadiya Hussain Baking SetMy Profile

  9. Kim Carberry says:

    There isn’t much changing for us either. We’re still in tier one.
    We’re planning on going pumpkin picking next week.
    What lovely photos. It looks like a great week x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Week 42 of #Project366 – A photo every day for a year!My Profile

  10. Emma T says:

    That long guitar looks brilliant. N would love that too. Well done Sebby on his swimming lessons. It always amazes me how they suddenly progress, before having a long plateau again. Snap on car trouble this week. Electrics on mine played up, but loose wire in the end. Hope yours gets fixed ok

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