Project 365 2020 Week 32 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 21

There is nothing really to report this week, other than all those that were previously shielding are now able to leave the home.

All the additional local lockdown’s appear to be a lot farther north, although we do seem to have a lot of holidaymakers from those areas visiting at the moment, so we are still being careful and wearing masks in all indoor locations.

Here is our week:

Sunday 2nd August

With my husband and I juggling our working patterns, it is rare for us to have a day off together. We made the most of it and headed to see the LEGO Supersized event at Marwell Zoo.

Sebby Marwell

The kids really enjoyed seeing the animals and the brick models which have been SUPERSIZED to eye-popping proportions and include a three-metre tarantula and a towering red spitting cobra.

Eliza Marwell

We were really impressed with their social distancing measures, although the zoo did feel busy and we did avoid the crowded areas.


We enjoyed a barbecue when we got home and got to sample the corn on the cob that we picked at the farm the day before.

Corn on the Cob

Monday 3rd August

Today we headed up the road to see Sebby’s godparents, who have been shielding for the last few months.


Tracie makes teddy bears, but during the pandemic she has turned her hand to making masks and other PPE for key workers. Sebby was over the moon with his “Baby Yoda” mask.

Baby Yoda Mask

Tracie is selling them over on her facebook page, for a donation and will be sponsoring a guide dog for the blind and a hearing dog with the profits. Find out more at


The kids were tasked with helping build a train track, which they thoroughly enjoyed and we have scheduled in regular visits to help build the scenery.

Tuesday 4th August

Another day out, but this time we headed to Weymouth Sea Life Centre to make use of our annual pass.

Sea Horse

Although, like Marwell, they have restrictions in place, it did feel too busy and many other visitors were not following their social distancing rules, which spoiled the day somewhat.

Weymouth Sea Life

Wednesday 5th August

I caught up with some blog reviews in the morning with Sebby and then it was off to work for me in the afternoon.

So Sand DIY kit

Work felt really quiet, although we are expecting it to pick up at the weekend as the weather is predicted to be glorious.

Thursday 6th August

My husband was miffed that Sebby got a Baby Yoda mask, so Tracy made him one do and he proudly wore it whilst out shopping.

Hubby Yoda Mask

I tend to shop in Tesco more now as I am working there, so I did feel a bit guilty about heading to Asda – is that weird?

Friday 7th August

It is meltingly hot today, but luckily I got to keep cool at work – the freezer aisle is particularly nice on a day like this!

Lazee spa

The kids got to enjoy a day with Daddy, with Eliza enjoying both the lazy spa and a swimming lesson.

Saturday 8th August

With the weather dragging everyone to Bournemouth, we decided to head in the opposite direction and met Callan in Littlehampton.


We walked around the harbour and played some Pokemon Go and then headed to the arcade to try our hand at some games. Callan and Isaac managed to hit the jackpot and won over 1000 tickets.

Ice Cream

Callan and Chelsea bought us all ice cream. We order medium, expecting Bournemouth sizes, but these were huge and not too expensive either!!

Family pic

It was a lovely day and thankfully all the traffic was going the opposite way.

How has your week been?

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13 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 32 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 21”

  1. Awww they have matching masks that’s so cute! I know what you mean about shopping in a different store to the one you work in. I use to work in Tesco and Waitrose and was very loyal during the time I was working there! Also loved that we got the reductions on the late night shifts!

  2. Woah, those Lego models look great! Lovely rhino. I love corn on the cob (we call it chhalli here)!. The Baby Yoda mask is adorable (I understand how your husband felt 😛 ). It looks like a fun yet uncomfortable day at Sea Life Centre. Woah, great job getting the jackpot!

  3. It sounds and looks a lovely week, I love visiting aquariums, those ice creams look giant, love the baby yoda masks and I understand what you mean about not shopping in Asda now you work in Tesco

  4. Looks like the trip to Littlehampton was a success. That ice cream looks great – I’ve missed having lots of ice creams on days out!
    Shame the social distancing and numbers at attractions feels too high. Maybe the numbers are much lower but we on’t notice it as much usually because we’re not thinking about other people and space all the time. It’s like when you get a new car, that’s the make you always seem to see on the roads

  5. It sounds like a good day out at Marwell Zoo. Those brick models look fantastic.
    That Baby Yoda mask is so cute. Well done your friend.
    The photo of the seahorses is amazing. That is rotten some people ruined the day by not social distancing.
    Ohh! What a treat to be working in the freezer aisle on a hot day.
    That ice cream is HUGE! x


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