Project 365 2020 Week 28 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 17

Beach Huts

I am not sure whether to title my posts lockdown anymore, as it really does feel like everything is almost back to normal.

At work they took away all the floor arrows, the one way system and the queuing system. We are still manning the door and counting people in and out but we have upped the number of people allowed in the shop.

Elsewhere, restaurants and pubs are now open along with beauty salons and hairdressers. It was announced that swimming pools and gyms can open from 25th July, so the kids are looking forward to re-starting swimming and Kian is hoping he can return to work at Splashdown.

This is what we have been up to this week.

Sunday 5th July

Yet another birthday – this time my husbands!! I booked to take him and the kids kayaking out to Old Harry Rocks in Studland but sadly the weather didn’t play ball and it had to be postponed.


We headed out for walk from Steamer Point to Mudeford and back. It was a bit breezy, but at least it was dry.

Beach Huts

The kids insisted on walking along the wall, just like I did when I was their age. I did have kittens about them falling off like I did as a child, luckily Kian was on hand to provide assistance.


We finished our walk off with an ice cream treat.

Monday 6th July

My husband started his new job and the kids were in school meaning that I almost had the house to myself – Kian was home but he doesn’t normally appear out of his room until lunchtime. I have been sent lots of old pictures of my grandparents on my Dad’s side throughout lockdown, but have not got any from my Mums side, so I was very excited to receive a fabulous photo of my Grandpa with my mum as a baby.


Isaac came out of school so excited about what he had learned and insisted I buy him a red cabbage so that he could do the alkaline / acid experiment, although he still hasn’t done it……….

Tuesday 7th July

My pre-school work day. It feels really strange to think that we break up next week. We have only just gone back!


We have a sunken bowl in the garden for wildlife and we found a toad chilling in it today.

Wednesday 8th July

A momentous day in our house. The boys had hair appointments…….well two, out of four. Kian took first dibs and took Sebby with him as you can only go in the salon two at a time. Sebby did so well wearing his special mask.


Both boys were very relieved to have shorter, more comfortable hair.

Hair Cut

I did a full day at Tesco and we had mixed reactions from customers to the changes. Most were relieved they could shop like they used to, but some preferred our distancing measures and felt it was too soon to take them away.

Thursday 9th July

Our 15th wedding anniversary. Sadly my husband had to work but I had the day off, so I cooked roast lamb for dinner and treated us to a bottle of bubbly to celebrate once the kids had gone to bed.

Wedding photo

We didn’t bother with presents but I rescued some lily’s from work and they rewarded me but coming back to life.


Friday 10th July

Abbey came round with Lilah, who was proudly showing two brand new teeth and went for a walk on the heath.

Abbey and Lilah

We have been really lucky with spotting wildlife here. Last time we spotted an adder, although I wasn’t quick enough to catch it on camera. Today we found a slow worm.

Slow Worm

Best of all, I had my first cuddle with her since March!! She lapped up all the attention, and finds Kian particularly amusing!!

Kian and Lilah

It was Isaac’s turn to get his hair cut today and although he has had it cut short on the sides, he has decided to change the style and kept it a bit longer on top.

Isaac Hair

Saturday 11th July

My Saturday shifts have moved from the evening to the daytime so its much busier. When I got home we headed out to Poole as Eliza needed to get her friend a birthday present. The shops were really quiet and we ended the outing in Smyths Toys so the kids could finally spend their birthday money.


Sebby bought LEGO, Pokemon Cards and a Fortnite toy, Isaac bought a controller stand for his console and Eliza bought a Harry Potter duvet cover and Animal Crossing.


Kian is now a full time LEGO helper and  Pokemon trainer!!

How has your week been?

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24 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 28 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 17

  1. Susan Mann says:

    It does feel like things are returning to a sense of normality even with all the restrictions. What a shame your kayaking trip was cancelled, but looks like you had a nice walk for your husband’s birthday. What a beautiful photo that is of your grandpa with your mum as a baby and your wedding photo. Happy anniversary to you both. How lovely to finally get a cuddle with Lilah xxx

  2. It does feel like things are returning to much more of a sense of normality again even with all the restrictions in place. I can understand the mixed reactions to various measures being removed. What a shame your kayaking trip had to be cancelled, but looks like you had a nice walk for your husband’s birthday. Looking through old photos is lovely – what a beautiful photo that is of your grandpa with your mum as a baby and love your wedding photo – happy anniversary to you both. How lovely to finally get a cuddle with Lilah again. #project366

  3. Erica Hughes says:

    I bet the boys were glad of their haircut. I can understand the mixed reaction about the social distancing. I found the one way stuff really annoying when shopping, partly because at times I seemed like the only person doing it and partly because it was a really awkward way to shop.
    Erica Hughes recently posted…Week 28 of 2020My Profile

  4. I hope you had a lovely anniversary despite hubby working. We have had several holidays in Mudeford as my family used to have a flat down there. Our hair cuts are booked but not for another fortnight! #project366

  5. Love the pic leaning on the beach huts, something I have never seen in Scotland.
    There were rather long queues here for the barbers when we were in town the other day.
    What a happy smiley lilah

  6. Good thing that things are getting back to normal. Happy birthday to your husband. The trip to the beach sounds like fun! I’d walk on the wall as well; the temptation is too hard to resist. Lovely pictures as always. Thats a lovely picture of your grandparents and mother. The boys look adorable with their haircut. Happy anniversary! The lily looks beautiful. The worm looks like a snake. The baby is so adorable I want to cuddle her.
    Andale Seaworne recently posted…BUBBLE 58 – TIPS TO BLOGGERS FROM MY BLOGGING EXPERIENCEMy Profile

  7. chickenruby says:

    Happy Anniversary and good luck to your husband with his new job, love the boys hair cut and how fab to get a cuddle with the little one

  8. Fozia S says:

    Happy anniversary! Those lillies are lovely! And happy birthday to your hubby.

    It does feel like lockdown is pretty much over…part of me thinks it is too early to relax so much.
    Fozia S recently posted…Week 28 of 2020 – Project 366My Profile

  9. Jenny says:

    My daughter collects Pokemon cards but I didn’t know you could play a game with them!

  10. I love that photo of the three kids by the beach huts. The boys all look very happy with their haircuts. Kian looks like a brilliant big brother helping out the younger ones. How lovely to see Lilah again and get a cuddle!

  11. Jenni says:

    Happy Anniversary – sounds like you have had a great and very busy week! Those Lily’s are gorgeous!

  12. Melanie williams says:

    Hair appointments at last eh…my hubby was more fussed than me haha..he could not wait to get this hair cut xx

  13. Kira says:

    Yes it is so odd seeing all the markers going as I really don’t think we are as back to normal as the world is making out

  14. Smart haircut! We’ve yet to have our done and look like cavemen still! Glad you got to the coast and sorry the weather was a bit hit and miss. Something so nice about getting some fresh air!

  15. Rhian westbury says:

    I think it’s strange that supermarkets are removing markers and one way systems. You’re right in some way it feels like things are going back to normal when they’re far from normal x

  16. For many Lockdown ended ages ago and for some never started lol, but in reality, we are still in lockdown ish.. that’s how I’m treating it though Ive been at work the whole Time, looks like the week was quite a busy one, i loved to myself as the Smyths purchases could have been all the stuff we would have bought, FYI Animal Crossing is great.

  17. Di Hickman says:

    Sounds like a good week. SOme of these photos would be great to recreate in a few years when the kids are older! Especially the ones walking on the wall and by the chalets!

  18. Lilah is absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful bubba! Congratulations on 15 years of marriage, hope the day was good x

  19. You have had such an eventful week, hope you had a fantastic anniversary celebration and walk while your husband had a wonderful birthday. Your sons are looking dapper with those haircuts as well.

  20. Helen says:

    Wow what a busy week! Happy birthday to your husband – I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating 🙂

  21. Sorry that your husband’s birthday trip kayaking was postponed, hopefully the sun will shine again soon and you can go and enjoy!
    It’s weird how ‘lockdown’ seems to be over now, like you say, taking away the arrows etc, I just wish people would still remain sensible!
    Happy belated Anniversary – what a gorgeous wedding photo! A roast lamb dinner sounds the perfect way to celebrate! Have a lovely week! Sim x
    Sim @ Sim’s Life recently posted…Project 366 Week 28 – Start Of The Summer HolidaysMy Profile

  22. Emma T says:

    Looks like a nice birthday time out on the sea front. Nice to have baby cuddles at last. Their haircuts look very smart. Mine’s booked for September, I think N will end up having his clippered at home again if my brother brings clippers round for me to do his hair.

  23. Galina V says:

    Happy belated birthday to your husband, and happy anniversary! I’m glad to hear your boys are happy with their new haircuts. Lilah is a cutie, such a happy grin.
    I love looking at old family photos. I’m not sure I’m ready to embrace all the new changes with the easing of lockdown, I think some of the steps are too early.

  24. Kim Carberry says:

    We are in some sort of limbo somewhere between lockdown and something new.
    Happy birthday to your hubby! So sorry the weather ruined his birthday treat. It sounds like you all had a good day regardless.
    What a fab photo of your grandparents. I do love looking at old photos.
    Happy anniversary to you and your hubby.
    How lovely to have a cuddle from Lilah. She really is a cutie. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Week 28 of #Project366 – A photo every day for a year!My Profile

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