Project 365 2020 Week 24 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 13

Lockdown restrictions are continuing to ease, although according to reports the R rating is currently hovering around 1.1 in the South West where we live.

The new rules don’t affect us, as we are a big family, but I imagine that a lot of single parents or people living alone are breathing a sigh of relief as they can form small support bubbles.

The weather has been a bit up and down this week, but the benefit of that is that the scenes of the week before have not been replicated and we haven’t had too many tourists descend on us.

Sunday 7th June

I spent the day at work at Tesco and it was unusually quiet, especially after the drama’s of the previous weekend. Once I had finished, we bundled the kids into the car and headed to the beach.

Football beach

The weather was overcast, with rain in the air, but the beach was just how we like it……….empty!!

Isaac beach

We played football and frisbee for quite a while, before taking a stroll along the prom to the pier, where we watched the surfers trying to catch the odd wave that was big enough to ride and all posed with the selfie wall.

Eliza photo wall

We just made it back to the car when the heavens opened!

Kids beach

Monday 8th June

Sadly the weather wasn’t good enough for a walk today, but at least the garden got a much needed water. My husband worked overtime in the morning, whilst I did the home schooling and the kids got to try out the new Osmo game.

Sebby Osmo

I wish we had it at the beginning of lockdown as it makes learning fun, with a series of games and challenges.

Osmo Genius Maths

I worked the evening shift and there has been a noticeable shift in shopping times, with evenings being much busier as people start going back to work. Following feedback from staff and customers, they are also reenforcing no couples or families in the shop, which has made it feel safer again.

Tuesday 9th June

I am now back to work at the pre-school on a Tuesday and with my husband taking advantage of some overtime, Eliza and Sebby had their first day back at school.

Back to School

Sebby’s school shoes didn’t fit, but luckily I had already bought the next size up. It was all very different with temperature checks before they went in and lunch in carrier bags, but they enjoyed being back with some of their friends.

Quiz Night

In the evening we held our weekly quiz night and guess who won……….ME!!!!!!!

Wednesday 10th June

We got a phone call from the school today to ask that Eliza and Sebby go in for a full week to keep it consistent for them, which will start next week, which is a relief for me as the home schooling doesn’t always go to plan, especially when Eliza has fractions, although she had a maths lesson over Microsoft teams with her class which she really enjoyed.

Lilah 6 months

I worked a 9 hour shift today and the shop hit its capacity levels a few times. Abbey saved me with a picture of Lilah on her 6 month birthday – how is she 6 months already?????

Thursday 11th June

Another day of rain and work for us, so failed completely in getting a photograph. Did chuckle at this meme that was shared on my work group.


Friday 12th June

More rain today, but the postman did bring my glass hooks, so I finally got to hang up my glass rainbow made for me by Maple Glass by Briony.

Glass Rainbow

I got a parking ticket from work today, which was a bit of an unpleasant surprise, but found I wasn’t the only one, so we think there has been a technical error. Thankfully it was cancelled straight away.

Saturday 13th June

Finally the sun is back, albeit just for the morning.


We decided to take a local walk to the Sang and enjoyed an ice cream along the way.

Eliza blue tongue

The clouds rolled in as we headed home, but we made it back just in time!

Sebby tree

How has your week been?

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15 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 24 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 13”

  1. I am dreading having to sort school uniform for my teen, but she isn’t allowed back til September, secondary school so I have a bit of time at least. Am glad they are back at school, hope it’s going? #project365

  2. Love the rainbow! I have been looking for something for ours since the boys pictures have become faded. I will look into those. Glad to hear the kids are settling in back at school and that they will have the full week. We have no return here now until Sept. Good the parking ticket got sorted quickly.

  3. I remember the blue ice creams of my childhood. The blue tongue afterwards was an added bonus. 🙂 Love all the beach photos, especially all the kids standing by the multicoloured row of beach huts. It’s good the school offered you a chance to have your kids all week. I’ve seen some families going shopping as a big group. Baby Lilah is a cutie.

  4. I’m not sure that any of our school shoes will fit or when we’ll be able to go to the shop… We hope to see my mum in law next weekend as she’s been on her own: it is tricky to manage the children’s expectations as we usually spend time at the beach but we won’t this time #project366

  5. It must be a relief to be able to enjoy the beach without all the crowds of tourists again. Glad Eliza and Sebby enjoyed being back at school. What a gorgeous photo of Lilah – amazing how quickly time goes by though. Your glass rainbow is so beautiful. I’m glad the parking ticket got cancelled. #project366

  6. It is worrying about the R rating being so high, but they don’t seem to be bothered by it anymore. That looks amazing to have the beach to yourself. The selfie wall is so pretty. Good to hear the kids enjoyed being back at school. Lilah is adorable and love the glass rainbow x

  7. Oh those glass hooks are something I need!

    Must have been unpleasant to find you had a ticket but glad it got cancelled.

    Love the pics of the kids at the beach.

  8. The beach looks lovely; lucky of you all to be there when no one else was there. That butterfly calligraphy is amazing, and your family is so adorable. Aww your kids can go to school; I hope they stay safe. Congrats on winning the quiz! Babies tend to grow fast. Oh God, that calendar looks scary. Seriously, zombies, aliens and end of the world is all that’s left now. Cool rainbow. Good thing your parking ticket was cancelled.

  9. I’ve quite enjoyed the rain over the past week, certainly made the food shop a lot more relaxed as less people seemed to be out, I tend to go first thing and get home before lunch, glad to hear your work place are enforcing the one person per household. It must be strange with the 2 kids back in school full time, hopefully it’ll give you a break from work a little

  10. How glorious to have a deserted beach to yourselves like that, I bet it was so peaceful and fab to saunter around. Funny how everyone hides away when the sun disappears 😉 That must have been such a shock to receive a parking ticket from work… how rude, especially when you are working there! Glad it was all sorted out quickly though! Sim x

  11. It is worrying about the R rating being so high.
    How lovely to practically have the beach to yourself. The selfie wall is so pretty!
    I’m glad the kids enjoyed being back at school.
    Aww! Lilah is absolutely adorable and so is the glass rainbow. x

  12. Love the colourful photos at the beach. Our school have also asked that any key worker children going in are going in fulltime so they can keep the bubbles consistent. Glad that the shop has been getting stricter with the customers. It’s not much to ask that people obey the rules is it.

  13. What beautiful photos as ever, especially the one of the kids with the beach huts. It’s good that the school can accommodate Eliza and Sebby full-time from next week to give you all some more structure. It’s good to hear that the supermarket is sticking with the no couples or families rule. I’ve noticed more people at our local supermarket shopping in groups now, which just seems silly to me.


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