Project 365 2020 Week 22 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 11

Believe it or not it has been half term this week and the kids have loved not having to do any schoolwork. I am not looking forward to getting back to it next week.

The government has set out a plan to return life to as near normal as we can and this week the rules have relaxed slightly, allowing us to spend time outdoors, including private gardens and other outdoor spaces, in groups of up to six people from different households, following social distancing guidelines.

Sunday 24th May

We had a chilled out morning and I managed to trim Sebby’s hair. Sadly his brothers chose made the decision not to allow me to go within 10 feet of theirs!!

Sebby Haircut

After lunch we headed off on a walk and with is being Bank Holiday weekend, we decided to stay local and walked along the Stour Valley Way to Wimborne.

Eliza Swans

It is a route we often cycle, but it was nice to explore on foot for a change and jump up the steps to the Castleman Trailway.

Grass fun

We enjoyed a barbecue in the garden when we got home, although the evening was somewhat marred by an insensitive social media post.


I am not sure if I am over-sensitive because of the current situation, or rightly annoyed but I came off social media for a few days afterwards.

Monday 25th May

Bank Holiday Monday today and I did a full shift at work. It was busy first thing in the day and steady throughout the day as people got their supplies for barbecues and the beach.

Meanwhile, my husband has continued Sebby’s Star Wars training with the film The Rise of Skywalker.

Star Wars

They went for a walk in the afternoon to the local SANG.


The kids are loving playing frisbee at the moment, so they took it along with them. There was a slight incident with a missed catch and Eliza ended up with a black eye.

Black Eye

A couple of cold compresses brought the swelling down luckily, but it bothered her for a couple of days.

Tuesday 26th May

Tuesday’s are the one day that both my husband and I are not working, so we always travel a little farther afield for a walk and today we decided to head to Christchurch, via the airport to see the planes that are parked up, out of action.


We drove past just at the right time, as we also saw the NHS plane which regularly visits with essential equipment for the local hospitals.

NHS Plane

Our destination for the afternoon was Hengistbury Head, which is at the eastern end of Bournemouth’s seven miles of golden sandy beaches.

Hengistbury Head

If you climb to the top it offers spectacular views over Bournemouth beach, Christchurch Harbour and Mudeford Spit – home to the most expensive beach huts in the UK.

Sebby Christchurch Harbour

We took two kites with us to fly, but discovered one was broken, so had to make do sharing the one. It did cause lots of comments from passers by who wondered why there was a large pteradactyl in the sky.

Kite flying

We finished the walk with a paddle in the sea and an attempt to teach the kids how to skim stones. It is clear that more training is required!

Mudeford Spit

Tuesday is also our family quiz night on zoom. We had silly rounds this week as it was half term and this weeks winners with Kian and Sebby!

Quiz Night

Wednesday 27th May

Another full work day for me. My husband painted the fence in the front garden and the kids just enjoyed a chilled day at home and in the garden

Watering Can

Thursday 28th May

Work have really slimmed down the temp staff so I have managed to pick up some overtime for today, so left Kian in charge of the kids.

Canford Heath

Should have known they’d be up climbing trees, as they keep challenging each other to see who can get the highest.

Canford Heath Walk

Friday 29th May

We reviewed a Scratch the World Map from Maps International in the morning and I challenged the kids to find some of the locations we have been on holiday. It took them a while to find Turkey!!!

Maps International

I worked the afternoon / evening shift and it was safe to say it was bedlam. I think people think lockdown is over, there were families and groups trying to shop and no effort made by most to social distance. It was probably the first day at work where I have felt anxious and I don’t like it.

Saturday 30th May

Today I worked the morning shift and then, with lockdown rules being relaxed slightly, Abbey and Paul came round and sat in the garden with Lilah.


It was hard not giving her a big squidge but so lovely to see them in the flesh. Lilah looked a bit puzzled at first, seeing the people she normally sees on a screen, but she spent the whole afternoon smiling whilst Eliza and Sebby played games with Abbey.


I think it did us all a world of good!

How has your week been?

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19 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 22 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 11”

  1. Oh how lovely that they came round. Sorry to see the black eye my youngest ended up with one last weekend thanks to a mis judged spade! Glad you managed to pick up some extra overtime and it sounds like you all had a great half term

  2. Nice to be able to visit friends and family now even if you can’t give cuddles and hugs!

    Social media sometimes can be a nasty place.

    Looks like you had a lovely walk

  3. Quite an eventful week for you, with BBQs, family meetings and a black eye. Sorry to hear someone wrote an insensitive comment. That black eye does look sore.
    Love the reflection of the swan, so beautiful. Baby Lilah looks adorable, and it is sad that you couldn’t give her a cuddle.

  4. How lovely that you were able to see Lilah again although hard not to be able to give her a hug. I do love all your photos from your walks – you are so lucky to have so much beautiful scenery around you. Poor Eliza getting a black eye, hope that is all healed now. The family Zoom quiz sounds like fun. #project366

  5. It must have been lovely to see Abbey and Lilah again. I hope things settle down at work and people take social distancing seriously. Sorry to hear about the social media upset. x

  6. How lovely to be able to see Lilah again. It must have been too long. It looks like you did a great job with Sebby’s hair. Way to go. Eliza’s eye does look agony, poor wee soul. It is such a worry about how people have changed their perception of lockdown, isn’t it? Sorry to hear about the upsetting social media post. Hugs xx

  7. aaahhhh nice to get a visit even of you cant get a cuddle.
    Ouch at the frisbee.
    Hmmm wonder if we get NHS planes here, never seen one.
    People are getting to relaxed with this lift of lock down, far to many people doing stupid things

  8. Aww why? The haircut isn’t that bad! What lovely landscapes, Hi Swan! What social media post are you referring to? Woah, I hope Eliza’s feeling better. The locations where you went to walk are so beautiful!! cool climber kids you’ve got. Aww the baby’s so adorable.
    It looks like you’ve had a lovely week

  9. How lovely to be able to see Lilah again! It looks like you did a great job with Sebby’s hair. Eliza’s eye does look painful. It is a worry how people just seem to think lockdown is completely over now. I do hope it doesn’t lead to a second peak. Sorry to hear about the upsetting social media post.

  10. Looks like you’ve had such a nice week, the walks and the family time especially. Your poor little one with the black eye from frisbee x

  11. Eliza looks almost proud of her black eye, hope it wasn’t too painful for her. Lovely you live so close to the beaches, hoping people will calm down, I secretly hoping for a change in the weather to force people inside. Sorry the SM post was upsetting, I treat the internet the same way I would a drunk in the pub or someone mouthing off in town, I just walk away/scroll past.

  12. Some gorgeous trips out this week, including to the beach, I am very jealous! Our closest beach is about 45 minutes away and I don’t want to risk it. I hope Eliza is ok now, bless her with her black eye! Nice job on Sebby’s hair, it looks fab! I cannot wait for the hairdressers to reopen! Sim

  13. What a lovely busy week you had. I have to say I have really enjoyed having half term off, almost to the point where I am not ready to go back yet!

    I have to say your photographs are always really really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lovely family x

  14. Oh such a shame that work’s been nuts with shoppers not taking care. I think that’s what it’s been like a lot here in the larger supermarkets according to our local facebook group. Nice that you got to see others come over. I think the hair cut looks fine.

  15. My youngest has loved not doing school work too. Back too it next week though. Ugh!
    Well done with the hair cutting. My two won’t let me near theirs. lol
    So sorry you have had a bad experience with social media. Sending hugs.
    Aww! Poor Eliza! I’m glad she was still smiling even with the black eye.
    Gorgeous photos. It looks like you’ve had some fab trips out.


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