Project 365 2020 – Week 13 – COVID19 Lockdown Week 2

Bike Ride

I have decided to write my posts with a daily account, as it is so easy to forget the little things.

Monday 23rd March

Our body clocks are still in school mode so we were up at 7am as normal, although there wasn’t the normal hustle and bustle of getting lunch boxes made and persuading reluctant children into their uniforms.

We started our “school day” at 9am with a Joe Wicks live workout. It started well, but soon descended into chaos with kids arguing because they had got in each others way. Tomorrow I will be moving furniture.

The Body Coach

My husband has been on a mission this morning, emptying draws and cleaning the oven whilst I have been supervising school work. Sebby and Isaac were able to complete theirs with no problem but Eliza and long division was another story…….they learn it differently to how I remember. Sebby’s wall went up when I suggested reading for half an hour, but we did manage some.

Sebby Maths

Lunchtime was a nightmare, they seem to be a pack of ravenous animals and we have now run out of crisps and fruit. I tried to book an Iceland order as I re-stock our chest freezer once a month but there are no deliveries available and they are holding them for the over-70’s and people self isolating. I do understand but it’s really frustrating when you are trying to stick to the social distancing rules.

The evening saw me start my new job at Tesco and I hit the ground running, thanks to 16 years of previous service.

Tuesday 24th March

After Boris’ announcement last night that they were closing all shops except for supermarkets and chemists and restricting movement, my husband got an email to confirm that he would not be allowed to retract his resignation, despite a change in circumstances which is a real kick in teeth, so he has applied to see if they can offer him a furlough, where he is rehired and gets 80% of his salary.

We started the day again with PE with Joe and found that we couldn’t log onto the kids online learning, so decided to relax and let the kids play, whilst my husband went and picked Kian up from university.

Thankfully the servers were back up in the afternoon, so we completed the tasks set and I printed out reward charts for Eliza and Sebby to encourage them to finish their home work.

We went out for a walk in the early evening and added our contribution to a local wall of chalk artwork.

Art Work

Wednesday 25th March

This morning I did a big food shop at Food Warehouse, which is owned by Iceland and is housed in my husband’s old Homebase shop in Poole. It was strange walking round to see it look so different, but the shelves and freezers were surprisingly well stocked. I filled my chest freezer and we had to re-jig a few bits to get it all in, but at least I know we have plenty of food.

We live on the flight path to Bournemouth Airport, so have been watching as lots of British Airways planes fly over to be stored at the airport.

BA PLane

I worked my first full shift at Tesco, whilst my husband and Kian took the role of teachers for the kids, before taking them out for a walk locally.

Kian and Seb

Thursday 26th March

My husband got an email today to advise that Homebase won’t offer him furlough, which is very disappointing, but having spoken to HR friends, there is nothing else we can do. He and Kian took the kids out for another walk locally as I was was working. Canford SANG

We are so lucky to have this open space on our doorstep.

My role at Tesco changes daily and today I was managing the new queuing system at the front of the store. Thank goodness is was sunny and the majority of the customers were very happy with the measures that were being implemented.

Friday 27th March

We started the day as we have all week, with a PE with Joe workout and plans to empty and clean the loft fell through as the local tip closed down.

I have managed to pick up overtime at Tesco, leaving the kids with their Dad again. Today they got their bikes out, cleaned and pumped the tyres and went out for a bike ride.

Bike Ride

Normally during family bike rides, Sebby sits on the back of my bike and I get moaned at for being slow. My husband finally admitted that having him on the back is hard work!

Bike Selfie

We really need to get him riding his own bike now.

Saturday 28th March

We decided that the weekend would be a break from school work for the kids and they have spent the day playing Super Smash Bros, building LEGO and planting seeds.

Planting seeds

We let the kids stay up late to watch Saturday Night Takeaway and In for a Penny.

Sunday 29th March

The clocks have gone forward an hour today and I did not appreciate my 7am alarm for work. We opened at 9am today for NHS workers and it all went really smoothly which was fantastic, although I do think that we make up a dance routine for the queuing feet stickers we have around the store.


How has your week been?

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24 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 – Week 13 – COVID19 Lockdown Week 2

  1. Congrats on getting a job! Nice chalk artwork. The place where you go for walks and bike rides is lovely. Sorry about your husband not getting his pay. That’s quite helpful, putting foot stickers at Tesco
    Andale Seaworne recently posted…BUBBLE 48 โ€“ DESPAIR โ€“ THE CONSEQUENCE OF JUSTICEMy Profile

  2. All 5 of us have been doing PE with Joe and adapting the exercises so we don’t collide! I am fascinated by the shop markings: I haven’t been out since the schools closed so haven’t seen it with my own eyes #project366
    loopyloulaura recently posted…Introducing Coding Critters from Learning ResourcesMy Profile

  3. Erica Hughes says:

    Annoying about your husband’s job – I hope you can sort something out. Sounds like you are enjoying being back in a supermarket – it must seem very different in some ways to being there when everything is normal.
    Erica Hughes recently posted…Week 13 of 2020My Profile

  4. chickenruby says:

    Glad the home schooling is going well and plenty of exercise and fresh air. So sorry to hear about your husbands job and not being able to retract his resignation, hope your new job is going well

  5. Emma T says:

    Sounds like the Tesco job has come at a good time. Nice for the kids to be able to get outdoors. Sorry to hear there was no joy with your husband’s job.

  6. shame about your husband having ruled out all possibilities.
    I was going to go to the early NHS spot at Food Warehouse on Wednesday but just ended up going later.
    Yes all shops got dots and marking and feeding customers in round here now.
    The children looking like they are getting fun out of their bike rides. We have lovely rural spots round here as well.

  7. Fozia S says:

    That local wall of chalk artwork seems like a great idea!

    Glad your work has been going well and sorry that your husband hasn’t been given the furlough.

  8. Clare Minall says:

    I am glad your new job is going well and I am sorry about your husband position with Homebase. Sounds like the kids have had a great week learning at home.
    Clare Minall recently posted…Review Photo Books from RosemoodMy Profile

  9. We are doing our shopping tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. There is no where delivering, so we have to brave it at the supermarket.
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…March 2020 Degustabox ReviewMy Profile

  10. Sounds like a topsy turvy week but one that you overall all enjoyed. Sounds like you have found the perfect job for you with Tesco. Would love to know more about how to take part in #project365

  11. Charli says:

    Hasn’t the weather made such a difference this past week? It’s really helped to feel less trapped. I’m loving the chalk wall too, what a lovely community initiative x

  12. I think its a lovely idea to record everything, its such a strange time and I am sure you will look back on this wen things have gone back to “normal” and it will all seem so strange! So pleased to hear your job is going well and sorry to hear about your husbands work too, its rubbish they wouldn’t put him on furlough to help out!

    Our week has been up and down but the novelty of being at home is starting to wear off and the “I’m bored” statements have begun! We are slowly finding our own new temporary rhythm though which is helping.
    Jess Howliston recently posted…5 Ways To Get Through A Stressful DayMy Profile

  13. Anne Fraser says:

    It must have been a relief that it was fine weather. We have not braved our local Tesco’s as there seems to be a huge queue.
    Anne Fraser recently posted…Donโ€™t panic if you have to self isolate and still need moneyMy Profile

  14. Rachel says:

    I am thankful that working in a school myself, I am aware of how my youngest is taught so I can support her during her maths lessons. I have to re learn it all at school myself while the class teacher is teaching the class, she is also teaching me too! Sorry to hear about your hubby but glad your job is going well ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Jenny says:

    The weather was amazing last week which definitely helped as the kids could be outside so much.

  16. Well done for getting back to work! Supermarket workers are so essential, but what a disappointment that your husband can’t get his job back. It looks like the kids are getting a good balance of learning, fun and enjoying the great outdoors. It must be nice to have Kian home from university.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Coronavirus: Family non-parkrun parkrunMy Profile

  17. Valerie says:

    Today was the beginning of week 3 at home for us. My son got to video chat with teacher and staff today so that was somewhat normalizing for him to see familiar faces. Crazy they wouldn’t lt your husband retract his resignation and that he’d have to start again.

  18. What a relaxing week it has been for you and the kids with fabulous weather too. So nice that you went for a couple of walks, as we did as well. Kids been having a good time with their online learning options

  19. Kim Carberry says:

    It is nice to have a relaxed start to the new type of school day.
    Ahh! We have been doing maths work today and it hasn’t gone well. They are taught differently now which is no help at all to us parents.
    I’m glad the new job is going well but that is a shame about your hubby. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Our weekly meal plan! 30th March – 5th April. #MealPlanningMondayMy Profile

  20. Nicely timed to land the job at Tesco and glad to hear it is going well! I haven’t been in a Tesco recently but good to see they have prepared for social distancing!
    Homeschooling definitely took its toll in the first week and we possibly had more breaks than not, but we have started the 2nd week running… we can do this! Hope you are all well and all the best for the 2nd week! Sim

  21. It looks like you managed to have a good week, apart from your husbands job. It is so hard at the moment. I keep trying every supermarket to try and get a delivery slot with am ill child and elderly parents we are trying to stay in but looks like I am going to have to go out shopping

  22. Galina V says:

    Sorry to hear that Homebase won’t let your husband keep his old job. Looks like the kids are enjoying their bike rides and PE lessons with Joe. A friend suggested we watch it with my younger son, but we haven’t had a chance yet. Establishing a new routine is important, we’re not quite there yet. Keep safe!

  23. Susan Mann says:

    Sounds like you are getting into a good routine. Itโ€™s not easy and we can only do what we can. Glad the job is going ok. It must be hard. Hugs x

  24. Sounds like your first week at Tesco has gone well although sorry to hear that Homebase won’t offer your husband a furlough. Lovely to see the children enjoying their bike ride. I like the seeds on the windowsill – that’s a good way to use the Macdonalds cups – might have to do the same with ours! #project366

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