Preventing The Kids From Ruining Your Car’s Backseats

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Preventing the kids from ruining the backseats of your new car, even when it’s a family car that’s supposed to be resistant to most messes and stains, can be a tricky thing to pull off. Kids are clumsy, and don’t quite understand the value of the vehicle you’re sitting in, and they won’t until they’re a lot older! In the meantime, you’re going to have to pull out some heavy duty preventative measures. Let’s go through some of the best below. 

Get Some Seat Covers

These things are your best friends. Kids will spill things and crush things into the cushions of your seats, and only a good set of covers will save you from having to pull the whole unit out and washing it down. Seat covers will save you a lot of time and effort in scrubbing materials off of the backseat (and the backs of the front seats!), and ensure your peace of mind over the state of your car. And they can even be fun and novelty, which the kids will love even more! 

Only Allow Certain Foods Inside the Car

You could also make a policy of only allowing certain foods to be consumed in the car. This will also cut down a lot of work – wet foods are the worst for causing problems. First of all, no open cups or bottles to help eliminate spillage – you could even have special water bottles for car use alone, which will prove extra effective on long journeys. 

Make sure all foods are dry, such as crisps, cereal bars, nuts and trail mixes, etc., and nothing like jelly or ice cream or cakes are allowed to be eaten when in the car. You’ll have to stop and get out if you’re driving to the beach and want to pick up an ice lolly from the nearby van! 

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Check Your Warranty

And of course, it’s important to always keep an eye on your warranty, and how it works when it comes to damaged parts of the car. If you own a vehicle that’s about 3 years old or less, you should have an automatic warranty to make use of. However, if you only shop for Used Cars, you’re probably going to have to take out a warranty yourself. 

But once you do, you’ll be able to get those dents and scratch marks fixed up without having to fork out for them yourself. Your kids are messy and don’t know their own strength, and that’s not something you can really help. However, you can get the car fixed time and time again, when it’s looking just a bit too scruffy back there! 

As soon as you let the kids in the car, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes sticky with juice and smelling of various snacks you’ve let them have back there! So, to ensure your car is still looking (and smelling!) good for the foreseeable future, put these tips to good use. 

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