Pretty Poor Planning


My family always joke with me that I have “pretty poor planning” as three of our children have June birthday’s, along with mine and then it is Hubby’s and our wedding anniversary following straight after in July!

Now that Isaac’s birthday is out of the way I have started to think about presents for these birthday’s and I have to admit I am a bit stuck.

Abbey will be 22 and has just moved into her first proper flat and whilst I know she will not be impressed with a “practical” gift, I know it is the sensible option to take.  Callan is turning 18 this year and like most teens coming of age, is desperate for a fun-filled night clubbing with his friends.

For his 17th I bought him driving lessons and despite being able to drive confidently, still hasn’t booked to do his test after forgetting one theory test and failing the other by a couple of points.  I am so tempted to buy him some more lessons as I really want to get him on the road but on the other hand it his 18th and I would like to get him something more special.

Then there is Sebastian who is turning 2.  After dragging him to Britmums last year on his birthday, this year will be all about him and as a fan of Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy, we are off to see In the Night Garden Live on his birthday.

I have to admit that I am more organised with Christmas than I am with birthdays, as I start shopping after the last one – Kian’s in August, but I do have ways of saving money on presents.

With older children they have more of an idea of what they actually want and I find it best to ask so I don’t get it wrong.  With the internet it is easier these days as they just send me a link, or in Abbey’s case, a text message with a picture and the word *hint*. Once I know the item I will then search the web for stockists to see who has it for the best price (make sure you factor postage costs too).

Before I check it out, I then check some of the voucher codes websites that are about.  Sometimes I find money off or free postage offers, sometimes I don’t, but it is worth checking nonetheless.

With the little ones I find that they will just circle pretty much everything in the Argos catalogue, or watch the adverts on the TV and ask for everything they see.  Thankfully this year Isaac and Eliza wanted parties rather than presents and Sebby is going to get all Kian’s old trackmaster Thomas the Tank engine set that has been stored in the loft for the last 10 years – his face is going to be a picture!  I will put the money we would have spent in a savings account for him though.

Do you have any tips for buying your children’s birthday presents?

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