Preparing for the new term of School Runs


It seems that we were spoilt with our glorious summer last year and this year we are back to plunging temperatures and rain, with the odd warm sunny day thrown in for good measure.

I have almost finished the schoolwear shopping with just shoes for Kian and Isaac left to do, but looking at the dreary weather outside it looks as though I am going to have to think about coats for them too earlier than planned.

Eliza has a gorgeous raincoat from Polarn O Pyret which has lasted her for three years, but it is finally time to say goodbye as at aged 2-3 years she has finally outgrown it and the hunt is on to find her a suitable replacement and Isaac’s has seen better days too.

We live just a five minute walk away from the school so it is important that their coats are water-resistant as we walk come rain or shine and the school are very strict about not opening the doors until the bell has rung, so we are often left outside in the rain as we wait. I made the mistake of buying a coat without a hood last year and it is a mistake I will not be making again as I frequently arrived home looking like a drowned rat, especially as I end up carrying two scooters home and pushing Sebby on his bike which makes it nigh on impossible to carry a brolly too.

I have been online looking at coats for both myself and the kids and have come across some gorgeous ones including some on the Esprit and Frugi websites.

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I prefer coats to be fairly long to try and keep us dry as much as possible – there is nothing worse than getting to school and realising you have a soggy bottom and of course they must have that all important hood.

Now I just have to decide which ones to buy.

Where do you buy your school coats from?

2 thoughts on “Preparing for the new term of School Runs

  1. Sabina Green says:

    So pleased I read this post as I have now realised with just three days until Beanie Boy starts school that I haven’t actually considered a school coat for him!! I have to say, last year Little Bean was lucky enough to be given a coat from Didriksons to review and she loved it so much I could barely peel it off her as the warmer weather came. The good news is, with special stitching which you remove as the child grows to make the coat bigger, it will definitely fit her for another year so guess where I’m going to look for Beanie Boy!
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  2. Sam B (@luckytwinmumsam) says:

    I was wondering whether I should buy a couple of summer dresses and shorts but you are so right – coats seem more needed! I have no idea what or where to buy for my two so will be interested to see replies 🙂

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