Preparing for a teenagers birthday

I love organising children’s birthday parties but when they get to a certain age they stop. Initially birthdays morph into bowling or cinema with a bite to eat afterwards but the teenage years are much more awkward to arrange for.

We have always struggled organising parties for Kian as his birthday falls at the end of August, long after the kids have broken up from school and still a good week or so until they return and with the best will in the world, busy parents often forget any parties arranged so far into the holidays.

When asked what he wanted to do for his birthday this year I expected a typical teen answer of “nothing” but was pleasantly surprised that he asked to do iCOMBAT with his friends locally, so plans are afoot to get it organised.

ICOMBAT Bournemouth

I reviewed iCOMBAT earlier in the year and it is basically live action gaming with the most realistic combat simulation in the world today so perfect for my gaming mad teen. It is two and a half hours of running around in combat situations which will make for one thing – ravenous teens, so we are planning a barbecue to help replenish their energy afterwards.

From experience, teenage boys don’t do salad, so burgers, sausages, BBQ ribs and chicken pieces will be on the menu along with some scrummy corn on the cob so they get eat least one of their five a day, which reminds me that I need to buy some more BBQ accessories and skewers in stores like Tesco, as ours fell apart after our last barbecue for Hubby’s birthday.

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Now all we need to do is actually figure out what he wants for his birthday. At the moment he has no idea and it is only a week away!!

How do you celebrate your teens birthdays?

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  1. My daughter is 13 on wednesday and had 2 friends, cinema and nandos yesterday, one kid dropped out and everyone else she asked were on holiday. August birthdays are a pain because most people are on holiday, She has two older brothers 24 and 19 so on thursday she is going to Thorpe park for the day. Years ago my sons had paintballing, cinema, football and bowling parties, good luck with organising yours sounds like fun! Xx


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