Pool Safety – Your Guide to Staying Safe Around the Pool


With the beautiful hot summer we recently enjoyed in the UK, many more families took the plunge – literally, in many cases! – and invested in a family pool in the back garden.

A semi-permanent feature, they allowed everyone to enjoy the sunshine but staying cool at the same time.

There is no denying how fantastic a pool in the back garden is but have you considered all the safety aspects?

Accidents happen

No one wants to be a killjoy and curb people’s fun but there are some essentials you need to know about staying safe around the back garden swimming pool.

Water acts like a magnet to children and pets but it takes only minutes for tragedy to strike. Drownings in the UK do happen and it seems that the numbers for accidents in pools at home are increasing.

From the smallest member of your family to slips and falls by the swimming pool, understanding safety around the pool is essential for everyone.

Essential pool safety features

As well as constant supervision, placing safety obstacles around a pool in the back yard, including the hot tub, is important too.

But if you thinking and bland, boring fence, think again. How about a non-climbable, streamlined, elegant and minimal fencing solution in the shape of a glass balustrade?

Glass and the stainless steel posts withstand weather or you could opt for a chic frameless glass balustrade system but either way, both offer a more than stylish alternative to the rickety wooden picket fence surrounding your plush swimming pool.

Invest in pool safety

Investing in safety measures means you can negate many of the hazards and dangers of a pool in the back garden. A glass balustrade from Balustrade Components doesn’t mean you can take your eye off your kids as they enjoy the cool water but it gives you a little more peace of mind you have taken the right steps to prevent accidents.

Pool Safety

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