Planning for your Summer Holidays – What to Wear

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When it comes to summer holidays, there’s apparently something of a north and south divide in the UK. While those of us in the North are more likely to head to nearby and familiar places like the Balearic Islands, for example, those in the south prefer more ambitious and exotic destinations such as Sri Lanka.

Wherever you’re heading this summer, it’s important to understand the precise nature of your final destination and the items that you need to pack for you to remain comfortable.

Below, I’ll offer some planning tips to help you organise your summer excursion and pack the most suitable clothing for this holiday.

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Choose Where to go Wisely

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s always worth researching your final holiday destination wisely and with your unique expectations in mind.

Your budget is arguably the most influential factor, and this should be used to narrow down your options and create a shortlist of destinations for you to choose from.

Beyond this, you’ll also need to give careful consideration to the age and nature of your family, as excessively hot or long-haul destinations may not be suitable if you have young children.

Finally, think long and hard about the type of experience that you want to enjoy, whether you’re keen on a beach holiday or exploring one of Europe’s most fascinating cities.

Pack to Suit the Climate of your Destination

Next up, you’ll need to ensure that you pack wisely and strategically, in order to reflect the climate of your intended destination and its weather conditions.

If you’re travelling to hot countries, you should definitely pack summer staples like sandals. Online retailers like Damart sell a wide range of footwear, including stylish and lined sandals that provide additional comfort and foot support.

If your destination is known to boast changeable weather conditions, I’d also recommend taking layers of clothing that enable you to adopt your outfit as the climate shifts during the day and the night.

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Book Early for the Best Deals

If you have children and you’re booking a trip during the summer holidays, you’ll need to prepare for the fact that you’ll have to pay a premium for this privilege.

However, you can reduce the cost of travel by completing an early or last-minute booking, as this helps you to leverage imbalances between supply and demand.

More specifically, there’s likely to be an excess of tickets available when you book early, while operators are often keen to sell off lingering places for less just days before a flight.

As a general, it’s probably better to complete an early booking, as this makes it easier to compare the market for the very best deal and organise your holiday more effectively.

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