How to photograph your property for a private sale

Interior of living room

Writing a great listing for your property may seem quick and easy work, but taking professional-looking photographs is another matter entirely. Photographs are a crucial element of marketing your house for sale: they’re the new curb appeal now that so many listings begin online. When you’re selling property, don’t resort to using your camera phone and hoping for the best. Follow our top tips, and take photos that will sell your house online in a flash.

Style your home properly

Make sure you’re showing your home off when it’s at its best. Clearing out clutter and tidying up are good starts, but it’s worth making the extra effort. Styling your house can involve anything from buying some throw pillows to redoing the front of your kitchen units. The important thing is striking a balance between a house – the object you’re actually selling – and a home, which is the idea you’re selling.

Use natural lighting

When taking photos of the outside of your house, use the morning light. Dawn is the best time for this, as it’ll be quiet and there’s plenty of time to get photos. Walk around your house a few times to see how different angles and rooms look at different points of day, or in different lighting. You can also take down your curtains to maximise your interior lighting.

Get the right equipment

If you’re not getting a professional to take photos of your house, go for the next best thing. Make sure to use a digital SLR camera that’s capable of different modes. Once that’s sorted, get your hands on other equipment to take better snaps: a bubble spirit level can ensure your camera is kept straight, while a tripod makes for steady and clear images. Any rooms with dark corners can be illuminated with a flash (or a reflector and light stand, if you’re going all-in).

Use low angles

Rooms generally look better from lower angles. Taking photos from nearer the ground opens up the space. It means when you list your home for sale, prospective buyers will be able to see more of the house and get a better idea of how the rooms look – and it’s also more flattering.

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