Philips PerfectCare Elite steam generators #GiftOfTime

What is your worst chore at home?

Cleaning the bathroom is definitely up there for me, especially with a house full of boys but it is ironing that I detest with a passion.

I have to say that I have got quite good at buying clothes that don’t need to be ironed, however, hubby has to wear a uniform to work which requires ironing. He always has to drop several hints that he is down to his last shirt to make me grab the ironing board and get them done.

When Philip’s contacted me with a challenge to spend less time getting through my load of ironing I was intrigued.

I was sent a Philips PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator to review which means you can spend around 40 minutes less time ironing and therefore have more time on your hands to spend with your loved ones and your children – they even sent me #GiftofTime package with mugs, hot chocolate and marshmallows to enjoy with the kids.

All I can say is “WOW”

The PerfectCare Elite range is super fast, silent and has a no burn guarantee. In fact, it is the world’s fastest, most powerful steam generator irons on the market*.


With its steam power and consistency the PerfectCare Elite is able to claim the fastest ironing experience. I was shocked by how effortless it is to use and it even ironed Hubby’s crumpled up pink shirt with no issues at all (It is my most hated shirts as it never looks well ironed……until now).

The iron sits on a large base unit which you fill with water. This water is then pumped through the cable and comes out of the iron base as steam by pressing a button on the handle. One of my bug bears with my old iron is that the cable wasn’t long enough but this has plenty of cable and easily gets from one end of the ironing board to the other.

The iron is so lightweight your barely know you are holding it and can be used on the most delicate of clothes without fear of damaging them. You can even use it upright on dresses whilst they are hung up.

Of course, the kids were more impressed with the Hot Chocolate and made the most of a nice warming drink whilst enjoying fireworks in the garden with friends.


I can honestly say that the Philips Steam Generator iron literally halved my ironing time and has even made it enjoyable……….I am actually looking forward to ironing more often.

The only downside to it is that is on the large side so storage is an issue, especially if you have a small house. Thankfully I have done some rejigging and have found it a home in the utility room.

  • *Steam rate (norm IEC60311), vs. the 10 bestselling steam generators; tested Dec. 2014
  • **Tested January 2015 vs. the bestselling steam generator
  • *** Based on internal test with average ironing basket compared to Philips GC3802 Azur Performer steam iron. Time saving indication for UK consumers who iron for at least 120 minutes per week as reported by independent agency.

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  1. anna nuttall says:

    This is how bad I am with ironing – I only just realise my husband threw away the iron 2 years ago! lol whoops
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