Peppa Pig’s Big Splash Review


All the way back in October I ran a competition for tickets to see Peppa Pig’s Big Splash.

The theatre show is touring the UK and last week it finally arrived at the Lighthouse in Poole promising another all-singing, all-dancing adventure full of songs, games and muddy puddle fun for all the family.

Armed with her very own Peppa Pig we set off for the Lighthouse Theatre in Poole.  I am so glad we took Peppa with us as they were selling merchandise as we were walking in and we managed to avoid buying yet another cuddly toy.

We had amazing seats and sat a couple of rows from the front.  As soon as the music started there were squeals of delight rippling through the audience and a young lady called Daisy came bounding onto the stage.  She excitedly told the kids that she was playing hide and seek with Peppa and her friends and asked for help finding them.  Cue Danny Dog, Suzy Sheep, George Pig and Pedro Pony popping up from their hiding positions……….but where was Peppa?

peppa pigs big splash

I have to admit that I was expecting people dressed up as the characters, but they were puppets.  The puppeteers really brought them to life and were using their own expressions to really add to the fun.  They wore black but I would have preferred that they were in bright colours that blended into the set if I am honest.

Once we found Peppa and rescued George’s dinosaur from the tree they headed to the nursery where we played some catch, which Eliza thoroughly enjoyed.  It then became apparent that the nursery roof is leaking and Peppa and her friends need to fix it quickly. They set up a fete to raise the money for Mr Bull to do the repairs.

peppa pigs big splash

There’s plenty of fun to be had as Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig, as well as Danny Dog, Pedro Pony and Suzy Sheep put up bunting, run stalls and organise a great day out.  The voices of Mr Potato and Mr Bull are straight from the show.

There’s also a Champion Puddle Jumping competition judged by Mr Potato where everyone gets wet (including the front rows in the audience) and Peppa needs to find her Golden Boots. Once they have been found the whole audience gets to jump up and down to see if they can beat Mr Bull’s new record.

The finale is a rendition of all the songs that have been sung throughout the performance and four days on I am still singing “Boing, bing, boo, bing, bong, bing, bing, bong, bingly, bungly,boooooooooo”

A really fun show that will delight little Peppa fans!



17 thoughts on “Peppa Pig’s Big Splash Review

  1. Joanne says:

    Was a fab show 🙂
    Joanne recently posted…#NextKids Summer CollectionMy Profile

  2. Lucie Aiston says:

    I LOVE reading your blog and have nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award!! I hope you will accept! I have written about it here:
    Keep doing what you do! 🙂

  3. Kerry says:

    This sounds like a lot of fun! We don’t watch Peppa in our house but maybe we should! x
    Kerry recently posted…Toddler Easter CraftsMy Profile

  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    What a fun sounding show. Looks like your little one had a fantastic time as well 🙂 x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…April Degustabox: ReviewMy Profile

  5. oh my gosh Wilf would love this! x
    Fritha Strickland recently posted…what matters mostMy Profile

  6. It looks like your little one had a lot of fun playing along with the show 🙂
    agatapokutycka recently posted…Doggie Language 1o1My Profile

  7. abigail says:

    We’ve never ventured to a show like this, but it does look like so much fun! I’d be a bit wary of all the extra merchandise though! We’ve been to a children’s theatre performance for the past few years which is designed especially for under 5s and involves them in the whole performance and story telling, it’s amazing! The company is called Oily Cart.
    abigail recently posted…a family walkMy Profile

  8. wendy says:

    Looks a lot of fun. We love Peppa Pig. Thanks for a great review
    wendy recently posted…I Am More Than A NumberMy Profile

  9. Astrid says:

    Nice review. I’m glad it was a fun experience.
    Astrid recently posted…Herbal Teas: My First Five HerbsMy Profile

  10. My youngest two love Peppa Pig, and they’d really enjoy a show like this. Will have to look out for it the next time it’s coming round.
    Healthier Mummy recently posted…6 tips to start a work lunch clubMy Profile

  11. lisa prince says:

    aw my girls would love this but i think they are on the verge of getting too big for pepper pig , loks a great show x

  12. Louisa says:

    It looks like a fun show. I have to admit relief that although my lot still play with the toys they don’t watch her on tv anymore 😉
    Louisa recently posted…Giant stone ladybirdsMy Profile

  13. I have to say I am not a fan of Peppa Pig and thankfully my boys are a little older!
    Jen aka The Mad House recently posted…How to display kids artworkMy Profile

  14. I, too, had thought that people were going to be in Peppa costumes. But it still looks like it was lots of fun and the twins would love it! Thank you, I now have the bing bong song stuck in my head lol x
    Kirsty – Hijacked by Twins recently posted…Cheap Budget Meals – LasagneMy Profile

  15. Victoria says:

    to be honest with you I dont know much about peppa the pig and for now dreading the moment when my little one will be old enough to be obsessed with it, i think its time to be more modern) the show looks like lots of fun for kids though
    Victoria recently posted…Maternity Unit Tour and questions to askMy Profile

  16. Looks like a fun outing x

  17. ninjacat says:

    peppa pig is such fun
    ninjacat recently posted…Tales From WI And BeyondMy Profile

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