How to Get Some of the Best Freebies

free samples

Most people love getting freebies. In fact, there are people who go out of their way to stand in long lines just for a chance to get something for free, whether its food, clothes, beauty supplies, or other great products they can use. While most people love their freebies, there are quite a few things you should do to make sure you’re getting the best deals all the time. You can quickly become a skilled freebie hunter in no time,… Continue Reading “How to Get Some of the Best Freebies”

The perfect Valentine’s Gift for him from The Shirt Society

The Shirt Society

Find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is proving trickier than normal this year, thanks to lockdown. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your man, I may have found it. The Shirt Society is a new subscription menswear business offering quality collared shirts, polos and t-shirts – without the fuss. Members simply choose their first shirt, select their size and fit and how often they want their drops – every 30, 60 or 90 days. The shirts are… Continue Reading “The perfect Valentine’s Gift for him from The Shirt Society”

Review: Build Your Own Kits – Microscope

Build Your Own Microscope

During the first lockdown, it really hit home how much our day-to-day lives affected the environment that we live in, so as a family we have been continuing to make a real effort to reduce our plastic usage. One area that we have noticed is problematic is children’stoys, as they are normally made and packaged with plastic. Back in November, Eliza reviewed the Build Your Own Kits Telescope, part of a range of eco-friendly toys, including a Paper plane Launcher,… Continue Reading “Review: Build Your Own Kits – Microscope”

Project 365 2021: Week Five

Bike Puddle

Frustratingly my blog has been down, so I am a bit late posting my Project 365 this week. I got to see my Mum and Step-Dad who had to travel to Poole for their COVID vaccines, so they stopped by for a brief doorstep visit. Other than that, the week is no different to the last, with homeschooling, walks and work. Here is our week: Sunday 31st January After four days of work it was nice to have a day… Continue Reading “Project 365 2021: Week Five”

Gifted: Say “Vamousse” to Head Lice

lice treatment

With young children still at nursery and kids (hopefully) heading back to school on 8th March, it may only be a matter of weeks before you get the dreaded letter home saying head lice have been found on a child. A commonly held frustration by parents is that other parents are knowingly sending their kids to school with head lice and therefore cause the spread, but lice infestations are spread by undetected infestations that can take over a month to discover.… Continue Reading “Gifted: Say “Vamousse” to Head Lice”