Bassetts Vitamins Omega-3 + Multivitamins Orange Flavour

Do you have a fussy eater on your hands? My kids always ate pretty much anything offered to them when they were babies, but by the time they hit three, they started getting fussy and I always worried if they were getting everything they needed to grow and be healthy. The problem with trying to get them to take multivitamins in the past, has always been the taste. No amount of trying to persuade them they were really tasty seemed to work. Bassetts… Continue Reading “Bassetts Vitamins Omega-3 + Multivitamins Orange Flavour”

A month of change

Kian 18

This September has seen the biggest change in our household for some time. Kian has been counting down the days until he leaves for university since he finished his exams back in June and thankfully, he got into his first choice university. On Friday, we took him down to Bristol to move him in to his new accommodation. Until then, it was easy to take it in our stride that he would be leaving home and we busied ourselves with… Continue Reading “A month of change”

The ideal Laptop for university

If you have been following my blog recently, you will know that we are the very proud parents of a young man off to university this month. We have been busy organising everything he needs to take with him and although we have tried to save money by packing existing possessions, there are some things that have needed replacing. One of those things is his ancient laptop. It has had a good innings, but at five years old and with… Continue Reading “The ideal Laptop for university”

5 things to do with kids in Koh Samui

Big Buddha

One of my most popular blog posts is my bucket wish post about visiting Thailand. With stunning beaches, beautiful temples, bustling cities and vibrant night life there is something that will appeal to all the family. One place that was not on this list is Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest island and an ideal family destination as kids are welcome everywhere and there is all sorts of activities on offer to keep them entertained. 5 things to do with kids… Continue Reading “5 things to do with kids in Koh Samui”